Emerald Hills Bloods

The Emerald Hills Bloods (EHB) also known as the Emerald Hills Gangster Bloods (EHGB) or Emerald Hills Uptown Bloods, are an African-American street gang located in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of Southeast San Diego, California. The Emerald Hills Blood gang have been active for over twenty years, their history dates back as far as the early 1980s.

The “Upside Sic” also known as “Upside Sic Block” is an active click of the Uptown Bloods gang. The Emerald Hills Park located on Kelton Rd, in the district of Emerald Hills, is a known hangout of the Emerald Hills Uptown Bloods. The Emerald Hills park reside in the heart of their territory, and is also used for gang-related activities.

Entertainment And News

The Emerald Hills is home to several rappers such as 12 Gauge ShotieBaby Bandit AKA Prince Bandit, Mak 90, with ties to Mitchy Slick of Lincoln Park Bloods record label Tha WrongkindLil Spank Booty also known as Gangsta Spanksta (born Maurice League) is another talented rapper and were an active member of the Emerald Hills Gangster Bloods, who is currently serving a 37-year sentenced in the Spring Valley Prison.

Lil Spank have been incarcerated since 2007, after being convicted of robbing an Old Navy store in Mira Mesa, back in 2005. Prior arrest’s, in1994, Lil Spank was appended by law enforcement for allegedly robbing a Burger King in Lemon Grove, and was sentenced to eight years in prison, with an additional 4-years for possessing contraband.

In The News

In 2004, Reggie Bush, American running back for thewere being sued along with his mother and stepfather by former friend Lloyd Lake, who is an ex member of the Emerald Hills Gangster Bloods street gang. Loyd Lake lent Reggie Bush and his family $291,600 dollars in cash, after a verbal agreement for a business venture.

Lloyd Lake, is a well-known convicted drug-lord and member of the Emerald Hlls Blood gang (Upside Sic Block) turned entrepreneur, with business ventures in real estate and entertainment. Lloyd Lake is also childhood friends with comic American actor and comedian and actor Faizon Love. The two, produced a reality television show “Angry People” based on dealing with anger through counseling.

Allies & Rivals

The Emerald Hills Bloods are allies of the Lincoln Park Bloods and the 5/9 Southside BrimsRivals include: O’Farrel Park Banksters, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, Skyline Pirus, West Coast Crips, and the Lil Africa Pirus.



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