Awol, (born Donald Stalworth) was a member of the Bloods & Crips and Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Rap Group) in the early and mid-1990s, he was also known for being an active member of the Kelly Park Compton Crips (KPCC), one of the oldest street gangs based in Compton, California.

Awol (KPCC), Sin Loc (NHCC), Troll Locc (KPCC), Crip Inch (KPCC), and Tweedy Bird Loc (KPCC), were already friends before the Bangin On Wax projectAwol made his debut on Bangin On Wax 1 & 2, with fellow crip members: Gangsta Bone & BG Scarface (RIP), both are from Atlantic Drive Compton Crips (ADCC).

Bloods & Crips And Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Awol made his video debut on the first single, same name as the album “Bangin On Wax.” The Blood’s & Crip’s Bangin On Wax 1 & 2, Both project’s has been certified gold. Awol was also a member of the Nationwide Rip Ridaz (rap group).

The Nationwide Rip Ridaz (rap group) were a collaboration of the Crips from the original Bloods & Crips. The Nationwide Rip Ridaz consisted of Awol, Cixx Pacc, Big Freeze, Twin Loc AKA G-Cell, BG Scarface and Gangsta Bone.

Awol is considered to be the most popular crip member of the “Bloods & Crips and the “Nationwide Rip Ridaz.” Awol has contributed the most lyrics to the Bloods & Crips by performance on nearly every song being and has participated in every “Bloods & Crips” project until his death.

Awol was also featured on Bloody Mary album (Day Of Resurrection) on a song titled “Regulate It,”  which also featured Lil Stretch of Bounty Hunter Bloods (Watts) and Redrum 781 and his brother Lil leak aka CK, both of Avenue Piru Gang.

Friendship, Death, And Legacy

Awol and Gangsta Bone as well as BG Scarface, both from Atlantic Drive Compton Crips, shared a close relationship. Until Awol, was killed by a police officer in Oceanside, California. Gangsta Bone made a tribute song dedicated to the memory of Awol (RIP). In 2012, BG Scarface was found dead, allegedly suicide was the cause of death.

Awol can be heard on the Bloods & Crips debut album Bangin On Wax, on tracks such as “Bangin On Wax” and “Puttin In Work” along with “K’s Up.” He was also on the Bloods & Crips second album titled “Bangin On Wax 2, featured on tracks such as “Gs and Loc’s” along with “Every Dog Has His Day” as well as “East Side Rip Rider.” 

The “Nationwide Rip Ridaz” album was Awol’s final album before his death. He appeared on such songs as “Nationwide Rip Ridaz” and “Slobs Keep On Slippin” as well as “Break A Slob Down.” Awol made his video debut on Bangin On Wax (music video) and G’s And Loc’s (music video).


  • 1995: Nationwide Rip Ridaz


  • Bangin On Wax
  • G’s And Loc’s



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