Snoopy Blue (born Demond Camper) also known as Snoop is an American rapper from South Central Los Angeles, California. Snoopy Blue first appeared in “Blutiful World” a music video by Spider Loc, who signed to G-Unit Records, in 2010. Snoopy Blue as well as Spider Loc, are both members of the 97 East Coast Crips, a subset of the East Coast Crips, a notorious criminal organization. Snoopy Blue debuted with My Life (The Soundtrack), in 2010.

Snoopy Blue, was born and raised on the East side of South Central, Los Angeles (South Los Angeles), in an area represented by the 97 East Coast Crips. During childhood, Snoopy Blue was originally known as “Snoop” (nickname) but decided to change it to avoid being confused with the Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg. He was nicknamed Snoopy Blue by a  friend (homegirl), due to his apparel mainly consisting of blue.

Music And Feuds

In 2010, Snoopy Blue prior to releasing My Life (The Soundtrack), Snoopy Blue put out a mixtape, called “Hood Classicz” that features artists such as Big Wy, of Crenshaw Mafia Bloods, best known for being a former member of Bloods & Crips, and Damu Ridas as well as The Relativez. The mixtape also features controversial songs such as “97 Bars” (Game diss) and “Fucc Flops” (Be-Bop diss).  

97 Bars is a diss song aimed at Compton rapper Game, mainly due to the feud between Spider Loc. “Fucc Flops” is a derogatory term for Be-Bop Bloods, a street gang located in the Watts area of Los Angeles. However, cooler heads prevail, in the following year, Snoopy Blue collaborated with Nu Money, a local rapper from Be-Bop Watts along with P-Smurf who is affiliated with the Denver Lane Bloods, based in South Los Angeles.


On July 9th, 2022, Snoopy Blue was shot and killed in the 11600 block of Central Avenue, in South Los Angeles.


  • 2010: My Life (The Soundtrack)
  • 2010: Hood Classicz