Del Monte Blocc Crips (DBGC)

The Del Monte Crips, widely known as the Del Monte Blocc Crips (DBC) or Del Monte Blocc Gangster Crips (DBGC), due to their affiliation with Gangster Crips 3x. They are mostly an African-American criminal street gang located on the West Side in Anaheim, California. The Del Monte Blocc Crips are boundaries are Lincoln and Orange Avenues between Western Ave and Beach Blvd.

Their name is derived from Del Monte Dr., which is also their formation street. The Del Monte Blocc Crips have the distinction of being the only African-American street gang in West Anaheim. Which is dominated by Mexican-American street gangs with ties to the Mexican-Mafia. The Del Monte Blocc Crips are made up of two cliques, known as the 3400 Blocc (Tray-Fo) and the 3100 Blocc (Tray-One).

In The News

In 2013, Marcos Bush, a well-known member of the Del Monte Crips was accused of shooting a police officer during a traffic stop. The Fullerton officer was shot numerous times in the chest at point-blank range. The Officer was able to return fire, shooting the suspect twice in the arm. The dark-colored car sped off with a female passenger, later identified as Sjanee Duhart.

However, the officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest which saved his life. Bush, was later arrested at an apartment in Anaheim. The arresting officers also discovered a semi-automatic handgun, in nearby bushes. Which tested positive as the same weapon used during the shooting.

Duhart, was arrested in Riverside, where they also found the dark-colored Pontiac Grand Prix. Duhart, is charged with being an accessory to attempted murder. A week later, police arrested a third suspect (Andre Jones) while driving on Lincoln Ave in Anaheim, near the territory claimed by the Del Monte Blocc Crips.

Police now believe Jones was the 2nd person in the grand Prix, not Duhart. Who still face accessory to murder for trying to get rid of the car. Police describe Bush and Jones as two of Anaheim’s most ruthless gang members. Two weeks prior to the shooting, Bush was acquitted of all charges of attempted murder against a rival gang member.

Allies & Rivals

The Del Monte Blocc Crips are allies of other gangs affiliated with Gangster Crips. However, they have no immediate allies and are surrounded by rival Latino gangs such as the Anaheim Folks Gang, to the West and the Barrio Probe, to the East. Other rivals are the Anaheim Brown Pride, Big Stanton, Eastside Buena Park, and Tears Of A Clown Gang.

Despite, Gangster Crips and Neighborhood Crips, being natural enemies since the 1970s. The Del Monte Crips feud with the Neighborhood Crips is not as active as those in South Los Angeles. Mostly due to distance, for instance, the closest Neighborhood Crips are in different cities such as the Water Gate Crips in Santa Ana (who migrated from Los Angeles to Orange County).

In 2009, members of the Del Monte Crips attended a backyard birthday party at a house in Buena Park. When uninvited members of the Barrio Probe, dressed in gang attire with bald heads crashed the party. They provoked a confutation with the black guests and were greeted with thrown beer bottles from the Del Monte Crips.

The party host escorted the Hispanic males off the premises, but they vowed to return with violence. Making good on their promise, they returned with a shotgun and shot the teenage party host’s stepfather. He died from multiple gunshot wounds to the abdominal area, the suspects then fled. Three members of the Barrio Probe were arrested and charged with murder.




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