Compton Varrio 132nd Street

The Compton Varrio 132 (CV132), also known as Compton Varrio 132nd Street are a small Mexican-American street gang located on the West Side in Compton, California. They named themselves after 132nd Street, between Compton Ave and Wilmington Ave, their neighborhood overlaps with the Carver Park Compton Crips, an African-American street gang.

Allies And Rivals

Past allies of the Compton Varrio 132, consisted of the Compton Varrio T-Flats and the Mexican-Mafia. Despite, their size this gang is known for challenging larger Sureno gangs such as the Compton Varrio 117, Compton Varrio Largos, Compton Varrio 124, Compton Varrio 125 and the Compton Varrio Locos.


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