Woop Woop: Origins (Terminology)

Woop Woop

Woop Woop, (commonly spelled Whoop) is a slang terminology founded by the Los Angeles Denver Lane Bloods and the Inglewood Crenshaw Mafia Gang, during the 1990s. The Woop Woop became a famous catchphrase among Bloods, after being flaunted in “Mafia-Lane, ” a 1990’s song by the  Bloods & Crips.

The Woop Woop term was also made popular by Los Angeles rapper Kam, despite being founded by the Bloods. Kam was engaged in a conflict with South Central rapper Ice Cube (of NWA/West Side Connection), during the 1990s. In 1997, DJ Pooh (music/film producer) released his debut album Bad News Travel Fast which featured Kam’s version of Whoop Whoop (Ice Cube diss).

The album charted number 2 on the Billboard’s heatseekers. However, in 1997, rapper B-Brazy (of Damu Ridas) called out Kam on “Get Yo Money” a song off the Damu Ridas II How Deep Is Your Hood. He criticized Kam for criticizing Ice Cube, while using the Woop Woop as the theme. B-Brazy also stated in his lyrics “The Woop came from the Mafia Lanes,” which is a reference to an alliance between the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods and the Denver Lane Bloods.

By the 2000s, the Woop Woop evolved into Soo Woop (commonly spelled Su Woop) and is credited to Time Bomb, a female friend of rapper Big Wy. The Soo Woop is also dubbed as the “Soo Woop Movement” and “Soo Woop Gang” as well as “Soop Woop Business”. The Soo Woop phase is glorified by platinum-selling rappers in the music industry such as The Game, YG 400, and Lil Wayne.







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