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Lil Stretch is an American rapper’s who debuted in the early 1990s with the Bloods & Crips (rap group), collaboration project “Bangin On Wax” (album). Which, consisted of actually Bloods and Crips gang member’s from different cities in Los Angeles, such as Compton, Watts, Long Beach, and Inglewood, California.

Lil Stretch (born Samari Doby, 1975) is from the East Side in the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles, with affiliation ties to the notorious Bounty Hunter Bloods (Five Line) street gang. Lil Stretch and Yank of Bloods & Crips, were friends before the Bangin On Wax projects, and both grow up the Nickleson Garden Projects (Bounty Hunter Bloods).

Lil Stretch can be head on several songs off the Bloods & Crips: Bangin On Waxs such as “Piru Love” and “I Killed Ya Dead Homiez” as well as “Bangin On Waxs” along with “C-Sick” and “CK Ride.” Lil Stretch also appeared on Bangin’ On Wax 2…The Saga Continues; ‎”Time Is Gone” and “Can’t Stop Wont Stop.” 

Life After Bangin On Wax

Lil Stretch and Big Wy AKA Red Rag of Crenshaw Mafia Bloods and Bloods & Crips, formed a rap group known as Young Soldierz, and released an album tiltled “Young Soldierz.” They released two singles “If Tomorrow Comes” and “Alligator” acompanied by two music videos. Lil Stretch And Big Wy released a single called “East Side-West Side,” which featured Redrum 781, Suga Buga, Big Freeze, Yank, and Tweedy Bird Loc.

In 1994, the two met Death Row Records’ CEO Suge Knight and eventually signing to Death Row Records. Young Sodierz were featured on a few soundtrack such as Murder Was the Case: “Take A Nigga Like Me” in 1994, and Gang Related: “EastSide-WestSide” in 1997. In 1998, the Young Soldierz eventually broke up doing the trouble day’s of Death Row Records.

Big Wy and Dog (recently known as Suga Buga) formed a rap group known as The Relativez. Shortly after, Lil Stretch, departed from the music industry to pursue other business ventures. There’s have been a lot of rumors surrounding Lil Stretch, many believed he were murdered in a gang-related shooting, due to his absent in the music scene.

Bloods & Crips (Albums)

  • 1994: Bangin On Wax 2
  • 1993: Bangin On Wax


  • Piru Love
  • Bangin On Wax
  • If Tomorrow Comes
  • Alligator
  • Walk That Walk


Tweedy Bird Loc- No Holds Barred (album)

  • Street Jokes Ft. Lil Stretch
  • Walk That Walk Ft. Lil Stretch
  • Dangerous Is The Shit Ft. Lil Stretch 

Bloody Mary – She’s Dangerous (album)

  • Slow Yo Roll Ft. CK And Lil Stretch


  • 1997: Gang-Related – “A Nigga Like Me” (Young Soldierz)
  • 1994: Murder Was The Case – “Eastside-Westside” (Young Soldierz)

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