Case Solved In Decaptated Head Found On A Hiking Trail At Griffith Park In Los Angeles

Case Solved In Decaptated Head Found On A Hiking Trail At Griffith Park In Los Angeles

Police announced an arrest Monday in the case of a slain retired Mexicana Airlines employee whose remains were found by dog walkers in January 2012 on a hiking trail near the Hollywood sign.

Gabriel Campos Martinez, 38, was arrested Sunday in connection with the remains, found by two women who were walking their dogs on a Griffith Park trail just below the sign (map). More body parts were found during a search of the popular hiking area with a cadaver dog.

The remains were identified as 66-year-old Hervey Coronado Medellin, a Los Angeles resident who had been reported missing days earlier.

Martinez and Medellin were in a relationship, according to Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace.

The arrest came after Los Angeles police worked with members of the San Antonio Police Department to identify Martinez. He was arrested Sunday in San Antonio and is awaiting extradition proceedings, according to Los Angeles police.

Details regarding the arrest were not immediately available.

“We’re very happy police did not forget about this crime and that they were able to follow through” Medellin’s cousin, Juan Gonzalez, told NBC4 via phone.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was asked at a mid-day news conference whether the suspect was attempting to escape to Mexico.

“I believe, based on my limited knowledge, that he had re-established in Texas,” Beck said.

A statement from the department described Martinez as the “suspect responsible” for Medellin’s slaying.

“Detectives had him as a person of interest since the onset of the investigation,” Beck said. “The DAs travelled with us to Texas to do the interview and make the arrest.”

Martinez lived in a Hollywood apartment he once shared with the Medellin, Beck said.


The remains’ discovery touched off a search in the area below the Hollywood sign near the Bronson Canyon Park gates in the 3200 block of Canyon Drive. Hands and feet were found within a 50-yard radius of the severed head, which was found off the trail in a plastic bag by one of the dogs.

The head fell out when one of the dogs shook the plastic bag, authorities said.

Police have said they believe the victim was killed elsewhere and his remains dumped just inside the park.

Neighbors said Medellin, lived in an apartment complex with his roommate south of Bronson Canyon Park. Family members in Texas said he was a retiree after working for 25 years with Mexicana Airlines.

Medellin visited Los Angeles in the early 70s and moved to the city, the family said





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