Azsua 13

The Azusa 13 (A13) also known as Varrio Azusa 13, is an Mexican-American street gang, located in Azusa, California. Which is apart of the San Gabriel Valley, in the Los Angeles County. The Azusa 13, dominate the city of Azusa, through murder, terror and intimidating local residents. However, they are best known for their hate crimes against African-Americans who live in the city, especially in the Atlantis Gardens, neighborhood of Azusa.

The Azusa 13, originated in the 1960s, with around 200 active members and over 100 associates. The Varrio Azusa also have strong-ties to the Mexican-Mafia, a notorious criminal organization that operates from within the California state prison system. The Azusa’s, carry the number 13, to show their allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.

In The News

Despite, being around since the 1960s, they gained notoriety in 2011, after 51 members of the Azusa 13, were indicted on federal charges, such as drug trafficking, strong-arm robbery and murder. However, their most high-profile offense’s are Hate Crimes against African-American’s, who live in the city of Azusa.

Acting on behalf of the Mexican-Mafia (“La Eme”), on orders to rid their neighborhood of black families (cleansing). Their bitterness toward blacks, are kin to the Varrio 155 (Compton) and the Varrio 204 (Torrence) as well as the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, also known as the Hate Gang.

In 2012, Santiago Rios, also known as “Chico,” a leader of the Azusa 13 pled guilty to conspiracy charges, such as violating the Civil Rights of African-Americans and Corrupt Organisation Act (Rico). Rios confirmed in court that members of the Azusa 13 gang “tagged” racial slurs on street signs, walls and buildings to intimidate law-abiding African-Americans in Azusa.

Allies & Rivals

The Azusa 13, only known ally is the Mexican-Mafia and they feud with the Azusa FCK (Faded Children’s Krew or Flore’s Children’s Killers), a tagging crew turned street gang. These two gangs have an ongoing feud, which turned deadly around 2009.

Due to lack of gangs, in this region of San Gabriel Valley, they tend to feud with gangs outside of  the city of Azusa. For instance, they feud with gang’s in West Covina, such as the West Covina 13West Covina Mob (bloods) and the West Covina Neighborhood Crips. They also feud with gangs in Baldwin Park, mainly the Northside Bolen Parque 13 and gangs in El Monte, which is home to the El Monte 13.


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