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  1. Maria stop the madness this is gettin out of hand here chica, one day these criminals are gonna come to sunnyvale and get you mamacita i dont wanna see nothing happen to you especially with them titties yoi could stand to lose the make up though i hate females woth heavy foundation


  2. This site is fucking dumb,Rocco is Fucking dumb, the gang members who come here to comment are fucking dumb,Officer Marina your fucking dumb,you arent solving any prpblems for the innocent people affected by these gangs and that’s just fucking dumb,you dumb shits are effectively glorifying black on black ,and latino on latino genocide,yet you havent even bothrtef to talk about white gangs such as the AB, Pen1, Peckerwoods, Outlaw Motorcycle clubs, Nazi Low Ryders,or any others which is clearly fucking dumb,and racist,and last but not least, whoever does your editing is either a meth head highschool dropout,or they got their writers degree out of a crackerjack box, all in all you all are a waste of good sperm and vaginal fluids.good day fuckwads


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