The Squiggly Lane Gangster Bloods (SLGB) also known as Pasadena Squiggly Lane Gangsters (PSLG) are primarily an active African-American primarily street gang located on the West Side of Pasadena, California. The Squiggly Lanes neighborhood is North/West of the 210 Freeway and East of Lincoln Street. Parts of their neighborhood extends into the Southwest of Altadena, CA.

The Squiggly Lane Bloods are an offshoot of the larger Pasadena Denver Lane Bloods. However, these two gangs are bitter rivals. Allegedly, members of the Pasadena Denver Lanes, grew tired of inside conflict and formed the Squiggly Lane Gangster Bloods. The exact cause of this feud is unclear, but has resulted in a hail of gang-related gunfire.

In The News

In 2009, May 29, the Squiggly Lane Bloods were featured in the news, when a member of the Pasadena Denver Lane Bloods, Dwayne Rice shot and killed David Crosby, who was an inactive member of the Squiggly Lanes Blood gang. The shooting took place in Atlantis, which is a popular restaurant and nightclub.

Allies And Rivals

Their main rivals are the Pasadena Denver Lane Bloods and the Altadena Denver Lane Bloods. This tense rivalry between the two gangs, have caused the Squiggly Lane Gangsters to form an unofficial truce with the Altadena Blocc Crips. Other rivals are the Project Gangster Bloods and the Raymond Avenue Crips as well as the Du Roc Crips.



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