81st Street Hustler Crips

The 81st Street East Side Hustler Crips, also known as the 81st Street Crips are primarily an African-American Street gang operating in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their history dates back to the early 1990s, named after a street in South Los Angeles (81st Street), which is home to other gangs under the Hustler Crips umbrella such as the HardTime Hustler Crips as well as the East Side Hustler Crips.

Crip gangs in Colorado Springs such as the 81st Street Hustlers and the Ruthless Ass Gangster Crips, have notorious reputations for participation in the drug trade. The 81st Street East Side Hustlers, have close to a hundred documented members and are known to sport fitted caps by the Colorado Rockies with the initials “CR” to represent Colorado.

In The News

on May 24, 2006, eighty-two members of the 81st Street Crips were arrested during a massive gang sweep conducted by the Colorado Springs Police Department, Gang Unit and the Denver Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well as the Pueblo Police Department. Among the many individuals arrested was Curtis Cooper, who the prosecutor describes as the reputed leader of the 81st Street Crips.

Charges included gang-related crimes, narcotic and gun trafficking. Three members of the 81st Street Crips were listed on the Colorado “100 Most Wanted Fugitives” list with their pictures featured on Crime Stoppers and KKTV.Com. Police authorities have made several attempts to dismantle the 81st Street Hustler Crips.


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  1. All you bitch ass mark mf got something to say bout 81st get off line and come C how it is in springs just cuzz you ain’t heard of us don’t mean shit who the Fucc are you to judge Lil rooty poo bitch nigga get put on dry poccets quicc in a hurry Cali nigga might have started this shit but Co took they own shit if you don’t like it wash your mouth out with bucc shots 81st ESH CRIP on mine fucc all slobs and more so punk assault haters

    • This lame ass blood nigga disrespting yall set. Some bitch gave me his address. Call his self braxton but go by jovon Matthews on fb. He be talking hard core shit about yall 81st Crips. saying how yall niggas aint getting money. Saying he would murder yall and shit. Talking about he knkw killed somebody from yall hood. Smh 👇

      4360 Morning Sun Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

      • Ill send a pic of the lame ass nigga. Who think he tough disrespecting yall family. He tall , brown skin. With waves in his head. Kinda chunky a lil. Lame ass nigga moved to Colorado springs from texas. This dude think he tough asf. He over here talking mad shit!!!!! He does this everyday smh, yall might wannacfind out who this nigga know that killed someone from yall set. Here 👉 4360 Morning Sun Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  2. All you bitch ass mark mf got something to say bout 81st get off line and come C how it is in springs just cuzz you ain’t heard of us don’t mean shit who the Fuck are you to judge Lil rooty poo bitch nigga get put on dry poccets quick in a hurry Cali nigga might have started this shit but Co took they own shit if you don’t like it wash your mouth out with bucc shots 81st ESH CRIP on mine fucc all slobs and more so punk assault haters

  3. If all of you would actually unite as one instead of trying to kill one another or max out the prison population, do you really know how powerful you can become? Just for a moment, don’t think about sets, race, neighborhoods or anything else. Being a person of color is hard enough already…going for each others neck is just making it easy for those who already hate to have a reason to get rid of us. You guys really need to think outside the box…no matter who you are, everybody has it hard in life and that is something you all have in common. So when you see your so called “enemy” and you look them in the eye…you should be able to see that you both share the same pain…whether one dies or the other goes to jail…it’s the people who you love who’s going to be hurting the most…but most of you are too proud or just plain stupid to tell the two apart. A lot of you are very smart and you’re just acting a fool and you expect people to follow you and do what you tell them…maybe it’s just me but if I don’t listen to my own mother, I’m definitely not listening to someone a few years older than me. That shit is just one of the dumbest thing somebody who can’t think for themselves will resort to. Together unified, you can control the votes which means you can control your country’s destiny together and that’s what the law fears the most! You want to put fear in people’s hearts don’t you? Why not put fear in the heart of these crooked ass cops who kill unarmed youth or crooked ass cops who use their badge to rape your woman, or these crooked government officials who want to take away funding for job training or vocational training from you so you can resort to committing crimes…because there’s nothing for you to do. Instead of making excuses, make a stand and Unite with one another…become One Family and strike fear in the hearts of those who really don’t believe that you can actually reduce crime, keep your neighborhoods safe and drug free, look out for one another, be someone that your neighborhood can vouch for…not just the homies but Everybody. Set a better example for these youths because they’re going to inherit all of what you leave behind when you’re dead and gone….so think about it. You guys mean the world to me and I don’t know anyone of yous…but I see the potential in your numbers if you use them right, no matter what gang you’re in, what set you claim, what colors you wear, what neighborhood you rep, or what your race is…we all bleed the same. This is Harry Shiznik from South Jersey, Peace!

    • I just want to add, if people from amother state is doing there own thing…stop hating on them. NY is booming with this blood shit and we all know that shit is bogus…but go over there and tell that to a valentine or a sex money murder or a nine trey or a g shine member…you would be a done deal why, because that’s not where you’re from that’s their home and that’s what they do out there. They don’t follow Cali rules and Cali OG’s don’t tell those niggaz what to do and if they tried those niggaz wouldn’t listen at all. You see it doesn’t matter what gang you’re in, but the geographically…the rules will not be the same so you can’t call Colorado Crips fake and weak because you from a place from where it stared because you can be a wannabe behind closed doors and not even be a Crip, you could be talking what you googled before engaging in disrespecting people you don’t even know. Colorado Crips, I’m sure, don’t give a fuck about what you niggaz do in California because they don’t live out there…why would they? So you shouldn’t give a fuck about what or how they do in Colorado because you not from there! And the majority of you on here talking shit ain’t running shit where you at anyway..if your og saw what you was writing he’d probably be discussed with what you writing and tell you that this shit ain’t making yall no money, which would be more productive than showing your true, hateful colors anonymously which is also some cowardly shit if ya ask me. See that’s the problem with hating on someone you don’t know because you not from where they from…I bet if you got to know them, you’d sing a different tune.

      “Time for sum action,I make niggaz move back like subtraction,
      My reflex is more fast than Kenneth Cole’s Reaction,
      Niggaz wanna front, we just break em down like fractions,
      These niggaz ain’t thugs, they’re all talk but no action,
      You’re worst than a duplication,
      Of an imitation,
      Talking bout your destination,
      Is to run the nation,
      With total domination,
      While you’re under intoxication,
      Back and forth pacing,
      Asking for donations!

        IS UNDER U.N.I.T.E.D B.L.O.O.D

        ALMIGHTY. BLACK 5(((((P)))))5 STONE

        THEY ARE SANCTIONED under(5)


        THEY FLAME IN WITH US (5) law
        NOT CALI off (5)count LIT


        5 MECCA 5
        Family TREE


        On (5) 👑⭐CROWN⭐👑 (5)

        ( 5 ) law.

        That’s WHY BLOODS ON EAST
        It’s a CHICAGO THING


        THE G.O.D
        100S SOUTHSIDE

        (5)POPPING (5)
        ALLS WELLS

      • Your mother must be one of them because she should’ve swallowed you instead of birthing you, you waste of sperm!

    • Image, image, image!!!

      Succes creates followers…
      Followers build hope…
      Hope inspires…

      It only takes a spark… ( christian song )
      That’s why Americans had the Boston Tea Party

  4. “Sound kinda hard on the internet nefew!” This Cali fool thinks he went to Crip college and shit. Shut the fucc up Cuzz! Colorado Cripin is real and been round for generations. We deep and hard as fucc. Don’t come to Springs dissin you might not make it cacc js…
    <<R.A.G Crip on mines better ask somebody

    • i didnt even know cuzo in springs went hard like that. we stay down here in five points my nigga im 32 crip im mexican monster my og is monster and og 32 ask about me. crippin down here is ku.

      • C-7,so mexiCan monster you’re a Crip 4rum Columbia south Carolina right so Watt makes you think Crippin in (CsC) or Colorada springs,Colorada 4rum gang bangin in Columbia in south Carolina other than geography Cuz.And at first you said you like the 81st. east side hustla Crips and then you say those niggas are a joke and you never heard of them Cut I have heard of them Cefore.I don’t even know you so I don’t personally have a problem wit’ you I’m just trying to figure out ur mentality Cuz.C-600 C-850.

  5. What the hell?! Not one of you can spell. Maybe spend less time messing around and learn how to read and write so you can go to congress and change the laws that are oppressing you. If you don’t, nothing is ever going to change for you.

  6. Macon,ga gangs started in the 80s when some Cali niggas came and poped it off, like them Chicago niggas that brought GD here,don’t believe me google it, plenty Cali niggas fucc with us all day mactown….YouTube that shit..once upon a time in west Macon, that video the truth!!!!

  7. O yea these our words of wisdom from real cali. Crips u hered about us we and your town making money yall aint and l.a. 8 tray Gangster crips fucc colorado

  8. Cuzz colorado gangs or structure as a way of daily life is not and never has been as brutel as cali. Cuzz yall dont have dirus and slobs police and mexican with the real bussiness out there put it this way come to so.cal under yall name see how long u last.

  9. Nigga fucc 8tramps Cuz u don’t kno me or where I’m from weak ass nigga just kno Cuz not everything out this way is pussy my nigga thts real CRIP SHIT!!!!!!!

  10. Fucc loon toon fucc weak ass colo 81st this cali. Eight tray gangster crips yall aint had to go threw the shit we been in cuzz real talk never had the battles we had with blacc hoods. Mexican hoods or police so shut the fucc up cuzz real crip talk.

  11. Mac’town crips… Macon,Ga., believe that.Bloomfield… Unionville… NH60 Crips…Gettin money holdin down the hood is what it’s all about. No DISRESPECT…

  12. Dont claim crip and u not from cali fucc colorado 81str Eight tray gangster Crips cuzz dont come to L.a. punk bitches we dont respect yall weak ass fakes.

    • Shut the fucc up Cuzz!!!
      Crippin is everywhere get used to it. Stop hating! You don’t know shit about my homies hood or what they had been through. I can say they got some real killas! My hood Ruthless got their cacc and the whole South Side. Last time I checc East Side Hustler Crip and Kitchen Crip IS from Compton! 81 must Ce from that. Don’t think shits fake when it ain’t. If you come to this town with your crew talking shit about 81 lmao y’all niggas and your crew will ce running like DJ Quik out this mutha fucca and shit will get real

      • Oh Shut the Fuck Up with your real killas Stupid Nigger Talk. You sound like an ignorant 10 year old kid on a playground. Grow Up for Christ’s sake and act like a man and stop pretending you’re Al Capone. LOL


  13. EastCyde 7deuce Tonga Crip Gang! Outta A-co’s Mission blokc!
    Fuc chipmunks
    Fuc MudPies
    Fuc Enemigoz/VV13

    I fuxx wit niggaz frm C.Springs fr doe.

    Das on seven deuce crip!


    • fuCC you anonymous you ain’t no real Crip Cuz CeCause if we were really a real true blue Crip gangster you wouldn’t spell the fuCC with two x’s in the plaCes of C’s CeCause if you were Crossing out and enemies graffiti of a blood or piru you would either Cross out the b or p to show the bloods or piru’s disrespeCt and by spelling the word fuCC with two x’s where the C’s go you just disrespeCted all Crops CeCause that is the equivalent of Crossing out the letter C foe Crip whiCh means you are disrespeCting me and every other real Crip.And your luCCy I don’t know who you are right now or where you live at or I kill you right now you false Claiming buster.No real Cuz would ever disrespeCt him or herself,bK,pK,hK,fK,nbCC——K,slobK,diruK,sway hKookK,bKike rKimKsK,snKoov3rK,bKisKhKopK,flowers,sewerK rKatK,ChapetesK,ChiCCenK,maggotK,aKpKpKle pKie K,bKubKbKle gumK,nastiesK,sCraps yardK,riCe CrispiesK,luCCy CharmsK,g stringK,rKaKisinK,sissiesK,strollin snitChK,nappK,nappy headK, yah gangK,151K,pdlK,dlbK,lamesK,sur 13K,blaCC handK,13K. Kill a slobK win a prize kill a Crip your whole family dies.If you ain’t Rollin you’ll get your life stolen.I’m a riCh rollin O Crip fo’ life Cuz.And p.s. fuCC the 81st. east side hustler Crips,.And p.s. also fuCC trKaKmKpKs especially the m8v3n.Oh and also Cefore I foeget fuCC the esl 13,fuCC the nsl 13,fuCC the wsl 13K,vl 13K,iC ——K,double m gangK.

      • You are one dumb Nigger Loser WHO ALWAYS has to CONTINUALLY try and tell everybody how tough you are, which means you are NOT TOUGH. Instead, you’re an insecure Nigger Slave who will eventually get killed by one of the MANY Nigger Crips who hate your fuckin’ guts, Tough Guy. LMAO

    • fuCC you anonymous foe Crossing out da 2 C’s in Crip you are obviously false Claiming you know a l’il bit aCout us Crips Cut you don’t know enough CeCause if you were a real tongan Crip you only also C disrespecting yourself along wit’ other Crip.If you going to Cross out C’s then you might as well write the letters C——K right next to eaCh other or you might as well spell words wit’ da letters C——K you simple minded bitCh!!!!!!.

      • nigga u seriously on the net tryna spit street knowledge?? lmao u aint a real crip! take you dumbass off the keyboard and go put in work. probably get yo ass beat on tha street so u here bangin on the net lmao! fucc outta here lil bitch!

  14. Colorado crips. Arizona crips.nevada crips Washington crips we was crippen bacc3 in the early 80s We the first!!! Them other states is 2000 crips. Cali need to respect all wild wild west crips…

    • fuCC you roCCo you Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,and yep I am always Continually talking aCout how tough I am you diCCless,wise CraCCing,raCist Comment making,boot and spur wearing,baCCward thinking 3rd world Country talking Cowboy.And when you Can own,run,and Control an n-hood of 500 or 600 people without any help 4rum family members,friends,drug dealers,or gang members and without ever pulling out a gun or a knife then you Can also brag,you I wish I Could sing fo’ Motown no talent having Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,I terrify people in my n-hood wit’ my mean and evil maddogging stare,I sCare people CeCause I have had fights in my n-hood and people know I don’t give a fuCC I will fight any man,woman,or teenager 16 years old or older in da hood,people fear my fist and my feet and my knees and my elbows CeCause my whole body is a powerful,dangerous,weapon,and everybody knows I don’t mind fighting them wit’ any part of my body.xeoxle fear me deep down in their souls and go out out their wit’ fear so muCh so dat out of da 350 or 400 people dat I have disrespeCted and tried to get in a fight wit’ da only thing they do is Call da poliCe on me around my hood.When you Can Control 500 or 600 then you have my permission to brag and Call urself a gangster,thug,tough guy,bad ass etC..And you talk a whole lot of raCist talk like some hardCore raCist Cut you won’t make a YouTube video exposing ur real faCe,and you won’t show your address of your house or apartment where you live at and if you live in an apartment building you won’t show your apartment number you Honkey!!!!!!,ChiCCen shit,pieCe of garbage,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,you don’t even have pure white bKlood in you your part sCottish,Jewish,and butt raped farm animal so da ku Klux Klan,the neo nazi’s and the rest of the honkey!!!!!!,BlaCC,jew,and mexiCan raCist hate groups would never let join Ceing mixed with sCottish,jew,or raped sCreaming monkey,you l’il I’m mixed Cut I’m not good enough to C mixed wit’ BlaCC DNA Cut I really wish I Could Ce blaCC so I Could have swagger,swing,danCe,and Ce able to play sports well including golf looking l’il skewered through the asshole l’il bitCh!!!!!! on a stiCC l’il Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,.

      • Again, for now the 4rth time, look up the address I gave you and let me know when you want to come there. I ACCEPT your challenge to fight me with no weapons involved on either side.
        You know I’m a 2nd degree Black belt so I’m covered legally. I CAN’T LEGALLY COME TO YOU. There are no enemy Niggers at the address I gave you and you won’t be arrested. So, either do it or Shut The Fuck Up.

    • fuCC you anonymous and I’m not trying to seriously spit some street knowledge CeCause I’m a Certified Crip and so is everybody in my gang bitCh,Cut I’m just letting this other bitCh know if he Can aCtually read between the lines that he Can get beat up and worst killed for dat shit.And I’m letting him know I know he’s a fake.And shut da fuCC anonymous Wit’ your I’m to sCared to tell my real name looking bitCh.I’ll tell you my real name my name Antonio Stevens Watts your real name I’m sure you won’t even tell me your real CeCause your so muCh of a bitCh you Can only type shit 4rum DA safety of your keyboard when your anonymous,and your not even a real Crip so you Can’t judge me Cuz.And your not even a real man just a bitCh,and I will kiCC your ass if you ever Called me a fake Crip to my faCe bitCh.And I would make you and your mother suCC my diCC while I pinCh your noses together so y’@ll Couldn’t breathe any air,and I would run my diCC all DA way down the baCC of your throats.And don’t try to make it sound like your street or hood dats how soft ass bitChes get their asses severely beating foe pretending to C something your not,and why don’t you get off your mothers keyboard and put in some work and get up off your whore of a mothers CouCh dat she paid foe (by prostituting) of Course Cut it’s still that hoes CouCh she paid foe it and stop Ceing a hypoCrite you l’il hyproCrite and take your own adviCe. And I am going to put in some work on you,your CraCC head prostitute mother,and your father’s nigger ass who you don’t even know I’m going to make y’@ll DA first people I ever put in wet work on my nigger Cut I’m going to make you wash me up first,I’m even going to make you wash my diCC and my ass first Cefore I put in wet work on you,your hoe mother,and your negleCtful stranger father you ol’ oral diCC shining,diCC suCCing,Choking,and gagging bitCh.And sinCe you are telling me to put in some work then it’s settled you have to get off mothers keyboard wit’ your broke ass and put in some wet work.And p.s. I will never have ConfidenCe.And if another Crip has ever Crossed out a b,p,f,or an h he giving up DA same amount of street knowledge as I have. You have to give up a l’il bit of street knowledge if your going to disrespeCt someone 4rum a rival gang like if I disrespeCt a slobK wit’ gang signs or verbally dats giving up a l’il knowledge Cut nothing major like Codes,rules,regulations,or Certain politiCs that Certain Crip gangs have all of us Crips disrespeCt slobKs,dKirus,snKoovas,donuts,Chinks,and wetbaCC gangs that’s Watt we do.There’s so muCh I haven’t revealed this Crip shit is so muCh deeper than Watt your tiny,little,mind Could even imagine you nigger slave mrs. butter worth looking slave nigger bitCh.

      • fuCC you anonymous and I meant to say in my last Comment dat I will never have low ConfidenCe my ego is bigger than anything you Could ever imagine and I never got my ass beat on da street I won 352 fights undefeated why do you think my ego is bigger than the biggest mountain bitCh.You probably got ass beat on DA street you probably won 60 fights in your whole life and you wanna aCt like a tough guy.And you got shit twisted around you probably got your ass beat on da street so you Can only pretend your a gangster and a thug on da internet CeCause your going to Continue to remain anonymous,I told you my real name now Watts your name.I never lost a fight in my life.When you Can win 352 fights undefeated I will Call you a gangster and thug too Cut you never will you Corpse and fish smelling vagina nigger!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,.And I’m lmao right now CeCause I butt raped your mother,you,and your whole Crispy,extra dark nigger!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,toilet Cleaning foe a living slave family nigger!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,.

  15. nigga this ESHCG Cuz 81st til i diE LIL LOONE TOON Cuz fuHC any nigga spEakin down on my 81st niggas down here in tha CsC Cuz real CRIP SHIT (shout out to my R.A.G niggas

    • fuCC you roCCo you ain’t aCout no violenCe and I Could use da I’m Currently on probation to not get into fights wit’ people Cut I don’t aCtually use the faCt dat I am on probation foe breaking dis l’il bitCh named kevin Lovett’s jaw and I knoCCed out 2 of this guys benjamin torry’s teeth out both in da same da same week and I won’t C off probation until pay them off through Court Called damages you l’il Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!.And your a bullshitting Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,I will Come to da address 301 south willowbrook next week you l’il honkey!!!!!!,boy,turd,bitCh!!!!!!.Either make a YouTube video exposing your real name,face,and house and apartment address like I told you plenty of times Cefore or you shut the fuCC wit’ all your raCist talk you l’il Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,CeCause your not a thug or a gangster you only talk shit to blaCC guys on the internet,you would never talk shit to blaCC gang members to their faCe Cuz.And your a bullshitting Honkey!!!!!! first on da 84 main street mafia Crip website you lie and say that your a poliCe offiCer and then when someone aCtually breaks you down mentally you try to baCC traCC and baCC pedal real fast and say your not an poliCe offiCer Cut you work in an branCh of law enforCement so Watt made up invisible branCh of law enforcement do you quote on quote ” so Called ” do you work in and inpersonating any poliCe officer or any branCh of law enforCement is a federal Crime whiCh means you Could whine up serving federal time in a federal penitentiary and I know dat I’m tough enough,thug enough,and gangster enough to make it in the federal penitentiary Cut a l’il Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,like you would get 4orCed to grab your ankles and then get butt raped every night the whole time your in there.And I’m going to beat your ass and break your jaw just like I did kevin lovett.And if my dad beat up a 3rd degree blaCC belt named James hearns I’m sure I Can only beat up a “so Called” 2nd degree blaCC belt kiCCing ass is in my blood I mean Honkey!!!!!!.And remember to make a YouTube video exposing your real name,faCe,apartment or home address or shut the fuCC up wit’ your raCist talk about blaCC people.You l’il low ConfidenCe having Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!.

      • I never made one comment on the 84 Mafia Crip page as of yet.
        PROVE IT. I have never said whether I’m with Law Enforcement or not. That’s for YOU to figure out. Now, you’re using your probation excuse not to come by. You’re full of Shit, Nigger. Still mad at the White man because your Nigger Ancestors were Slaves. LMAO

      • Come by Nigger and find out for yourself who I am. Your days are numbered on the Street. There’s a BIG investigation going on right now with the help of Crip informants that involves Murder & Drugs. You can have your chance to fight me before you go to the Big house for a long, long time. Your only way out after I tear out your throat is to have another Crip Nigger that hates you ( THERE ARE MANY ) kill you. The overly confident always fall.

    • fuCC you roCCo,and you have made Comments on tha 84 main street mafia Crip website or why else would I say you did when you didn’t when all someCody has to do is look it up by typing in http://WWW.84 main street mafia Crips.Com it’s no way I would lie publiCly on tha internet exCept that one time when I outsmarted you 3 times Cut that was a thought out CalCulated move to tell Watt was loCated at 1.) 301 south willowbrook in Compton,California.2.)get you to admit that your not an thug or a gangster and you would never physiCally fight me Cut only try to legally tear me throat out instead of trying to physically tear my throat out.3.) out smart you and humiliate you publiCly over tha internet by making your Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,prison bitCh!!!!!!,ass look small and weak Cy showing lots of people your very willing to make raCist Comments Cut your aCtually to big of a Honkey!!!!!!,ChiCCen,punk,bitCh!!!!!!,to ever make a YouTube video exposing your real name,faCe,or your apartment or house address Cut you hide Cehind tha safety of your keyboard and Computer monitor and type all of your raCist propaganda all day long and on every Crip,bKlood,pKiru,and every bKlaCC gang related website on tha internet and then talk aCout you have a job when there’s no way humanly possible you Could ever have a job wit’ all tha hating and shade throwing that you Constantly do 4rum the second you wake up in tha morning until the second you fall asleep at night (you absolutely have no life)LOL.And I already have proven my point if you would lie aCout having tha Courage to fight me then you will lie aCout anything else in your life,and roCCo I already have figured it out your just a sCared l’il,rat,snitCh,informant who was waiting aCross the sheriff’s station at 301 south willowbrook in Compton,California wit’ 2,3 or 4 witness wit’ you waiting for me to threaten you first and throw tha first punCh so you Could try to take some legal kind of aCtion whether it’s trying to get me arrested and thrown in jail or trying to seek damages and get me to pay you probably at least 3 or $4,000 dollars after I break your Honkey!!!!!!, jaw so I already know your not a poliCe offiCer or your not in law en4orCement yep you don’t know no Crips who are informants at least not 4rum my individual Crip gang, Cut really it ain’t no Crip informant exCept if your your talking aCout your mother yeah me and some of my Crip homeboys made her into a true blue Crip girl when we ran a train on her and sexed her in as part of her initiation 300 guys 4rum my gang fuCCed that prostitute,hoe,and whore all in the same night baCC to baCC wit’out no breaks in Cetween l’il,Honkey!!!!!!,Cuz.Your mother who just got initiated might have told on us it looks as if were to have to silenCe that bitCh!!!!!!! now Cy killing her (roCCo tha roCC brained roCC head Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,prison bitCh!!!!!!,).And I never used tha faCt that I’m aCtually on probation not to Come by,I only brought that up when you tried to lie and and make up some exCuse not to fight me saying I Can’t Come to you fight you CeCause I have legal troubles even though you didn’t go into Watt your “quote on quote” “so Called” legal troubles were on purpose so you Can lie your way out of another situation like if I said you said you Can’t Come and C me CeCause your on probation you would just make up a lie and say I never admitted I was on probation I said I have legal troubles then you would just say your just on home inCarCeration or something so you never get too speCifiC so you Can leave the baCC door open to a big ass lie.Cut I really am on probation until I pay the rest of these damages a.k.a. restitution off foe breaking this l’il,bitCh named kevin lovett’s jaw and also breaking his driver side tail light on his suv your lieing ass don’t really have no legal troubles if so Watt are they? LmfAO

    • fuCC you roCCo,and Come by Honkey!!!!!!,and find out who I am.Your days are numbered on the Streets.There’s a Big investigation going on right now with the help of Honkey informants that involves Murder & Drugs. You Can have your ChanCe to fight me before you go to the Big house for a long,long time. Your only way out after I tear out your throat is to have another raCist Honkey that hates you( THERE ARE MANY ) kill you. The overly Confident always fall.And p.s. roCCo the overly Confident bKlaCC kings and king Crips like myself who roCC their Crip Crown never fall you l’il,broke baCC mountain,Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,prison bitCh!!!!!!,.And I’m LmfAO while I’m LOL and at tha same damn time HA! HA!! HA!!! HA!!!! HA!!!!! HA!!!!!! ya l’il,Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,.

      • I ALREADY know who you are. You are afraid to come by and fight me. It’s just that simple. You can write a fucking paragraph a mile long and it means nothing. You are AFRAID of the Blood Nigger who called you a Homo and a Fag and you’re AFRAID to come by and fight me. I would use your weight AGAINST you, dislocate your arm after you threw the first punch and missed, and then tear out your Nigger Throat.
        You’re the one going to the Big House , not me. LMAO I’m one of the guys who put Niggers like you IN THE BIG HOUSE unless of course another Nigger kills you first. The Wolves ALWAYS win.

      • Dwayne, listen to me you Dumb Nigger. I don’t have any legal problems. However, I WOULD have a legal problem hurting you being a 2nd Degree Black Belt. That’s why you have to know this in advance and then come ON YOUR OWN to where I can be located. Then, I’m in the clear to fight you. Do you understand?? Now, with that aside, you hate White People more than I hate Niggers! I only hate you fucking Niggers in these Neighborhood Sets. I DON’T hate ALL Niggers.
        Lastly, you have a huge INFERIORITY COMPLEX. For example, Black Wolves ( Law Enforcement) People and some other very successful Black guys who are worth some money and have class and dress in nice suits don’t SOUND ANYTHING LIKE YOU.
        You need professional Counseling to help you have a better opinion of yourself. Deep down inside YOU KNOW you are a Fucking Loser in life. However, you’re in denial and won’t change. That’s why I hate you and call you all these Nigger names. Plus that, it’s part of my job to gather intelligence and help put Street Criminals in Jail. I can’t explain it to you any other way. I still accept your challenge to fight me when you get off probation.

  16. OT foofer ass niggas!!! 81 ESH was niggas from KITCHEN CRIP that were hustlers! You fake ass C/S 81ESH niggas are calling yourself HUSTLER CRIPS. HUSTLER CRIPS get along with EAST COAST. Real LOS ANGELES KITCHEN CRIPS do not get along with any COAST’s!!! If you C/S niggas think different then call yourself COLORADO SPRINGS 81 Eastside Hustler Crips because your kikced off KITCHEN!! U niggas need to be DP’d!!

    • fuCC you roCCo and just CeCause you know my name whiCh I put publiCly doesn’t make me tha least bit sCared of a Honkey!!!!!!,I have never admitted or stated on any Crip or bKlood website that I have ever Ceen sCared of you and if you think I’m sCared of you then prove it.I will break Coth sides of your Honkey!!!!!!,jaw as well as rip ur Honkey!!!!!!,throat out and then show it to you bitCh!!!!!!,how is that threat foe Ceing sCared of you?.And my diCC is so big you were sCared to blow my whistle last night even though I gave you no ChoiCe and 4orCed you suCC,Choke,and gag on my diCC past the point of making you throw up all over ur favorite blouse and panties you Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,bitCh!!!!!!,And I don’t Care if you know my name Dwayne Cross and my email address bluemustang31@gmail.Com you don’t know nothing else aCout me while your a under Cover journalist or private deteCtive or something wit’ your Chubby Honkey version of al roker Cefore he lost weight looking ass.And aren’t you tha pot Calling tha kettle bKlaCC wit’ your hypocrite ass you talk aCout a Can make a paragraph a mile long and it means nothing, when you have made plenty of paragraphs a mile long that mean nothing over your probably 2 deCades or 20 years unalustrious Career/keyboard Campaign internet gangbangin on the many Crips,bKloods,pKiru’s,sKnK20v3rKsK,and dKonKutKsK,websites all over Cyber universe,and roCCo tha roCC brained roCC headed Honkey!!!!!! my Comments/paragraphs always matter your paragraphs are one that don’t Count.I am not afraid of any bKlood and all bKloods are homos and fags and if a bKlood did Call me a homo and a fag I didn’t C it you C I don’t CheCC all of the webpages foe disrespeCtful Comments of something they Could have said against me every day tell me on Watt website did they Call me a homo and fag on sinCe you are so interested in me addressing it and try to Cause hatred Cetween me and tha bKloods and tha bKloods and me and Cause to hate eaCh other and I do hate all bKloods Cut not CeCause you Can make me hate a bKlood or not CeCause you Can outsmart me and drive a wedge in Cetween and divide up us bKlaCC people and as I stated Cefore roCCo I might not love all bKlaCC people Cut I don’t hate (my people) either Honkey and I am a wolf and I’ve Ceen a wolf sinCe I was 5 years old through elementary school,then through jr.high sChool when I CeCame a Crip at tha age of 13 years old and started piCCin on a beating up on slobKs until I still Continued to beat up hKookKs and graduated 4rum highsChool so talk Watt you know you l’il,Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,prison bitCh!!!!!!,you’re just sCared of me CeCause I’m tha big bad wolf and ur nothing Cut a doCile,submissive,unaalert l’il sheep.And you would never use my weight against me I might weigh 250 pounds Cut I am fast as lightning you would never disloCate my arm it hasn’t Ceen done yet after 352 fights and I have seldomly ever missed punChing someone in the faCe I am so fast I have put plenty of people are n Choke holds Cefore wit’ out anyone ever C it Coming so Watt makes you think you Could bKloCC,duCC,or get out of the way of my punCh I have never beat up a seCond degree bKlaCC belts Cefore Cut I have beat up a few skilled trained boxers Cefore so I’m not worried aCout a “quote on quote” “so Called” trained 2nd degree bKlaCC belt Honkey!!!!!!,ms.girl,prison bitCh!!!!!!,And you’re the one Honkey!!!!!!,who’s going to tha big house for raping your sexed in Cy 300 Crips informant mother.And roCCo if you have put plenty of bKlaCC men in jail I’m sure it’s not as a sheriff,sheriff deputy or poliCe offiCer Cut only as a snitCh and a rat whiCh you love referring to as an informant you l’il,big nose,glasses wearing,geeky,blossom,Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,And Watts your real name roCCo I already know your never going to tell me your real name CeCause your way,way,way,too sCared of us big,bad ass,Crips,are going to find out where you live at in your shithole,urban,ghetto,roaCh motel environment and beat the life out of you wit’ our 2 fists I’m quite sure you’re sCared of those sKnK20pK ass bKloods you l’il,Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,.And p.s. roCCo your mother’s still a prostitute,hoe,and a whore,I’m still your Father,no matter your best attempts to get a tan and look bKlaCC you’re still paler than rose mCgowan if you don’t know who she is she’s the witCh on Charm named page and if you still don’t know who she is google tha bitChes name.Yep your still dumb,smelly,and ugly,yes I’m still good looking,and yeah I’m still uncontrollably LmfAO and LOL at you not wit’ you HA! HA!! HA!!! HA!!!! HA!!!!! HA!!!!!!.

    • fuCC you roCCo,you dumb Honkey!!!!!!,and I knew you never had any legal problems you were just making up exCuses not to fight me wit’ your habitual lieing for no reason ass you fake ass undercover journalist and fake ass private detective ass and roCCo I don’t hate Honkeys more than you hate bKlaCC people I hate the Honkey man and Honkey people exaCtly just as equally as you hate the bKlaCC raCe and I don’t Consider any Honkey in law en4orCement or a suit to C upstanding boys in a hot worn out monkey uniform or suit Cut I Consider all Honkey Colored poliCe and riCh Honkeys in suits to still C tha lowest members of soCiety and I hate all of the raCist groups and raCist gangs (inCluding motorCyCle gangs) And you wouldn’t never have any legal problems wit’ me CeCause foe number one you Could never physiCally hurt me CeCause you trying to hurt me is like a gnat trying to hurt god it just wouldn’t happen and I don’t give a fuCC aCout bKlaCC men n’ law en4orCement whiCh you refer to as bKlaCC wolves and I 10 times less Care aCout Honkey Colored people in law en4orCement And I will break Coth sides of your jaw,jump up and down on Coth sides of your head,rip out your Honkey throat then show it too you,and then I would put my hand in your stomaCh and feel around foe guts Cut you wouldn’t have any,and then I would put my hand through your rib Cage and feel around Cut you wouldn’t have any heart either Honkey!!!!!!,.And I thank god you haven’t reproduCed,proCreated,or had any Honkey Children and you don’t have the right to have any sperm soaked,CanCer stiCC,looking Honkey retards Honkey Children wit’ tha I.Q. less than a blade of grass.Do you understand?? Now,with that aside,and I don’t have an huge or even small inferiority Complex Cut I do have huge superiority Complex and I guess it makes you feel good to lie Cut any punk ass Cowardly bitCh Could lie.And roCCo I don’t want to know where you Can Ce loCated at if it isn’t your home address,yeah roCCo I don’t want to know where I Can fight you if your not gonna give me tha address of your own home I don’t Care aCout your friend,neighbor,or Cousins address is,matter of faCt why don’t you make a YouTube video telling millions of bKlaCC guys and bKlaCC gang members your real name,show your real faCe without a disguise,and tell millions of people including bKlaCC gang members your apartment address after you Call all of us universally a big heaping pile of stinky tha n word,and yep roCCo I’m still your Father and I’m going to beat your ass to show you something more than tough love yeah no love,and yes your mother is still a prostitute,hoe,and a whore,and I’m still Challenging you to a fight and to make a YouTube video and don’t use your exCuse of not making a YouTube video as a reason of why not to fight me sinCe making a YouTube was also a Condition and part of my original Challenge and goes hand in hand wit’ fighting me you l’il infant diCC having Honkey!!!!!!,and one day soon when a true blue Crip gangster kill you the poliCe are going to identify as a 6′ feet 4″ inCh 45 year old baby infant who just got killed with the alias of roCCo CeCause there not going to judge you by your height or your age Cut their gonna judge and identify Cy the size of your penis whiCh is a 1 day old baby infant penis your paCCing when they piCC your head of the lap of your traumatized mother who just saw you get your brains and skull fragments blown out all over her Honkey informant working prostitute,hoe,and whore skirt.And I still aCCept your Challenge to only legally tear out my throat, sinCe you never ever planned to physiCally get into a fight with me.And don’t bring no witnesses to try to help you when I start whooping your ass and real man doesn’t need to bring witnesses to a fight a real man would tape a fight and put it on youtube or world star hip hop instead and showed whoever 1ne Watt ever fight or Watt ever Cuz.It’s not your job to gather intelligence you just feel like if you find out someCodys name,faCe,or address and then tell everyCody else you think that you are sCaring or intimidating someCody by posting that shit on the internet roCCo noCody fears you or Celieves your really in law en4orCement roCCo the roCC brained roCC headed Honkey!!!!!!,you are a big joke an even bigger joke than tha bKloods and pKiru’s Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!.And p.s. roCCo you need to professional Counseling to help you with your inferiority Complex and to help you to have a better opinion of yourself Honkey!!!!!!,bitCh!!!!!!,yeah I’m still LmfAO,yep still LOL,HA!!! HA!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  17. South Central Auorora Colorado (A-Co) in The Mission Viejo neighborhood also known as (MISSION) or (Mission bLOCC) hold numerous number of gangs/cliques that are allies amongst eachother:
    Savaged Out Gangsters (SOG’s)
    Tongan Crip Gang (TCG)
    Santana Blocc Compton Crip (SBCC)
    Spook Town Crip (STC)
    :The gangs listed here all calim Mission Viejo as their turf and are allies with one another because they share the same enemies.

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