The Hawthorne Piru Gang (HPG), are an African-American Piru gang located in Hawthorne, California. Their territory is around Crenshaw Ave and Hawthorne Blvd, between Rosecrans Ave and El Segundo Ave. Hawthorne police authority believe this gang have been around since the 1980s. Unda Dawg Ru (rapper) who was featured on Big  June (Skyline Piru) song called “Piru N” is from the HPG.

Rivals include: Tonga Crip Gang, Paybacc Crips118th Gangster Crips120 Raymonds Ave CripsHawthorne Thug Family (HTF), Osage Legend Crips, and Lil Watts 13, a Latino street gang. The Hawthorne Piru Gang, was also mentioned by Bloody Mary from Bloods & Crips on a song called “Piru Love.”


Little Leaguer Knifed by Gang Members : Lawndale Calls for More Deputies


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  2. HPG started by leaders Strut and Capone by complex next to Fabulous burgers on Lemoli and Rosecrans. Eventually grew and organized on Roselle adding other members Blacks, Samoans, Tongans, and Mexicans. The gang started in 83/84. Covering Hawthorne and even Lawndale. HPG had many enemies back then, but some how survived through the years! Praying for all you brothers. I claim a new blood now! It’s the blood of Jesus!

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  3. 135×129 Original Hawthorne Piru Gang since 1981 shout outs to all the homies the ride and die for the set. Niggas all talk we killed our enemies. Original Piru Gang bangin you other niggas 2000’s clicks. All the homies that push that 90250 to the pen and the Y. Suwxxxxxxxxxxxxp Gang

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  8. HPG frm the 80s started by Tongans and Samoans in Danny Boys Garage. Black bros joined eventually and that was the set. Roselle Ave gang original. And they were coo with LNX and TCG bk in the day.


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