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Big Freeze

Big Freeze (born Layson Kennard) was a rapper from the Watts district of Los Angeles, California. Big Freeze made his debut on the Young Soldierz album with the song “Eastside, Westside” which also appeared on the Murder Was The Case (Soundtrack).

Big Freeze appeared on the Bloods & Crips album (Bangin’ On Wax 2… The Saga Continues). He later did the Nationwide Rip Ridaz album in 1995. His last album was Nationwide Rip Ridaz: Betrayed (Can’t Trust Nobody). Big Freeze was also affiliated with the Watts Franklin Square Crips

Big Freeze, Cixx PacKoollay, Half Dead, Baby Half DeadKeystone, and Mac-11are members of  the Watts Franklin Square Crips. They were friends before the Bloods & Crips and Nationwide Rip Ridaz collaboration projects. Unfortunately, Big Freeze died from a gang related shooting on December 25,1999.



  • (1998) Nationwide Rip Ridaz: Betrayed (Can’t Trust Nobody)
  • (1995) Nationwide Rip Ridaz
  • (1994) Bangin On Wax 2,,, The Saga Continues


  • Nationwide Rip Ridaz
  • Wish You Was Here




21 Comments on Big Freeze

  1. Rip big freeze

  2. Does anybody know what gang killed Big Freeze?

  3. What gang killed Big Freeze yal??

  4. Rip Big freeze…thanks for looking out for a young crip when we was locked down…one love locco…

  5. 103rd wgC 103rd misses u cuhzin

  6. That’s to bad. R.I.P BIG Freeze!


  8. SAD! Freeze was my favorite rapper from the banging on wax tapes. I think he was one of the realest cats to ever spit it as in a interview that I seen. He was describing the not so glamourous side of ganging banging of having nightmares of the activitys that one had to participate in when linked with a gang. RIP FREEZE

    • I never really see people actually talk about the not so ‘glamorous’ sides of bein in a gangs…..If only my man would have understood wat he had gotten himself into, he would have never got shot…..but some niggas don’t really know wat they gettin theyself into until itz too late…..

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      • Crips is a BLACK gang

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