BarbieAmor – Certified Ft. TeeGee, Big Paybacc, Redrum 781 And Gutta (Music Video)

BarbieAmor ft TeeGee, RedRum, Big Paybacc, Gutta - Certified

Certified (Music Video), released by Barbie Amor AKA Gutta Gyrl of the 84 Mad Swan Bloods. The video also features a number of notable rappers such as Redrum 781 of Avenue Piru Gang and Big Paybacc from Whitsett Ave Crips as well as Tee Gee who represents the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. The video also features up and coming underground gang rapper Gutta of the Bounty Hunter Bloods.


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  1. fuCC bArbIE AMOr and fuCC the mad swan bKLOODS,and (bitCh!!!!!!) don’t you take pErSONAL prIDE YOUr AppEArANCE?????? CeCause (bITCH wit’ YOUr FLAbbY,SpArE TIrE,fat stomaCh you need to STArT doing 1,000 sit UpS a day you ArE not even Cute (bITCH!!!!!!),and fuCC rKED rum 781 I meant to say fuCC DrED rKUM 781 and fuCC the avenue pKIrU gang,fuCC the Whitsett Avenue GANGSTEr CrIpS,And fuCC tee gee and fuCC the eight TrAY GANGSTEr CrIpS,and fuCC gutta and fuCC the bounty hunter bKloods.fuCC TrAMpS,fuCC dKIrUS,fuCC SLObKS,fuCC Sway hKooks.

    • and fuck you too Dwayne the mark ass buster bogus broke nigga if you up get back asap I don’t believe shit you say let’s meet up I gotta fade you can catch real quick you woke where you be hiding at

  2. Y’all need to correct, change and edit this because Barbie Amor from 30 Piru and not mad swan …. Much luv to the birds but this truthful speakin !! 💯



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