exotic family city crip The Exotic Family City Crips (EFCC) also known as the EFCC Gang are an Asian/Cambodian-American street gang located in the neighborhood of Cambodia Town on the East Side of Long Beach, California. Which stretches from olive Ave to Stanley Ave, between 14th Street and 11th Street.

The Exotic Family City Crips have many variation such as Exotic Family Cambodian Crips and Exotic Foreign City Crips as well as the Exotic Foreign Creation Coterie as well as the EFCC Gang. Asian and Cambodian gangs in Long Beach, structure is similar to African-American/Black street gangs. Some Asian gangs are also known to adopt the “Crips” moniker such as the “Asian Boyz Crips” and the “Sons Of Samoa Crips.”

Allies & Rivals

The Exotic Family City Crips main allies are the Asian Boyz Crips and the Suicidal Town. This alliance is known as the “SEA Crips” or the “SEA Alliance.” The S.E.A. stand for “South East Asians” or “Suicidal Exotic Asians.” Other allies are the Sons Of Samoa Crips and the Insane Crips as well as the Tonga Crip Gang located in Inglewood, California.

The Exotic Family City Crips mainly feud with street gangs located in the Harbor Region of Los Angeles. Which include the Longos 13Waterfront Piru, Tiny Rascals Gang, East Side Pain and the West Side Piru (Carson). Asians/Cambodians and Black street gangs, are in a racial war with Sereño gangs, in the city of Long Beach.

Especially the Varrio Longos 13; East Side Longos and the West Side Longos, as well as the North Side Longos. The Varro Longos 13 is the largest Hispanic gang in Long Beach, California.


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  1. Respects to EFCC in Long Beach , Ca ……..

    OG Mr Cee
    SOS E 5th St Gangsta Crips
    N/S Hamo’s (Hamocidal’s)
    C-Town , Witchita , KS 913

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    • Naw, we not stopping. Tf you gonna do about it? You gonna have your half dozen homies karate chop us? Oooooooooh ok I see you gonna call abz to handle it cuz, we all know, efcc ain’t got numbers and suicidal is weak out here too. Stfu and get back to studying your microbiology an leave the gangster shit to the real gangsters. Aint never heard of y’all. Barely heard of sui, and ONLY reason abz got rep is cuz of gangland. SEA ain’t on no war shit. They crippn cuz being a crip is popular. Boof ass niggas.

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    • Nah they look like a HOMO gang, swear I never heard of these dudes and I got family all over L.A county, used to spend summers there every year

      • Maybe because whenever you come to L.A for the summer you stay yo bitchass inside the house the whole time

      • yeah they are real. I’m from LB. Everyone knows about SEA alliance. The E stands for Exotic.

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