Whats Bangin

10 Comments on Compton Menace – Put On (Music Video)

  1. Online bangers.. keep it on the streets, not the web.


  2. Brown a blood?!!! Yeah right, what’s he have his body guards put in tha work.


    • Nigga bought his way in. He ain’t got any body’s. He don’t even got an og to vouch for his ass. Nigga famous that’s it.


  3. Naw fag krab wanna b is the gay 1


    • fuCC you anonymous,and I Can’t understand your Comment at all and your Comment makes no sense,like when you spelled the word naw were you trying to disrespeCt the n.a.w. gang in partiCular or Watt the fuCC are you talking aCout,and I or no other CrKipK is a rabK just a str8 bK,and a pK as well.


  4. I think the vidio by holly hood. Put it on ps. Was. Harder. Should. Have did that. Vid from gs park aka gonzales park compton.


    • fuCC you anonymous,and I hope that you are smart enough to realize that the word vidio is aCtually spelled like this video wit’ an e in it Cuz and fuCC holly hood pKiru they ain’t nothing Cut some off brand fake 5 point star banging,Curgundy flag wearing bustas.FuCC CompKton menaCe 2 and Chris brown neither one of those 2 l’il ass boys are not thugs or gangsters,and Chris brown Watt do he think he is actually going to looked up to Cy a guy like me for only beating up weak people like a woman rihanna and beating up on a gay guy like frank oCean if he beats up 30 or 35 aCtual thugs or gangstas who are aCtually note worthy then he might aCtually get some respeCt 4rum a thug and a gangster like myself I’m talking aCout people 4rum the streets and not rappers who are only studio gangsters espeCially sinCe most rappers/singers 4rum California or L.A.,Watts,or CompKton only did so they didn’t have to live the street life CeCause they aren’t aCtually thugs or gangsters they don’t want to aCtually aCtively gang bang the slobKs and dKirus just want to wear their flags and try to look and sound tough and throw up gang signs when it ain’t no CrKipKs around,rapping and singing is their way to make millions of dollars and make it out of the hood and move out of a dangerous n-hood too living in a upper Class suburban n-hood where there is in most Cases no danger at all lurking in a suburban n-hood.ftpK,hhpK.


      • Dwayne, I thiiiiink I want to fuck you up. I think that without a gun, or your made up imaginary gang member friends, that I would be able to put a dog leash on you and walk your ass through the park. Every post you put up, is like a fucking diary entry. Fuck you. If you in CA then you local. Tell me where you at, or i can tell you where I am. Either way, I really ACTUALLY want to knock your fucking teeth out. Leave the gun at home. Leave your imaginary crip friends at home. Me and you. 5 minutes alone. By minute 4 I can just about guarantee you be begging me to stop. But I won’t. I bet you never seen a white boy like me. Ahahahahahahah wienie ass motherfucker. Also I have a thing for black pussy, so bring your sister or mom. Or both. Then I can use them as my house woman. And you, well, I can use you as a punching bag. Anyway, ya. Fuck you at dog? I would love to show you what a crazy white honky motha fucka can do. Get at me homo.


  5. Chris. Brown. Do a vidio. With us. And. Front hood compton. Ok. Thanks


  6. these slob dirus sound gay.


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