2 Compton Gang Members: Kills Man In Front of His Girlfriend (Robert Proano)

Proano was born on September 26, 1991 and passed away on Monday, February 10, 2014.

A Compton man and teen boy pleaded not guilty in Long Beach Superior Court to the fatal day-time shooting of a man in February, Los Angeles County District Attorney officials announced Friday.

Joe Anthony Avila, 25, and 17-year-old Jonathan Isaiah Buckner, both alleged gang members, were charged with murder. Buckner was charged as an adult.

On the afternoon of Feb. 10, Robert Proano, 22, was walking with his girlfriend near the intersection of Artesia Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue in Long Beach when he was approached by Avila and Buckner, police said. According to authorities, Avila and Buckner are gang members.

Avila allegedly asked Proano where he was from, at which point Buckner allegedly punched Proano in the face, according to police.

As the 22-year-old tried to fight back, Avila reportedly pulled out a gun and shot him. Proano stumbled to a median, collapsed and later died.

Both Buckner and Avila fled before Long Beach police officers arrived, but were arrested on suspicion of murder about a month later.

Their next court appearance is scheduled for June 4 at Long Beach Superior Court. If convicted as charged, Avila faces a maximum sentence of 86 years to life in state prison. Buckner could be given 50 years to life in state prison.

MrProano was a resident of Long Beach, California at the time of his passing.


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  1. i agree with what u wrote people are so judgemental and ignorant
    and yes the whole ca system cops etc…. are worthless and always assume
    i lost a brother also and cops labeled him as a gang member when he never was may ur family member be in heaven resting looking down on you guys my brother was also name ROBERT and was buried on the cementary on cherry ALL SOULS

  2. This page is Spam , Why should He be on this page with his funeral picture. It’s personal and he wasn’t a gang member. this society is so judgemental the authorities can go to hell. Have more respect he was murdered he was innocent and people can care less they just want a story to tell. He was more than that he was a brother a father an uncle a grandson a son and was a great f***** person that was tooken away by some idiot cowards as he was walking home with his Soon to be wife to get to his baby. Those worthless idiots should not be the center of his title, He deserves to be remembered in respect.



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