Fredrick James Staves: The Compton Baby Gangster (Documentary)

Fredrick James Staves (Baby Gangster)

Fredrick James Staves better known on the streets of Compton, as “Baby Gangster,” an original member of the Santana Blocc Compton Crips and founder of the “CC Riders” term, which is a reference for Compton Crips, shares a brief look into his life in this short Documentary.

10Kilos.Us – Director Luke Monaghan, who can claim including the sublime White noise of Disclosure, went to spend time with Fredrick James Staves, a former drug lord, a pioneer in Compton Crips and passionate low-riders. Just to mark how it is OG: he already owned a store pagers.

In 2001, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison + 10 years probation. He has since been released and is now trying to use his immense influence to improve their community (or rather repair it helped destroy between 1970 and 2001).

The short documentary, besides being beautifully filmed, capturing moments of rare authenticity, an otherwise inaccessible world. The video is set to music by two aides Monaghan: Lord Flacko (name of producer A$AP Rocky) and English Tev’n.

Source: 10Kilos.Us



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