The Elm Street Watts, or Elm Street Watts 13 are a well-known Mexican-American street gang located in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. The Watts Elm Street have been active since the 1960s and has been around for over forty years or longer. They are named after a residential street called “Elm Street” between Bandera Street and Fir Ave, from Firestone Blvd to 92nd Street.

In The News

On June 18, 2006, a member of the Watts Vario Grape gang killed Henry Carillo, a member of the Watts Elm Street. Later that night, a known member of the Watts Elm Street named Jorge Alfredo Bautista, and four other Elm Street members drove in the Watts Varrio Grape neighborhood and opened fire. However, they missed their intended target striking an innocent lady and died eight days later.

On 19, 2006, the following morning Bautista and fellow Elm Street members, shot a member of the Florencia 13 street gang. Bautista was convicted of murder and attempted murder, as well as gang enhancement. Bautista received 25 to life, with an additional 25 to life.

Allies & Rivals

The Elm Street Watts, pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia and falls under the Sureño 13 brand. However, they feud with several  Sureño  gangs, such as the Watts Varrio Grape and Florenia 13. The Elm Street Watts 13 claim South Side (South Side Elm Street Watts 13) like most Hispanic gangs in Watts. Their closest allies are the Watts 13, which are also located in the Florence-Firestone region of South Los Angels.



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