l (4) The Avenue Piru Gang (APG) are an African-American street gang located on the West Side of Inglewood, California. They are noted for being the first gang outside of Compton, California, to represent Piru. They originated around in the 1970s, around Crenshaw Blvd and Van Ness Blvd, between 104th Street to 108th Street. 

The Avenue Piru Gang consist of several cliques such as 104th Street along with 108th Street and 109th Street. Redrum 781 and Bloody Mary (rappers) of Bloods & Crips, are affiliated with the Avenue Piru Gang. However, in 2006, Bloody Mary died in a tragic motorcycle accident in the city of Compton.

Allies include: Neighborhood PirusInglewood Family GangCenter Park BloodsCrenshaw Mafia Gang and the Weirdos Bloods. Rivals include: 104 Hard Time Hustler CripsNeighbor Hood Crips (especially 111 Neighborhood Crips and the 115 Neighborhood Crips).

The APBs also feud with the 102 Budlong Gangster CripsRollin 90sRaymond Avenue Crips, Osage Legend CripsImperial Village Crips, and the Tongan Crip Gang.


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