Ice T’s grandson arrested for killing his roommate after playing with a gun that went off’



The grandson of Ice-T has been arrested on manslaughter charges in Georgia over the death of his roommate after a gun accidentally went off.

Elyjah Marrow, who appeared in reality show Ice Loves Coco with his grandfather, was allegedly playing with a handgun when it went off on Tuesday afternoon.

His roommate, Daryus Johnson, was unconscious by the time police arrived, and he later died from his injuries.

Marrow, 19, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct.

The 19-year-old is also facing charges relating to the possession of marijuana, and having a stolen firearm, TMZ reported.

Police claim Marrow had been ‘recklessly’ handling the gun before it went off accidentally. He is currently being held at Cobb County jail.

Marietta police officer David Baldwin said: ‘Marrow was not using proper firearms safety when handling the gun.’

‘That reckless handling of the firearm is what led to Johnson being accidentally shot and eventually killed,’ Baldwin told the Marietta Daily Journal.

Marrow, who lives in Marietta, Georgia, has appeared regularly in the reality show starring his famous granddad.

Ice Loves Coco, which was first broadcast in 2011, follows the 54-year-old rapper and his new wife and model, Coco Austin, 33.

Marrow is the son of Ice T’s first daughter, LeTesha, who was born while the rapper was still in high school.

Ice T has not yet commented publicly on the arrest of his grandson, but during an episode of the reality show, in which Marrow and his mom LeTesha visited Ice T, the rapper praised the teenager.

‘Elyjah is getting bigger every time I see him. He’s doing good,’ Ice T said to his daughter in an episode aired when Marrow was 16.

Marrow’s mom told Ice T: ‘He’s going great, he’s playing football, getting good grades in school

Marrow’s father, who uses the name @papapreacley, has taken to Twitter to show support for his son.

Hours after the shooting he tweeted: ‘I can’t live without my son!! please tell me this is all a joke’.

On Thursday he tweeted: ‘I take all the blame!!! Don’t judge me son… I raised him so blame me!!!’

Friends of the victim, Johnson, paid tribute to the Wheeler student who was remembered for rapping in the school hallways and being outgoing.

 Ice T's grandson arrested for killing his roommate after playing with a gun that went off'The situation is very close to home for Ice T.Having been arrested on different occasions over the years, the performer has spoken openly about how rapping saved him from a life of crime and drugs.After getting his girlfriend pregnant in the 12th grade, he joined the army, while his friends in the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles started robbing jewellery stores.’What happened with me was, everybody that I was rolling with started to go to jail,’ he told The Guardian.

‘One of my friends was in the middle of a bank robbery and his friend got killed by the police.

‘What happens is that eventually those small crimes aren’t going to sustain the lifestyle you live.

‘When you’re young you sell a little weed here and there, you try to get some rims OK.

‘Now, you move up to Benzs and Ferraris. Ice T's grandson arrested for killing his roommate after playing with a gun that went off'

‘You can’t sell joints, you gotta sell pounds.

‘The more the crime escalates the more violence escalates.’

Ice T, who has been seen doing volunteer work in prisons on Ice Loves Coco, giving motivational talks to troubled youths, is also the executive producer of Life After Prison.

The reality show features six people – three men and three women – and their quest to readjust to normal life after serving time.

Ice-T also plays Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He has worked on the popular NBC police drama since 2000.


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