211criminal crips

The 2-11 Criminal Crips (pronounced 2-Eleven) also known as the 2-Eleven Criminal Crips or 211 Criminal Gang/Deuce Gang, are predominantly an African-American street gang, located on the East Side of Lynwood, California. Due to Criminal, being attached to his name they are often confused with being apart of the Hoover Criminals Gang, in South Central Los Angeles.

However, the 2-11 Criminal Crips operate as an independent street gang, with no affiliation or connections to the Hoover Criminals Gang. Their neighborhood is around Spruce Street, between Bullis Rd and Fernwood/Long Beach. They are known to sport blue for traditional crip purposes along with gray, as their primarily color. The 2-11 Criminals are considered one of the youngest crip gangs in the city of Lynwood.

The 2-11 Criminals Crip gang is composed of several cliques consist “Spruce Boys” (Spruce Street), “ParkSide” and  “Baby Criminals.” Members of this gang are known to sport apparel by a professional baseball team known as the Texas Longhorns, for the large letter “T” which corresponds to the first letter of the gang name “Two.”

Allies & Crips

The 211 Criminal Crips are allies of the Pope Street Crips and the Palm & Oaks Gangster Crips, who are located Located on the border line between Lynwood/Compton, California. The 211 Criminal Crips are bitter rivals of the Lynwood Neigborhood Crips and the Varrio El Segundo.as well as the Lynwood Mafia Crips.



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