Lil Leak "Left" And Lil Stretch "Right"
Lil Leak “Left” And Lil Stretch “Right”

Lil Leak also known on the Streets as “CK” (born James Carter) is an American rapper, who debuted in the 1990s, with the Bloods & Crips (rap group) and being the younger brother of Redrum 781, they are both from the West Side of Inglewood, California, and are affiliated with the Avenue Piru Gang street gang.

Bloods & Crips

Lil Leak made his debut with the Bloods & Crips in 1993, on the “Bangin On Wax” (album). Lil Leak brother Redrum 781, is one of the co-founder of the Bloods & Crips, along with Tweedy Bird Loc and Ronnie “Ron” Phillips, CEO of Dangerous Records.

Lil Leak shared a close friendship with Bloody Mary, who also was part of the Bloods & Crips roster, and a member of the Avenue Piru Gang. However, in 2006, Bloody Mary was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash.

Lil Leak can be heard on numerous songs on the Bangin On Wax (album) such as “Piru Love,” “Rip A Crab In Half,” “Shuda Beena B-Dog,” and “CK Ride.” Lil Leak made his video debut on the “Piru Love” music video, which features  Bloody Mary and Lil Stretch as well as his older brother Redrum 781.

Feud With Lil Keke Loco

At the height of their success, the Bloods & Crips became a target for Keke Loco (rapper) of the Rollin 30s Harlem Crips  and N.O.T.S. Keke Loco took numerous shots at members of the Bloods & Crips, by criticizing them for collaborating with rival street gangs. Keke Loco even dedicated a songs called “Bustas On Wax,” which is a slander to the original Bangin On Wax (album).

mr. keke locoCK was one of the main rappers from the Bloods & Crips, who retaliated back with several verbal insult’s of his own. Lil Leak also dedicated a whole verse on a song called “CK Ride,” to insulting Keke Loco and his fellow N.O.T.S. (True Blue). Lil Leak lyrics; “I saw you wearing your dirty clothes to match your dirty hood.” Dirty is a derogatory term, and a reference to the Rollin 30’s Harlem Crips.

Life After Bangin On Wax

In 2006, Lil Leak appeared on Rep Yo Set (“What It Do”), along with Redrum 781 and Wayne Head of Avenue Piru Gang. Rep Yo Set, is a compilation album, produced by Reputable Records. The project featured several Bloods and Crips from different region of South Los Angeles, California.

The Project also featured some notable artist’s from Bloods & Crips, such as Broncoe from Fudgetown Mafia Crips and Keystone of Watts Franklin Crips. G-Len and June Dawg of Denver Lane Bloods (Damu Ridas) along with Twin Loc AKA Celly Cel from Avalon Gangster Crips.


  • 1994: Bangin On Wax 2
  • 1993: Bangin On Wax

Music Video

  • Piru Love


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  2. I always wanted to know who Lil Leak was referring to in the “CK Ride” track. After all these years, I finally know now. That also explains why in that verse, he gives a shout out to the Rollin 20’s N.H.B and Fruit Town Brims. “Yo, it’s all in Harlem, like they said. Yeah, the Brims and the 20’s leaving niggas dead”…”By a true ‘Ru nigga named CK…”. Rollin 20’s & FTP are the main rival gang of 30’s Harlem Crip, and “true ‘Ru” instead of True Blue.

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