2 Arrested In The Murder Case Of Lamar Canady (Cee Wee 3)

Cee Wee 3 (Left)

“Two-men are behind bars in connection with a murder that took place at a barbershop back in May one of the suspects was hundreds of miles away at the time of the arrest. 47-year-old Peter Johnson, was arrested in Kansas City, and 38-year-old Ian Patrick Guthrie was arrested in the 9800 block of Via Monzon in Rancho Penasquitso.” 

On May 9, 2012, a lone gunman walked inside the barbershop and fired multiple shots, killing 32-year-old Cee Wee 3. San Diego authorities consider the shooting gang related as a possible motive, since the victim had ties to the West Coast Crips, a street gang located in the southeast region of San Diego.

38-year-old Ian Patrick Guthrie was booked without bail into the San Diego central jail by the FBI, homicide, gang and SWAT units. Despite, having a clean background he was arrested without bail and is scheduled to face a judge this Friday.

47-year-old Peter Johnson, was booked into Kansas City Headquarters Detention Unit and is awaiting extradition, according to San Diego police and ABC 10 News.






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