midget loco

Midget Loco sometimes called Mr. Midget Loco or Midget G, is a Mexican-American rapper from Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California. In 2004, Midget Loco befriended “Chino Grande” who is also a Chicano gangster rapper, affiliated with the Charlie Row Campo “record label.” However, Midget Loco eventually started his own record label (Steel Banging Musick). Midget Loco is well-known and respected, throughout  the streets of Los Angeles. Midget Loco is also known for helping out local Chicano rappers, by featuring them on most of his albums. Midget Loco is also affiliated with one of the deadliest varrio street gangs in Los Angeles, called the Primera Flats 23rd Street.

As a child, Midget Loco was influenced by his grandfather who was a Pachulo (Zoot Suit) doing the 1940s, Midget uncles, was also original Cholos. Midget Loco biological father was also affiliated with the Los Angeles, Primera Flats. Midget Loco, like most American Chicanos his body is covered with tattoo art. However, his first tattoo was his varrio the Primera Flats. Loco was shot in his lower back, by the age of seventeen. The bullet went thru his back and relocated near his ribs, leaving him with a permanent secession scar in the center of his stomach.

Midget has also collaborated with many artist’s such as Serio (rapper), in an addiction to music, Midget was featured on the History Channel television show “Marked” episode called Barrio Of Blood. Midget Loco is currently working on a comedy film, with Nick Cannon, from Wild N Out, Drumline, and Love Don’t Cost A Thing. The Movie also co-star Bobb’e Jaques Thompson, from Role Models.



  • 2013: Street Love
  • 2011: Dedicated to the Og’s
  • 2011: First Loco At the Street
  • 2010: Death Of Studio Gangsters
  • 2009: Bloodline Flatline


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