Grace Ave Piru

The Grace Avenue Piru (GAP), also known as the Grace Avenue Barson Piru is a new generation street gang located on the West Side in Carson, California. Their name is derived from Grace Ave, a local neighborhood street which runs through the heart of their territory between 213th Street and 223rd Street. Members are known to sport apparel with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim logo, a professional baseball team.

The Los Angeles Sheriff Department (Carson station) has been tracking criminal activity by the Grace Avenue Pirus, since the 2000s. They are the youngest subset of the Pirus in Carson with burgundy being their primary color, which is also the traditional color for Pirus. The largest cliques of the Grace Avenue Pirus are the 213th Street and 223rd Street (500 Block).

Members of the Grace Ave Pirus are a part of the LBC & Carson Movement (rap group), which consist of rival gang members from Long Beach and Carson such as Yung Zeke (Insane Crip Gang), CTC (Stevenson Village Crips), and T-Ru (Grace Ave Piru), who was also featured on “Won’t Stop Being A Blood Pt. 2”, originally recorded by Mitchy Scick of the Lincoln Park Bloods street gang based in San Diego.

Allies And Rivals

The Grace Ave Pirus are on good terms with blood gangs in Carson, especially the Center View Pirus and the ScottsDale Pirus as well as the Scott Park Pirus. Their main rivals are the 190 Del Amo Blocc East Coast Crips, one of the largest and oldest crip sets located in the city of Carson.




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  1. There is no hood called grace ave piru that shit is fake claiming 213 to 223 please 213 is a click of KEYSTONE and I drive down grace ever day 223 is th edge of VCR RST THERE ARE NO BLACKS in that area let alone a hood I go through there daily and no hit ups or people kicking it let alone blacks it is more neutral than anything else so get your facts straight or stop hiding.

  2. They are not new…. to be honest no gang from Carson is really active except maybe 190. I’m not a fan of them but it’s true. All these other gangs around here are low key I guess. I’ve never seen anyone from this hoodhood and I stay around their supposed turf.

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    • fuCC you “roCCo”,and I am rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrIpK and the poliCe Can’t do nothing aCout it,my gang ain’t on the gang injunCtion list whiCh means the poliCe or 1 time Can’t fuCC wit’ us foe no reason (Honkey!!!!!!).And I never said I was a drug dealer that is Watt you said my (Honkey!!!!!!) I just said I make anywhere Cetween $2,000-$2,500 dollars a week,and just like you used to retardly say just like a fat,poorly dressed,kid with aCne on his faCe,liCCing neopolitan iCe Cream out of an iCe Cream Cone,and very Childishly,and immaturely say,if I am a drug dealer prove it.And the poliCe Cannot arrest me foe having enough rank to have someone killed,you have to aCtually have evidenCe 4rum OTHEr rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrIpKS who I out rank to testify against me either in 4ront of a judge or jury and say that I have ordered murders,whiCh noCody won’t aCtually Come 4orth and admit that,they know the penalties foe snitChing like you have done so many times is death.And you really should C ashamed of Ceing a big time rat,boy your teeth and tail sure has grown a whole lot longer sinCe tha last time that I have saw you you ratting ass (Honkey!!!!!!).Cut anyway foe example I Could write a Coded letter telling one of my loC’s who I out rank to kill the 1 who just snitChed on me,you C my boy (Honkey!!!!!!) sherloCC homeless I don’t aCtually have to C on the streets myself to get someone murdered I Could just get someone on the streets to murder who I want to you,I really Could just make a phone Call and have someone murdered Cut that is even more dangerous than writing a letter sinCe they reCord your phone Calls and even if you talk in a Coded language and they somehow deCipher it sometimes Cy informants sinCe they reCord ur phone Call they Can later use it foe evidenCe my favorite (Honkey!!!!!!),(bitCh!!!!!!) aliased “roCCo”, I meant to Call you riCo sinCe you diCC ride,joCC,admire,and look up to the mexiCan’t I mean messyCans,I mean mexiCunts,I mean messyCunt people so muCh Cornelius bKlaCCwell my privately owned slave boy (Honkey!!!!!!).You or the poliCe a.k.a. 1 time don’t aCtually I mean the federal government and the f.b.i. don’t actually have any evidenCe to ConviCt me on in a riCo Case,in a riCo Case you have to prove I murdered someone myself,or had someone murdered on my order,you have to aCtually C able to prove that if I wanted someone dead that I Conspired or plot and planned wit’ other people to have someone killed,you have to prove that I sell drugs and not only that I sell drugs,Cut that I am the leader or part of a vast drug dealing network stretChing out into other states etC. I hope you get the point ChuCCles tha butt fuCCed Clown the poliCe Cannot harass me unless I am on a gang injunCtion list and even if I was on a gang injunction list and 1 time harassed me I Could still try to fight them in Court even if it seems like it wouldn’t do any good that is my ChoiCe and my right as a bKlaCC man who has Citizenship in these united states of ameriCa you burdened down (boy,) (Honkey!!!!!!),(bitCh!!!!!!).

      • First, you would not even say what gang your from, now all of a sudden you R20s, and you won’t stop riding they dicc.” I’m Rollin 20″ this and “20 crip” that. Hell, 6 months ago we couldn’t get you to even say what CITY you from. You a lier dog. Though and through tried and tested grade A certified weenie ass motherfucka.

      • I’m glad you feel so comfortable about everything. That means the informants in the Rollin 20’s Set are doing a very good job.
        Everything you stated can and will be proven.

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        You’re also mad because you REGRET telling me where you live and giving me information about yourself. You’re a big Hypocrite. You’re ALL OVER THE PLACE contradicting yourself and doing the OPPOSITE of what you say many times. He’s the Bastard Fag Nigger and you’re the Big Mouth Hypocrite Nigger who’s mad because we can’t be best friends. Do you think you could have me become a Treetop Nigger like yourself? I could sell drugs on the street corner near your WHITE House or I could rob some of your Nigger neighbors? What do you think?? LMAO

    • fuCC you “anonymous”,oops my Cuz I meant to Call you ms.john CrISpY and you want to say Watt I done Cy Calling the graCe ave pKirus by saying fuCC ’em was a bitCh move,me Calling the graCe ave pKirus wasn’t a bitCh move CeCause those l’il NIGGErS are my enemies I don’t Care aCout the long beaCh and Carson City movement,tha graCe ave pKirus are still a bunCh of soft,ass weirdo faggots and we Can get it CraCCin laCCin at any time Cuz.And the TrKee TOpK pKIrUs are nothing Cut a bunCh of gay ass CatholiC Choir boys who live sheltered suburban lives who even when they are old and 56 years old just like Cornelius bKlaCCwell aliased “roCCo” still live at home wit’ mommy and y’@ll still have her done y’@ll laundry and espeCially washing y’@ll under wear or boxer shorts instead of manning the fuCC up and moving out and getting your own apartment or house and doing your own laundry.Cut it wasn’t a bitCh move foe str8 up dissin’ my enemies I would have Ceen a bitCh move if I didn’t disrespeCt my enemies and you are just mad CeCause I wouldn’t tell you Watt street or bKloCC I banged foe Cefore Cornelius bKlaCCwell revealed to you wit’ Cy snitChing of Course wit’ his (loose lip) ass that I am rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrXp,and there is this little saying that loose lips sink ships so I wonder how many seCrets of the poliCe departments and sheriff departments have roCCo revealed to low level street gangs like the bKloods,pKirus,snoovas,florenCia 13,and the varrio longo 13,and all the sewer rats etC. etC. just to sum it up.Cut john CrISpY you never answered not even 1 of my questions so yeah I wasn’t going to answer none of yours.I mean you Claim that you are a 887 street 500 bKloCC TrKEE TOpK pKIrU I meant too say dKiru 4rum COMpKTON Cut if I ask you your rank you Can’t answer that question CeCause tha faCt of the matter is your not a pKiru so you don’t know their ranking system,you Could have said I am tyg,yg,or an oyg just to give yourself some kind of rank even those are the 3 lowest ranks and still wouldn’t have respeCted you,Cut just not Ceing able to name any ranks shows that you are a fake,fraud,sCam artist,and a false flagger.You really Can’t answer simple ass questions that I ask you,like if I ask you when is your hood day you don’t know,if I ask you Watt is ur rank you don’t know,if I ask you Watt is your hood name you don’t know,if I ask Watt are your meetings Called you don’t know,should I stop there naw I will go on foe a little while longer,if I ask you Watt is a stain you don’t know,if I ask you Watt pittbull line are you supposed to C pushing you don’t know,if I ask you Watt do y’@ll Call eaCh other like if I ask you do y’@ll Call eaCh Cuz or loC like us CrIpS do you do you don’t know,like if I ask you do y’@ll pKirus Call eaCh other Cuzzins,family,peoples or something else you don’t know,you know Watt I will stop there CeCause I made my point you Can’t answer no question that I asked you,You Couldn’t even answer who brought that bKanging the 5 pKoint star bullshit to California.Y’@ll dKirus are some busters and (bitChes!!!!!!) who mostly bKang foe stars,who used to C original and untainted until y’@ll jumped on them shyCago (NIGGErS!!!!!!) testiCles and started bKanging stars,us CripKs don’t bKang stars we strictly bKang foe tha n-hood.And we get it,and make money how we live,whiCh is mainly off of selling drugs,.Cut I am not admitting that I sell drugs though at all,I get up early every morning at 5 O’ CloCC a.m. just like john CrISpY does and I aCtually make a living selling diamonds and jewelry,john CrISpY gets up early in the morning at 5 0′ CloCC a.m. making 30 dollars a month suCCing diCC and selling his asshole as my own personal slave boy prostitute.


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      • LMAO STUPID NIGGER I READ NON OF THATT BULLSHITT LMAO 3:39am 4:23am LMAO maybe someone else will read thaTT garbage IM GOOD i could give a FUcK WHUTT YOU LYING ABOUT!!

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      • Privately owned Slave boys? Sounds real Faggy to us Dwayne.
        Trying to RELIVE your homosexual experiences you enjoyed so much in Prison and that you talk about ALL the fucking time?
        I don’t know what you talk more about: Your Homosexual experiences or your Mother Incest experiences??


      • fuCC you “roCCo”, I mean Cornelius bKlaCCwell and I find it hilarious of how fate is and how life works out sometimes you are raCist boy (Honkey!!!!!!) who is of the Color (Honkey!!!!!!) who aCtually has the word bKlaCC in your name and your are also half (Honkey!!!!!!) Colored jew and half bKlaCC,and your whole family tree is filled up of bKlaCC boys,girls,men,and women,all of your fathers 46 other Children are half bKlaCC,and your mother 62 other Children are half bKlaCC so it is no way that you are eligible to join the ku klux klan,ika or imperial klan of ameriCa,neo nazi,nazi lower riders,white supremaCist and you also Couldn’t join the hammer skins or no raCist groups etC. etC.,and I don’t Care if I sound faggy to you Cornelius bKlaCCwell or your diCC suCCing and your butt fuCCing boyfriend john CrISpY CeCause any person who haven’t at least Ceen in 352 fights opinion don’t matter to me,you Cornelius bKlaCCwell or diCC suCCing and bootyhole fuCCing john CrISpY haven’t even Ceen in 150 fights in your whole life,and you Claim that you are this big bad raCist Cornelius bKlaCCwell and I beat up more people and bKlaCC people than you ever have in your whole life and you are way older than me you are 56 years old,and I am only in my early 20’s or my early 30’s and I have beat up 352 people and you have never even beat up 60 people in your whole miserable life you are the most pathethiC raCist in the history of tha world you are bark and no bite,you are not a thug or a gangster you are all talk,I have beat up 60 of your (Honkey!!!!!!) sperm Covered people.And I said I have privately owned slave boys CeCause I am a strong,powerful,bKlaCC man,who out ranks a lot of people in my CrIp set,I don’t hold tha highest rank in my CrIp set,Cut let me put 2 you like this if I wanted to have you killed all I would have to do is put another rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrIp on a mission and Cy mission I mean I Could tell anyone who I out rank to kill you if I wanted 2 and you would C dead,I Could have a ytl to kill you if I wanted 2.And my privately owned slave boy Comment was not a queer or a homosexual Comment.You are reminisCing on your past experienCes of how you enjoyed getting raped Cy all of tha of the other prisoners,all tha guards,and yes even tha warden in the Angola penitentiary in Louisiana.And I never had sex wit’ my mama of any kind,I leave that filthy,disgusting,shit to y’@ll inCest sex loving,red neCCs,and hillbillies my privately owned slave boy (Honkey!!!!!!).How many times did you get your mother pregnant over the years??????

      • Thank You for the information. You’ve now confirmed in writing several things that will be used against you in a RICO case that corresponds to our findings:
        1). You belong to the Rollin 20’s.
        2). You’re a Drug Dealer
        3). You have a high enough Rank that allows you to order a murder.
        That’s all we need.
        Oh, and by the way, go ahead and order another Nigger of lower status to try and kill me. Go ahead, I DARE YOU.
        We’ll cut that Nigger’s head off and send it back to you in a box as a birthday present.
        Again, Thanks for the info. and please keep talking. I like your long paragraphs. I read every word. LMAO

        Sincerely, Rocco

      • Idk about this dick head here but i can five you some basiC info
        You hate black people
        You have shitty taste in music
        You like mullets and hairmetal
        You hate Latinos
        And your probably a Meth head Peckerwood wannabe

      • P.S. srip iaing gays and homosexuals as ammumition to fire your weak ass comebacks and posts all of you,you sound like a fucking homophobe,and idk whats worse a grown man who hates someone because of their skin color, or a homophobic pu k

      • I’m HAPPY I bother you so much. Makes my fucking day! LOL
        1). Never said I hate Latinos or Homosexuals.
        2). Never said I hate anybody for the color of their skin either.
        3). I hate Street Niggers because they’re animals. It has nothing to do with skin color.
        4). I hate White Pussy Wanna Be Niggers (Wiggers).
        By the way, are you a Nigger or a Wigger? Which is it?

      • Lmao im the guy who you keep trying to to get to say sumn but i keep getting you everytime roc no no mr superman is not here lmao i just read domething thsts says white prison gangs rape and sodomize white prisoners only because that wouldn’t be race mixing i know your am expwrt so do you care ro elaborate to the niggee or wigger that you claim me to be god man i love that you dont give up, your really good at this btw do you like jimi hendrix lmao

      • Whats even while food black and latino citizens experience urban terrorism by people like this cross guy real cips are our doing the job you claim to be,you give good cops a bad name and good Confidential Informants too apparently lmao

      • nigga shut the fucc up. rocco is sum kinda cop and he makin a fool outa you like he did to other niggas like cross. cross talk way to much. you don’t make sense wit you comments. just ignore his racist honkey ass.

      • For you my friend ill leave this fucktard alone lmao ive had enough on to more goodbye rocco my friend ill think of you at night when i lock up around my property i wouldn’t want crazy”Niggers” taking my shit,amd please work on that AB page please this fucking blog needs more real world shit like gorilla convict maybe Seth can teach your editors not to write while on drugs or more inspired articles at least
        S.H.A.R.P thats right bitch i was white the whole time now try to use that you racist pussy

      • Fair enough. So you’re a Wigger (a White Wanna Be Nigger).
        A White guy who is a Nigger Lover and wants to act, talk and dress like he’s Black. I had a 50% chance of being right.
        I wasn’t sure because you wrote comments like an uneducated Nigger but sometimes you sounded White. LOL
        I think you should reach out to Dwayne Cross from the Rollin 20’s Crips and see if they will let you hang with them. It could be a dream come true for you. Good luck & take care.
        Sincerely, Rocco

      • And you still couldnt write a proper comeback
        Trolling successful goodnight united shithead

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    • fuCC you “anonymous”, I mean john CrISpY and NIGGEr YOUr COMMENTS ARE SO waCC BOrING AND GAY THEY NOTT EVEN WOrTH rEADING AND YOU AINT EVEN WORTH DISSIN!!,I read your 1 Comment john CrISpY when I guess you were trying to imply and insinuate that I was begging,pleading,sweating or kissing Hahaha ass on the rOLLIN 60 NEIGHBOrHOOD a.k.a. NAYbKAHOOD CrIpK WEBpAGE and then you tried to COMpArE me to keith sweat and you even pUT tha YEAr that he bECAME famous whiCh is 1989 you got a lot of pUBLIC HATErS whiCh ArE Closeted,homosexual, boy, (NIGGEr!!!!!!),fan,(bITCH!!!!!!),groupies, like yourself I mean I did used to like keith sweat singing CaCC in the day Cut I wouldn’t go as far as Classifying myself as a fan or a groupie,You talk aCout keith sweat as if THErE is something WrONG wit’ liking his musiC he was a great SINGEr and I espeCially liked his song TWISTEr Cut if you think keith sweat is a man who whines and begs woman how did you even know that keith sweat Came out in 1989 I like keith sweat musiC and I didn’t even know that,.And I have been Cool wit’ Hahaha sinCe day 1 sinCe tha very first day that she posted her very first Comment dissin’ Cornelius bKlaCCwell a.k.a. “rOCCO the unproduCtive raCist (Honkey!!!!!!),And I don’t really understand it I guess you felt some kind of queer love foe “rOCCO” Cut you got deeply offended Cy Hahaha Comment whiCh sinCe you wasn’t smart enough to tell she was taking up foe me,foe you,and everyother bKlaCC man on tha rOLLIN 60 NEIGHBOrHOOD CrIpK page.Cut like I said up top in this Comment I have Ceen Cool wit’ Hahaha sinCe day 1,so how am I kissing her ass Cy Ceing niCe 2 a friend??????,.The one thing aCout FrIENDS if you MISTrEAT them you will no LONGEr have any MOrE,and I Can tell that you Cannot make it in this WOrLD wit’out FrIENDS or family,you are not an Island,I on the OTHEr hand am,I Could make it in this WOrLD wit’out FrIENDS or family if I EVEr Chose too,why do you think that most people in tha pENITENTIArY in solitary Confinement snap and loose THEIr minds and go totally CrAZY.I am not going to get all rELIGIOUS and SpIrITUAL on you Cut when God made men and in this pArTICULAr Case when I say men I mean women too when God made when he made 99.9% of us to C soCial CrEATUrES and I mean men and women are DIFFErENT in that rEGArD I mean a man might might feel the need to only speak 10 WOrDS to a man or a women a day,while a woman might feel the need to speak 1,000 words a day to a woman inside of Or outside of the pENITENTIArY and even though most men might feel the need to talk less than most women tha pOINT I am TrYING to make is we all feel the need to speak 2 someone sometimes unless they are just an exCeption to the rULE,whiCh 99.9% of all humans ArENT FOr EXAMpLE you stupid,mangy,my prIVATELY owned slave (boy!!!!!!),(NIGGEr!!!!!!).Cut you begged,pleaded,whined,and kissed Hahaha booty Cheeks CeCause first you DISrESpECTED her in all kinds of ways Cy Calling her fat,a bitCh,and Cy talking badly aCout her murdered ex-boyfriend and ex-fianCe whiCh I would have never FOrGAVE you FOr by the way,and then you kissed her butt Cheeks by apologizing to her and asking her adviCe to get women. TrKEE TOpK pKIrU,tank TOpK,flea TOpK pKIrU,ttpK (NIGGEr!!!!!!).

      • DUMB NIGGER I READ 1/2 OF YOUR LONG WAcK COMMENT AND GOTT BORED!! nigger you was lookn like a lil BITCH ole ERIK BENET ASS NIGGER lol she enjoys my GANGSTA and you was lookn very -insecure- I DIDNT HAVE TO SOUND like RALPH TRESVENT all sensitive sad and lonely to geTT her ATTENTION YOU LIL BITCH!! 20’S lmao NIGGER I WAS BIcKIN iTT ON 17th and ORANGE BAcK IN 2001 when your FAGGOT ASS was a lil boy SLEEPN IN YOUR mommy’s house.. sum things don’t change.. LOL fuxKn BIRD I KNOW GROWN MEN FROM LB20’s noTT lil homosexuals like yourself..aTT MR WEST SPOT SHOOOTN POOL wiTT ES NIGGAS and them niggas knew I was BPT PIRU and they respected me and showed me much LOVE..real recognize real you a fake bird you be lying!! DUMMMASS I GOTT FAM FROM 20’S and a XBITCH THAT STILL LIVES IN THE COURTS OFF 17th.. 360 knocKouTTS yeah rite we will see ABOUT THAT!! MUcH LUV TO BIG CUP and KEV FROM ES20’s MY FAM!! MY skinny HOMIE KAHARY FROM 20’s RIP he GOTT KILLED BOUT 10 YEARS AGO…WHUTT HOOD YOU FROM you BIRD ASS NIGGER lol YOU WAS LOOKN LIKE A BITCH NOTT CLAIMING YOUR CITY OR YOUR HOOD!! TREETOP887…. LMAO and you just read all my LONG comment lil BITCH you too stupid noTT to DUMMY lol!!

      • fuCC you “roCCo”, and today is Sunday,June 19th,2016 Father’s day and I would just like too say too you fuCC you and have an unhappy father’s,and p.s. your CraCC addiCted whore,harlot,prostitute,how,mother marlene bKlaCCwell swallows suCCed,Choked,and absolutely obsessively gagged on my diCC last night and she even left her dred Colored lipstiCC on my diCC that’s how tightly she had her lips around my mandingo sized man pieCe a.k.a. a diCC last night.

      • Stop repeating yourself. We all know you have a Nigger Mother Complex because that’s all you talk about all the time.
        You don’t have to keep proving it, TRUST ME, WE KNOW.
        You’re a Nigger Bastard Fag with a Mother’s Complex.

        Happy Father’s Day in your shithole Ghetto, you Nigger Bastard. LMAO

      • According to the Government Crime and Abuse Statistics, Incest is the HIGHEST per capita among Niggers. Niggers lead the Nation IN EVERY POSSIBLE SEXUAL, CRIMINAL & ABUSE CATAGORY except Alcoholism. That honor goes to the Indians.

        The odds are that you are the product of some inbred Nigger tryst in the shithole Ghetto. That’s why you are so fucked up.
        Your Crack Whore Nigger Mama probably fucked a goat and then you came out of its ass. LOL

    • fuCC you “roCCo”, and today is Sunday,June 19th,2016 Father’s day and I would just like too say too you fuCC you and have an unhappy father’s,and p.s. your CraCC addiCted whore,harlot,prostitute,how,mother marlene bKlaCCwell swallows suCCed,Choked,and absolutely obsessively gagged on my diCC last night and she even left her dred Colored lipstiCC on my diCC that’s how tightly she had her lips around my mandingo sized man pieCe a.k.a. a diCC last night.

      • You don’t even KNOW what Fathers Day is you stupid Nigger Bastard. You were REJECTED by your Nigger father. You don’t even know who your Nigger Father was in Life. LMAO
        If you look up the words “Nigger Bastard” in the dictionary, there will be a picture of your ugly Nigger Face with the words Dwayne Cross under it. LMAO

      • AND THE WEAK REDNEcK ONCE SAID “ATT LEAST dwayne knows his father” NOW THIS white WETTBAcK changed his story!! lol I WISH HE WOULD MAKEUP HIS MIND!! watch this peckerwoodNIGGER leave me some bullshit nigger shiTT BUTT HE IS AFRAID TO RING MY DOORBELL…

      • I ALWAYS said Dwayne was a Nigger Bastard. The man he calls his father is NOT his real father. Besides, why are you so fascinated with Dwayne Cross????? I thought you weren’t going to respond to him???? I thought he wasn’t worth disrespecting????? You are a desperate Hypocritical Nigger who does the OPPOSITE of whatever you say on here. Your Nigger doorbell will get rung at some point, but not by me because that is not my part of the job. I already explained it to you , you God Damn Dumb Treetop Nigger, but you obviously can’t read very well or your memory is failing you from all the drugs your sell and take yourself. LOL

      • fuCC you “roCCo”, and you said I don’t know when Father’s day is,you only made yourself look retarded wit’ that Comment.And I will repeat myself all I want (Honkey!!!!!!),(boy!!!!!!),and I wouldn’t have to rEpEAT myself at all if you and ur QUEEr,homosexual,gay,and faggy BOYFrIEND john CrISpy was aCtually smart enough to understand Watt I meant the 4irst time my prIVATELY owned rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrIp (slave boy!!!!!!),(Honkey!!!!!!).And the reason why you don’t know Watt Father’s day is CeCause you are Coth a hillbilly and a redneCC and your are also an inCest inbred jaCC ass who’s Father and mother is rEALLy BrOTHEr and SISTEr,and your biologiCal birth father is your unCle and your biologiCal birth mother is really ur auntie,and they don’t know Watt Father’s day is way up in the AppalaChian mountains where you live Called the urban,shithole, sess pool, (Honkey!!!!!!), ghetto,and you also don’t know Watt Father’s day is CeCause no woman wants to have your Children CeCause you look uglier than those mutated Cannibals in that movie judge dredd that Sylvester Stallone starred in,and your dad never raised you or wanted to C part of your life (bitCh!!!!!!).

      • Nigga yo daddy got smoked he was turning tricks for the gay boys but he dressed like a woman, ol boy came along thinking HE was a SHE thing, felt his tip and painted the window wit daddy’s wig. Fuck him, and fuck you too. Bitch ass lying ass busted ads nigga

    • fuCC you “anonymous”,I mean john CrISpY and STOp WrITING Comments on the INTErNET CeCause all of Comments are all INCOHErENT and I Can NEVEr make out MOrE than 2 or 3 WOrDS of YOUr prESCHOOL MANUSCrIpT HANDWrITING,and you are suCh a hypoCrite you are keep saying that my Comments are really long and you are keep trying to disCourage me to write really short Comments,.Cut your Comment saying that you only read 1/2 of my Comment was even longer than any of mine Comments you SIMpLE minded monkey (NIGGEr!!!!!!) and why do you KEEp on try to DISrESpECT great singers like Keith Sweat and ErIC Benet I am sure that Keith Sweat and ErIC benet Can pull way more females than you Can mrs. I need adviCe on how to get a lady so let me ask my arCh enemy and rIVAL Hahaha how to you get a woman to like me wit’ my DESpErATE,THIrSTY,ass,and ErIC Benet was definitely a ChiCC magnet CaCC in the day,and I am sure Keith Sweat looks way CETTEr than you 2 you Xussy ass (NIGGEr!!!!!!) and you are always trying to Cap on,roast,degrade,put down,throw shade on,and hate on these singers Cut they all sing way way way way way way CETTEr than you do and have I’m sure millions of DOLLArS singing,I mean you Can’t sing as good or hold a note as good as a dog or a Cat singing at the same time.You Can’t sing any better than YOUr fat mama singing an OpErA song foe an sandwiCh,and YOUr false flagging CpT. xIrU xUSSy ass KEEp talking aCout singers who Can aCtually sing,and xlease don’t even say you Can sing CeCause if you Can sing how Come you ain’t riCh and famous,how Come the only money that you have ever made is 4rum working at restaurants suCh as mC Donald’s,Louisiana kitChen,jaCC in tha box,and fat BUrGEr.You don’t know Watt it’s like to make no real money like I do,I make $2,000 dollars or sometimes I make $2,500 dollars a week,you make $300 dollars a week and that’s Cefore the government put his hands in your xoCCets foe taxes,And Hahaha is not digging you Cuz,she is digging me big time Cuz.

      • Shut your lying fucking mouth Mr 301 Compton Blvd waiting 15 mins pffffft u officially a wankster

      • fuCC you anonymous,I meant to say fuCC you and I meant to Call you Cy your GOVErNMENT,slave,name john CrISpY, and at least I know who my biological FATHEr is and by the way he is no way gay Or homosexual,YOUr FATHEr is a CrOSS DrESSING East Side Pain Blood Cuz who pAYS $6,000 DOLLArS to suCC a rXCH rOLLXN 20’S CrXpS diCC foe only 15 minutes.And YOUr FATHEr has always Ceen pArT of YOUr life just CrOSS DrESSING and pretending to C YOUr MOTHEr,and I smoked YOUr FATHEr while he was ConduCting business I mean Cusiness as a prOSTITUTE wit a huge diCC in his mouth I’m talking like 24 inChes NIGGEr,and a python sized diCC that was like 36 inChes long and 12 inChes wide and I walked up 2 him and blew his NIGGEr BrAINS out,my prIVATELY owned slave boy fan boy bitCh GrOUpIE,.And you wanted to no why I have Called you the WOrD NIGGEr wit’ a l’il r and that’s CeCause I know that me Calling you the WOrD NIGGEr is psychologically damaging to you CeCause that is a WOrD that tha (HONKEY!!!!!!) man Or boy STArTED and sinCe I know that tha blaCC man is inCapable of EVEr OVErCOMING raCism psychologically and it’s Apparent how the blaCC man and woman still KEEp Calling eaCh OTHEr tha WOrD nigga like it’s rEALLY any DIFFErENT Calling eaCh the WOrD NIGGEr,you ArE only kidding YOUrSELF john CrISpY and you ArE still and slave and you ArE still slave minded john CrISpY you STUpID,STUpID,NIGGEr,and you said that you ArE a licensed Fisherman yeah rIGHT get the fuCC outta HErE Cuz,I HOpE you notiCed that I totally Disrespected you Cy Calling you the WOrD CUZ instead of Calling you a bKlood.And some licensed Fisherman make 2 Or $300,000 something DOLLArS,so some of them make good money Cut I doubt you Cuz,you don’t even have a job in rEALITY Come CaCC down to pLANET EArTH,you don’t have any money GEOrGE mCfly you still live at home wit’ YOUr MOTHEr.Me I make Cetween $2,000-$2,500 a week,I CUrrENTLY live in a $350,000 DOLLAr house.I am hood rICH no rULES (bitCh!!!!!!).Eat a big bowl of diCCs (NIGGEr!!!!!!).I am going to kill you (NIGGEr!!!!!!) Cy Cutting off all of YOUr FINGErS and toes wit’ a Cigar CUTTEr.And that’s why I am a 887 STrEET 500 bloCC COMpTON TrKEE TOp pKIru K,fuCC tank TOp DIrUS,fuCC flea TOpK DIrUS,TTpK.

    • fuCC you “anonymous”,I mean john CrISpY and STOp lieing you ain’t never kiCC it wit’ no rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrXpS at no mr. west SpOT pLAYING no pOOL OVEr THErE Cuz.And that whole saying that rEAL rECOGNIZE rEAL is just Watt weak ass gang MEMBErS say to eaCh OTHEr and NEUTrONS to make THEIrSELVES sound tough and like their real niggas.Cut in your Case you ArE a rEAL (NIGGEr!!!!!!) yeah STOp 4rontin’/perping foe ur FxIENDS you know you are my prIVATELY owned slave boy (NIGGEr!!!!!!).And tha only dubs who would kiCC it wit’ you is the old heads who have probably Ceen gang banging foe 40 and 50 years who are tired of tha lifestyle and just wants a pieCe of mind and they feel hopeless and trapped, I mean on 1 hand some of them don’t want to Claim their CrIp hoods and want 2 leave their CrIp hoods Cehind and on tha other hand not Claiming their hood Could get them killed.Cut tha Cottom line is any CrIp who would kiCC it wit’ you after knowing that you are 887 street 500 bKloCC COMpKTON TrKEE TOpK pKIrU I meant to say DKIrU is a str8 up bitCh,I would kiCC it wit’ a tank TOpK pKIrU I meant to say DKIrU if it would save my ass and STOp me 4rum getting killed you CrISpY l’il (NIGGEr!!!!!!).And tha reason how I know you are lieing aCout kiCC it wit’ some DUbS is you say that some DUbS is you say some rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrIpS showed you a whole lotta love and rESpECT Cut you ain’t never pUT in no wet work or do dirt foe ya hood and you are not FEArED Cy anyone hell do don’t even beat up pEOpLE,and you know as well as I do is rESpECT is earned not giving Cut you just strolled into Long beaCh City and you ain’t even CatCh an unfriendly fade you know as well you Can’t stroll through Long beaCh wit’ out no street Creditability and Come strolling through tha n-hood Cy ur self at that Cuz.And how is Hahaha enjoying your gangsta you ain’t got no gangsta,I done at least 352 things that are gangsta and tha 352 things that I have done is gangsta is beat 352 people up and if you Count all of the other Crimes I have Committed they go way past 352 Crimes Cuz,.And why did you spell kiCCin it wit’ a b, first of all the word kiCCin’ it is not SpELLED wit’ a C it has a C sound and tha k and the C Coth sound the same in the english language.I mean when you SpELLED tha word kiCCin’ wit a b Cuz you aren’t disrespeCting the C in CrIpS or the word CrIp at all you are DISrESpECTING all the K’s or the killers whether if they are CrIpS who are killers,TrKEE TOpK pKIrUS I mean tank TOpK DKIrUS who are killers,sKnKoov3rKs who are killers,donuts who are killers etC.,You ain’t dissin’ me right now Cuz CeCause I ain’t never kill one person in my entire life so keep on dissin’ tha K it don’t affeCt me Cuz.And I ain’t never said I had 352 fights Cefore aCtually if you knew something aCout rounding up or down in math my 352 wins would round down to 350 fights not 360 wins Cuz.And wreCCin’ people and whooping people’s asses is Watt I do I thought after whooping 352 other people’s asses that would have made that Clear.And I Can tell the only thing that is in your near and immediate future is a very painful ass whooping I am going to put another notCh in my belt and make you viCtim 353 you whistle blowing (NIGGEr!!!!!!) and blowing my whistle I am aCCusing you of suCCing,Choking,and gagging, on my diCC.And you said Hahaha enjoyed your gangsta name even 30 things that qualifies you as a gangsta.I’m quite sure you won’t list 30 things.And now you know whiCh n-hood I Claim and Watt set I Claim now,I Claim Long beaCh and I Claim 21st. and CErrITOS (NIGGEr!!!!!!) I Claim that City Cy the sea I meant C,.And you ain’t no threat to me step right up so you Can get knoCCed right down.

    • fuCC you “anonymous”, I mean john CrISpY and I read your 1 Comment of how aCout I go to a gay Club in Long bKeaCh,I mean why don’t you go to a gay Club sinCe you are so worried aCout my part of town or my City,why don’t you go to a gay Club in Long beaCh and I Can meet you THErE you just name the homosexual Club and the time you want your head and ass handed to you on a SILVEr pLATTEr and I will meet you THErE beat ur ass l’il homie a.k.a. l’il homo,and you are gay and so are your TrKEE TOpK pKIrU home boys so really any Club you go too is gay and it doesn’t matter Watt Club you go too, you still ArE BrINGING a big Chunk of QUEEr EVErYWHErE you go.And Why do you keep Calling tha rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrXpS tha E/S 20’$ like I don’t already know that we are an E/S gang my l’il Cuz (NIGGEr!!!!!!).And why do you keep trying to make yourself seem like you are offiCial everyCody on tha internet knows that you are a false flagging 887 street,500 bKloCC,COMpKTON pKIrU CeCause one minute you are Calling us Long beaCh 20’$,then you Call us 20’$,then you Call us E/S 20’$,and usually when pEOpLE share to muCh INFOrMATION OVEr the INTErNET TrYING to sound rEAL they ArE usually false flagging,.You are trying to way 2 HArD and trying to say things in too many different way to C offiCial and you sound rEAL DESpErATE rIGHT now,you seem rEAL DESpErATE too make pEOpLE Celieve you my l’il Cuz homie 887 street,500 bKloCC TrKEE TOpK dKiru I meant (tank TOpK dKIrU),(NIGGEr!!!!!!).And why don’t you go too the too do Club in COMpKTON,California espeCially sinCe that is SUppOSED to C an all pKIrU Club anyway.Cut I bet you wouldn’t even feel safe if ten CrIpS Came up in there and there were 110 false flagging p. funk riders.And if y’@ll DIruS don’t Consider y’@ll selves bKloods then why do y’@ll Call yourselves and bKloods bKlood,why don’t y’@ll just Call yourselves and bKloods pKloods wit’ a p on it, it might sound dumb Cut so does Calling the City of Compton bKompKton (you bird ass,wankster NIGGEr!!!!!!).I think you should ask your big homie that at YOUr next meeting.At least us CrIpS spell and pronounCe all of the words that start wit’ a b and a p wit’ a C like if I wanted to spell the word baCC foe example I would SpELL the WOrD baCC CaCC,and if I wanted to Call you a priCC I would just Call you a CriCC or a CIrU so that I Could DISrESpECT the l’il p in pKIrU my (NIGGEr!!!!!!).It looks like tha bKloods got you suCCing their diCCs niCely after putting the b’s on all of your words and all and then most of y’@ll off brand pKIrU slobK mix breed mutts Claim that y’@ll hate then bustas you soft ass sCrub Cut then y’@ll either other bKlood trying to sound Cool and shit.Why don’t y’@ll Call the bKloods the pKloods so that y’@ll Can put y’@ll stamp on it and show rESpECT to the p in pKIru my prIVATELY owned slave boy.

      • AYE lil HOMOSEXUAL ever since you told that LONG ASS 15min LIE about 301 s willowbrook NOBODY is hearing shiTT you goTTa say!! BLAH BLAH BLAH ain’t doing shiTT buTT LYING!! lol long ass LIES too!! FUcKN BIRD…richard/rocKo WHUTTEVER you keep saying the same shiTT OVER and OVER and OVER again..look here you WHITE WETTBAcK lol I DONT GIVE A FUcK WHERE SUPERCHIcKEN from HE WAS LOOKN LIKE A lil bitch NOTT CLAIMING HIS HOOD OR HIS CITY!! that’s all I wanted anyways FUcK dwayne why would your SORRY WHITE CORNBALL ass GO OUTT YOUR WAY AND DRIVE DOWN MY STREET LOOKN FOR MY white HOUSE?? once again why didn’t you STOP and call me a nigger to my FAcE BITCH??? LMAO either you SCARY lil BITCH or you a MUTHAFUcKN LIE!! see this REDNEcK TALKS TUFF ON THIS GANGSITE buTT HE IS TOO SCARED TO CONFRONT ME and he knows where I stay!! LMAO… all that nigger BLAH BLAH shiTT JUST SHOW YOUR FAcE BITCH… I thought -dwayne the SUPERCHIcKEN and RIcHARD/ROcKo was going to have a FIGHT!!!! WHUTTS THE FUcKN HOLD UP?? all that BLAH BLAH BABBLE SHITT NEITHER ONE OF YOU PUNK ASS NIGGERS CAN BUST A grape!! 500TREEGANG887

      • fuCC you “anonymous”,I meant john CrISpY and I meant too say that I wouldn’t never kiCC wit’ a tank TOpK pKIrU,I meant tank TOpK DKIrU if it would save my ass and STOpK me 4rum getting killed.In other words I would rATHEr die even Cy tha hands of a pKIrU than C FrIENDS or even assoCiates wit’ a TrKEE TOpK pKIrU or any pKIrU.I would never hang out wit’ y’@ll and I would never talk niCely to y’@ll not even to save my own life.I made a SIMpLE Cut CorreCtable mistake,I made an typo when I said would Chill wit’ a TrKEE TOpK pKIrU to save my ass and too STOpK me 4rum getting killed.And p.s. I am going to kill you in TTpK fashion I am going to hang u 4rum a TrKEE you nerdy don Cornelius looking (NIGGEr!!!!!!).You do know that you are my (NIGGEr!!!!!!) rIGHT,my pErSONALLY owned slave boy (NIGGEr!!!!!!).Now go outside foe you make me mad john CrISpY BUrGEr and I have to STArT whipping you all over your l’il skinny baCC again,and get ur gay slobK FrIENDS l’il wayne,bird man,and young thug to fuCC you in ur bootyhole again.Okay john CrISpY BUrGEr,I mean (general shit stain) who goes Cy the rAppING alias of TUrD man tha (NIGGEr!!!!!!).pEACE out my gigantiC,ENOrMOUS,huge,jumbo sized,10,000 pOUND elephant weight (NIGGEr!!!!!!) FrIEND.And you definitely know I was playing when I Called a (NIGGEr!!!!!!) like you of low quality I meant no quality my FrIEND my prIVATELY owned rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrXp slave (boy!!!!!!),(NIGGEr!!!!!!),(bitCh!!!!!!),(NIGGEr!!!!!!).

      • Shuuuuuuuuut up Dwayne. You would best fuckin BESTY’S widda piru nigga. Fuckin BFF4L GIRLFRIEND! nigga you a BITCH. Wangbanging ass. Btw, if you black, why tf you keep calling ppl niggER?? I mean, nigga is OK ( if you actually a black person) but not only do you throw that hard ass R in there. Make you sound ya boy rocco. Give it up Dwayne. I BEEN seeing your posts homie. 21 and lemon. Get at me Brittany ass nigga.

      • lil homo the first 5 lines in your comment was all I read and that was a waste of time… YOU DONT KNOW WHUTT THE FUcK YOU TRYN TO SAY IN YOUR LAST COMMENT SO WHY EVEN READ THAT BULLSHITT!! PUNK BITCH SOMEBODY WAS ON 21ST THE OTHER DAY READY TO KIcK YOUR ASS!! where were you dwayne???? YOU LEFT A BULLSHITT COMMENT and SOMEBODY HITT YOUR BIRD ASS UP ABOUT 10 TIMES and you didn’t even respond!! LMAO tuffguy!! WHERE WERE YOU?? santanna block page BITCH… you leave me long ass comments that I don’t even read BUTT THIS OTHER NIGGA IN your hood CALLIN YOU OUTT AND YOU WENT quiet!!! LMAO LOL LMAO


      • fuCC you “anonymous”,I mean john CrISpY and I know that this Comment is Coming str8 at your faCe two days late on Tuesday,june 21st.,2016,Cut I was inCredibly busy putting your mother on the stroll and on my COrNErS last night and tha night AFTEr that,I had that heroine addiCted,Crystal meth addiCted,WHOrE,HArLOT,prOSTITUTE,hoe,mother joanna CrISpY swallows suCCing,Choking,and gagging on random strangers diCCs on Father’s day and the next day after,that and I would just like to say to you fuCC and fuCC ur 4 CHILDrEN that you Claim to have and I SINCErELY HOpE that you had an UNHAppY FATHEr’S day,and p.S. YOUr HErOINE addiCted,and CrYSTAL meth addiCted,WHOrE,HArLOT,prOSTITUTE,TrAMP,ass MOTHEr,suCCed,Choked,and obsessively gagged on my diCC last night and that (bitCh!!!!!!) even left her dark true bKlue Colored LIpKSTICC on my diCC last night that’s how tightly ur MOTHEr has had HEr LIpS wrapped around my tribal mandingo sized WArrIOr man pIECE a.k.a. my diCC last night and I had your 4 made up burnt ChoColate CHILDrEN on THEIr knees giving me a pErFECT rIM job and booty hole eating Consultation my VErY own prIVATELY owned slave boy (NIGGEr!!!!!!).And john CrISpY tell ur MOTHEr joanna CrISpY swallows that I am going to make YOUr mOTHEr prACTICE that teChnique that “roCCos” mOTHEr made Up SpECIAL and only foe me Called SUBMErGING the SUBMArINE a.k.a. SUBMErGING the SUBMArINE CeCause she totally pUT EVErY inCh of my diCC in her mouth and my diCC was totally COVErED,SUrrOUNDED,and SUBMErGED in wetness 4rUM all the FOUr COrNErS and FOUr angles,and FOUr walls of her mouth.