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Conejo – G Shit (Music Video)



Conejo of the Harpy’s Gang & Joka boy from the Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats Gang “G Shit” music video.


4 Comments on Conejo – G Shit (Music Video)

  1. got them weak ass negros on their toes. Puro south side 187 on any Niger

  2. Weak ass vidio. Blood bompto cedar block T FK 13k

  3. Tree Top Pirus blood. Fuck Tflats. Yall got ran outta bompton

  4. Ckompkton T Flats run the whole city Foo CV T Flatz bitch fuck Crabz & slobz 187 on all you motherfuckers go look at our page thz wbsight knoe what up about uz

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