Lynwood Neighborhood Crips

The Lynwood Neighborhood Crips (LNHC) also known as the Lynwood N-Hood, are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the East Side of Lynwood, California. They originated in 1978, at Lynwood High School, located on Imperial Hwy, between Harris Ave and Bullis Road. The Lynwood Crips are known to sport yellow/gold as their distinctive color along with the classic crip color (blue).

The Lynwood Neighborhood Crips, territory stretches from Imperial Hwy to Carlin Ave, between Bullis Road and Cross Atlantic Ave. There are only a handful African-American/Black gangs in the city of Lynwood. However, Lynwood is flooded with Mexican-American street gangs.

Allies & Rivals

They are allies of all Neighborhood Crips and gangs that fall under the Deuce (2x) card. They feud with the Walnut Blocc Crips, Palm And Oaks Gangster Crips, 211 CriminalsPope Street Crips. Lynwood is dominated by Mexican-American street gangs, and Lynwood Varrio Young Crowed.

The city of Lynwood is north of the city of Compton. Due to Compton and Lynwood, being neighbors has led to bitter feuds with the Mob Piru Gang and the Cross Atlantic Piru, based in Compton. However, the Mob Piru Gang, who are located  in Compton, but the north section of their hood extends to Lynwood.




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