colton city crips

The Colton City Crips (CCC) are primarily an African-American street criminal gang located in the city of Colton, California. They dominate the Arbor Terrace Apartment Complex (The Zoo) in the 2100 block of N. Rancho Ave and Mill Street, along with certain neighborhoods in Rialto, California.
The Terrace Apartment Complex section of Colton is known as “The Zoo”  due to the manifestation of crime, robberies, and heavy gang activities.

The Colton City Crips consist of two cliques, the first one is called “Zoo Babies” and the second one is called “Zoo Crew”. The Colton City Crips are one of the most active criminal street gang in the city of Colton, and has been around for over two decades, along with the Colton East Side. 40 Glocc (rapper) who is signed to G-Unit, is affiliated with the Colton City Crips, and has also contribute to this gang international awareness thru media exposure.

Gang injunction

On October 5, 2010, the Honorable Donald Alvarez of the San Bernardino County Superior Court granted the San Bernardino County Michael Ramos (District attorney) request for a Permanent Gang Injunction against the Colton City Crips, a criminal street gang located in Colton, Ca. The injunction singled out Lawrence White also known as “40 Glocc” followed by the Colton City Crips.

All members who are affiliated with this gang was banned from their neighborhood and hangouts, the injunction states “Colton City Crips, are prohibited for being present in or at, passing through, or stopping in or at SB Liquor Store at 484 S. Rancho Ave, San Bernardino, Ca. Including the Lucky Plaza, Lucky coin Laundry and it’s shopping center.” San Bernardino D.E.A. Michael Ramos also stated  For over 20 years the people in Colton and surrounding communities have had to suffer the scourge of the Colton City Crips,” said San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos.

“The Arbor Terrace Apartments serve as a ‘headquarters’ for any number of criminal activities committed by the gang. We look forward to working with the Colton Police Department in ending this gang’s reign of terror.”  40 Glocc released a track, as well as a video called “F**k The Police,” in response to the preliminary civil gang injunction, against the Colton City Crips.



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