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The 1st Street East Coast Crips (1st ECC) also known as the One Gang or the “First Street Gang” under the East Coast Crips umbrella. The 1st Street East Coast Crips are primarily an African-American street gang located in East Los Angeles, California. They  originated as the 1st Street Neighborhood Crips in the early/ mid 1970s.

Their neighborhood is within the PicoAliso housing projects, which sits directly on 1st Street, between Gabriel Garcia Street and Gless Street. Their neighborhood stretches from 4th Street and Cesar E Chavez Ave, between Evergreen Street and Cummings Street. The Aliso-Pico low-income housing projects is also other gangs such as the Primera FlatsTMC (The Mob Crew)Cuatro FlatsLA Dukes 13, and the CLS (Clarence Street Locos).

Throughout the 1980s, the 1st Street ECC were one of the most well-known and respected gang under the East Coast Crips umbrella. They had a strong presence with close to one hundred active members. However, by the late 1990s their presence and numbers dramatically declined in the Pico-Aliso PJs. In recent times, the First Street Gang presence is no longer visible in this region of East Los Angeles. Nevertheless, former members still claim affiliation to this gang.

There’s a lot of speculation and theories as well as rumors about their rapid departure from the Pico-Aliso projects. Such as, the 1st Street ECC gang dismantled when the Aliso Village was demolished and replaced by the “Pueblos Del Sol” housing projects to them being out numbered and overrun by Hispanic gangs ( since East Los Angeles, is primarily dominated by Latinos).

Another theory, is that law enforcement and city officials, as well as the owners of the Pico-Aliso apartments wanted this area to remain predominantly Hispanic, and helped dismantle them through evictions notices and constant police harassment along with gang injunctions. However, fellow East Coast Crips subsets still include the 1st Street East Coast Crips in their graffiti roll call (1st Street ECC to 190 ECC).

The 1st Street East Coast Crips are mentioned in several rap songs by a number of rappers such as Spider Loc and Snoopy Blue, who are both from 97 East Coast Crips as well as Roccett who is from 190 East Coast Crips. Other rappers include Nipsey Hussle, Bloods & Crips, Nationwide Rip Ridaz, South Central Cartel and Keke Loco, who is affiliated with the Rollin 30s Harlem Crips.

Allies And Rivals

The 1st Street East Coast Crips coexisted well with Mexican gangs such as the TMCPrimera FlatsCuatro Flats, and Al Capone. The 1st ECC and TMC (The Mob Crew), had a fallout when a reputable member of the First Street Gang, known as New York got into a territory dispute and shot a member of the TMC gang. The TMC gang responded back by killing New York as retaliation.

The 1st Street East Coast also shot and killed a member of the Primera Flats and the Cuatro Flats. Thus, causing their alliance to dissolve and became mortal enemies. Allies include: East Coast Crips59 East Coast Crips, Sixx Pac East Coast Crips, and 97 East Coast CripsNeighborhood Crips;  46 NHC, 55 Neighborhood Crips67 Neighbor Hood Crips, and the 111 Neighborhood CripsRivals include: Primera FlatsCuatro FlatsRollin 20’s Outlaw Bloods52 Pueblos Bishops Bloods43 Gangster Crips, Compton Pirus, and the LA Denver Lane Bloods.



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