Oso – On Bg (music video)

Oso - On BG Ft. Yung Dre & Original SD (BangProductionTv)

Oso, a local rapper from Rollin 20’s Crips, a street gang located on the East Side of Long Beach, released a music video called ”On BG” feat Yung Dre and Original Sd, who are also From the Rollin 20’s Crips. BG, is an acronym for “Baby Gangster” commonly used among members of the Crips.


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  1. There not From 20s My Guy I see y’all confuse this a lot 19st IS NOT IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM PART OF 20s It’s 19th Street Gangsta CRIP MOVIN GANG 17Lk1nden BLOCC 19 GANGSTAZ

    Saint Gang MOVIN Crip 7ninaz