teacher arrested for giving student a lap dance and the whole class watch her

teacher arrested for giving student a lap dance and the whole class watch her

A Texas middle school teacher gave one of her students a birthday gift he won’t soon forget.
Police say Felicia Smith, a teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston, gave a 15-year-old student a lap dance in front of his entire class on his Feb. 26 birthday.
On Thursday, Smith was charged with an improper relationship with a student, Houston’s KHOU reports.
According to the student, Smith, 42, put a chair in front of the rest of the class right as third period started. Other students encouraged the boy to sit down as music started playing.
That’s when the birthday dance began. Smith allegedly rubbed her hands on his body, fondled him and grinded against him. At one point, while on her knees, Smith placed her head between the 15-year-old’s legs.
The boy admitted he slapped Smith and squeezed her butt during the routine

To cap off the performance, Smith hugged her student and said “I love you, baby. Happy birthday,” documents show.
The full-contact lap dance went on for nearly four minutes, KPRC reports.
Smith admits that she gave her student a lap dance, but she says it happened only after the rest of the class convinced her to. She says she remembers circling the student’s chair and losing her balance, falling on him, which made the class laugh.
The school district says Smith has been removed from campus during the investigation. On Thursday, Smith posted a $30,000 bond.

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