Sex Cash Money AKA Sex Cash Murda Gang The Sex Cash Money (SCM) also known as the S-Gang or Sex Cash Murder Gang (SCMG), pronounced Sex Cash Murda Gang is an active multi-ethic street gang located in the Moreno Valley of  Riverside County. They are located in the Sunnymead Ranch, neighborhood and consist of several cliques such as the Webb Block, NorthSide Villan Squad, Unknown Mafia Gang (UKMG) and the Wolf Pack.

The Sex Cash Mudra Gang is believed to have been started in the late 1990s or the early 2000s. However, in 2006, police estimated there were around a 100 active members affiliated with this gang. Members of the Sex Cash, are known to congregate in some apartments known as the Webster Apartments, and are located on Webster Avenue in the city of Moreno Valley.

Their primary color is green with yellow as their secondary color, some members are known to sport red along with black. The Sex Cash Gang have sub-cliques on the East, North and the West Side of Moreno Valley, such as the North Side Villans around the Villa apartments on Ironwood, and the East Side Web (2900 Blk) located on Heacoak Street.

Allies & Rivals

The Sex Cash Murda Gang are allies of the Junior Pimp Riders (JPR) and the South Side Mafia. They feud with the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips, a predominately black gang based in the city of Riverside. Their main rivals are the Dorner Blocc Crips and the Edgemont Criminal Gang as well as the Young Paper Chasers, who emerged as one gang (Dorner Blocc Criminal Gang) to fight against the Sex Cash Money gang in 2003.

This feud has resulted in several shootouts and multiple homicides. For instance, the Sex Cash Money was allegedly held responsible for the shooting death of one the founding members of the Dorner Blocc Crips. In return, the Edgemont Dorner Blocc Criminals were held responsible for the death of Dwight Webb, also known as D-Webb, who was respected member of the Sex Cash.


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