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Hood Day: G-Len Break Down The History Of Bloods



G-Len (of the Damu Ridas), shed light on the history of the West Side Denver Lane Bloods AKA Figueroa Rider Gang based in South Central, Pasadena, and Altadena, California. “We were the ones went to Washington High, and chased Tookie (co-founder of the Crips)”. Other active blood gangs were the Chain Gang, Van Ness Gangsters, Brims, and Pirus.

“Just to educate, let me give it to you straight, Lanes start to create in 1968.” G-Len salutes the founders, fallen, and active members of Denver Lanes such as Peabody, Snoop, Evil Al, Tone Malone, 8-Ball, and B-Brazy. G-Len’s clique -109th Street- of the Denver Lane Bloods celebrated “Hood Day” is October 9.

“Don’t let it be a mystery, you shouldn’t claim a gang if u don’t know the history”.


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