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E-Rocc – Im Rollin (Music Video)

Screenshot (35).png

E-Rocc feauring Conradfromdaave & Newport from Rollin 6O’S Neighborhood Crips “Im Rollin” Music video from the “Bad Bitches & Good Weed VOL 1” mixtape.


7 Comments on E-Rocc – Im Rollin (Music Video)

  1. I miss cali underground


  2. You are thugs people WTF


  3. Why does music have to sound like this


  4. Stupid Ugly Niggers with their non musical rap low class ghetto shit.


    • Wtf are you you white people your comments can very well aho that you were raised by ignorant and racist people try get a Lil soul MUTHAFUCKAMF u might have a Lil life LMBAO


      • Niggers are slowly destroying this Country and turning it into a fucking shit hole ghetto. Now, why in God’s name would I want a lil soul, Nigger?


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