The Black Bandit Crips (BBC) or Eastside Black Bandit Crips (ESBBC) commonly spelled “Blacc” (without the K) are an African-American criminal street gang located on the East Side in Long beach, California. They originated on 7th Street and Cerritos Avenue, but their neighborhood stretches from 5th Street to 10th Street between Gaviota Avenue and Cerritos Avenue near Mac Arthur Park.

However, this section of Long Beach is claimed by the Eastside Longo, the largest Latino street gang in Long Beach. The Black Bandit Crips are a new generation criminal street gang.

Allies & Rivals

The Black Bandit Crips are allies of the 19st Gangster Crips and the Liden Block Crips. They are rivals of the VarrioΒ Longos, Barrio Pobre, Bricc Boy Crips, Boulevard Mafia Crips, and mainly the West coast 80 Crips.


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  1. I never heard of these niggaz on god blacc bandit crips really?? how old this gang thas weird never heard of these niggaz been in the beach for a minute they must be non-factorz

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  3. If rocco is harassing you please read tree top piru page. I have exposed him as a fraud and liar with proof on the page. My name is Vincent R.

  4. Fucc 4s them niggass be spoked πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸš‘πŸš‘πŸš‘ somebody better tell they momma get em for we πŸš—πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ Blvd Mafia

  5. The Niggers are lying cowards. They are not going anywhere near you White boys. I wouldn’t even waste my time talking to these bullshitting asshole Niggers. I had the same experience with a Crip Nigger named Dwayne Cross. He never showed up and instead lied about it. Even the other Niggers called him a fake lying Coward. Same applies to these Niggers. No different. They don’t know how to handle superior White people who CALL THEIR BLUFF. They are used to dealing with other inferior stupid Niggers who they love to kill. Their biggest enemies in Life are OTHER NIGGERS. LMAO

    • fuCC you “roCCo,and you are already showing your yellow Cowardly Colors CeCause at least if you were going to disrespeCt me on another website other than the rollin 60 nayborhood Crip website and the east side pain bKloods website you Could at least Ceen a man enough to let me know about it so I Could respond baCC too all of your weak raCist talk and your lieing Comments of how I never showed up too fight you,.You know I showed up and ran into the sheriff’s department as soon as I showed my faCe,.You know Watt the next time you pull that shit I am going to whoop your ass,break Coth sides of your jaw,and tear out your l’il,wimpy,(Honkey!!!!!!) throat right inside of the sheriff’s department.Cut you really want 2 try to make me look weak like I know that you are making these Comments too me Cut like I am too sCared to respond baCC too you.You need to man the fuCC up l’il,boy,and stop trying to Come at me sideways and talk all that sliCC shit behind my baCC and real man would talk shit too my faCe and aCCept the ConsequenCes even if they lead too a ass whooping or death a real man is ready to die foe Watt he believes in.Are you ready too die foe all of your punk ass,raCist,bullshitting,(Honkey!!!!!!) talk??????) Hell no,I am ready to die foe my Crip homeboys and foe the priveledge to represent my set (bXTCH!!!!!!) ass (Honkey!!!!!!),that’s the differenCe between a g and a loC like me and a penitentiary (Honkey!!!!!!) soft ass faggot who is not a thug or a gangster at all Cut has had way way way way way way more butt sex wit’ bKlaCC men than madonna has I heard that 4rum f.b.i. statistiCs that every bKlaCC man in the state of California has had unConsentual,4orCed,gay,homosexual butthole sex wit’ you, I truly want to know how many bKlaCC men have had illiCit,unholy,butt sex wit’ your bootyhole I know it is up there in the millions (Honkey!!!!!!).

      • You never showed up and instead said that you went to a HOUSE and somebody was looking through the curtains!!!!!!!!
        You’re a bullshitting Liar Coward with a Huge Inferiority Complex and a Mother Complex. Some other Crip Nigger is going to kill you anyway. That’s the word on the street. You are a hated, ugly fat Nigger. You wouldn’t die for anyone.
        Please………….. Shut The Fuck Up.

    • Shut your bitch ass up you dick riding whiteboy.If you like using that works Nigger I can show you a Nigga and get in that ass.and I ain’t doing no gangbanging shut this is on some racial pride shit.You a internet bad boy and ain’t about shit.Check my creditials Terry Cook Jr out South Central Los Scandalous.

    • fuCC you “roCCo”,and yeah I might have lied the first time when I said met you in person,Cut people Can Change everybody in life doesn’t have to stay the same.It is not really a proven sCientifiC or doubt that it says in any book that 1nCe a liar always a liar.And have told a few big lies on the internet yourself so big they are Called whoppers,like when you said you live in a $750,000 dollar house,and like when you said that were married and you and your wife have a net worth of 1.1 million dollars in the bank,you lied when you said that you have many riCh friends.You lied when you said that you were a Cop.You lied when you said that you were a 2nd degree blaCC belt martial artist who Could literally and physiCally rip out my throat.You lied when you said if I meet you in person that you were going to physiCally rip out my throat on the rollin 60 neighborhood Crip webpage,and then on the eight tray gangster CripK webpage you even admitted that you never planned to physiCally fight me Cut you only wanted me to strike you in the faCe in 4ront of the sheriff department at 301 South Willowbrook in the Eastside pain bKloods territory as if I really thought that you were Crazy and that you were really going to fight me in 4ront or in the sheriff department (99% of all BlaCC or (Honkey!!!!!!) Colored men or 99% of no men of any nationality of men in the world wouldn’t fight someCody in 4ront of or in a poliCe or sheriff’s department Cut you really wanted to make me that you were 1 Crazy ass (Honkey!!!!!!) boy who only brought along witnesses I guess so that they Could watCh me strike you in the faCe Corroborate your story and so that y’@ll Could all snitCh on me and turn rats on me as a unit and then you said you never really had the ConfidenCe or the Courage too fight me at all sinCe you suffer 4rum a huge ConfidenCe defiCienCy and huge Courage inferiority Complex as well you stated that you only planned to legally tear my throat out,telling some1 that you are going too physiCally tear their throat when you only plan too legally tear my throat out is a lie.You said that you know Watt I look like,you said that you know where I live at,you Claimed that you have my soCial seCurity security number,I think if my memory serves me CorreCtly that you Claimed that you knew my date of birth,you Claimed that you looked at my file and that you read all of my Charges on my Criminal reCord,you Claimed that you have my I.p. address or my internet protoCol number and that you and some of your “so Called”,”madagop”,and “fiCtious”,poliCe offiCers buddies were going to Come over my house and arrest me and that’s probably been over 4 months ago and not 1 poliCe offiCer or sheriff’s deputy has Ceen over too my house too arrest me and take me too jail.I ask you to post all of my personal information so that you Could Coth embarrass me and so that you Could try to get some bKloods,pKirus,snKoovaKs,rival CripKs,and the oCCasional trippin set fKolks to kill me,or any bKlaCC Civilian under the non-affiliated Card who either hates me CeCause I am a Crip or hates me CeCause they don’t like my Comments on the internet Cut you never posted my personal information whiCh I found very odd and strange Considering that you are an ignorant,appalaChian,hillbilly,redneCC,mountain,swamp and boyou living,kentuCCy moonshine drinking,sambu monkey,weirdo,raCist,(Honkey!!!!!!) wit’ a brain and a diCC the size of a gnat who wishes that you aCtually had the Courage too kill me yourself Cut you also wouldn’t mind if anyCody killed me definitely not a blaCC man or woman,Cut then when I ask you to post up all of my personal information so that you Could embarrass me real bad,get my identity stolen through someCody stealing my soCial security number,and also getting me killed you don’t take the opportunity and you pretend like you are too niCe of a l’il girl too do all of those things.Cut the moment that you found out Watt my real name is whiCh is Dwabluemusta of Course you Couldn’t Wait 2 tell everyCody that my name was Dwayne Cross instead of bluemustang31@gmail.Com whiCh I didn’t or still don’t Care who you tell my real name is or my alias is,you didn’t find out nothing that I didn’t want you too find out or I didn’t give 2 fuCCs if you found out “SherloCC Homeless” the infamous, world famous, foe Ceing dumb and dumb stupid I ain’t never solved 1 Case in my whole 62 years of Ceing a deteCtive transient bum.My name and where I went 2 highsChool at was and still is publiC information on either my YouTube or google plus aCount,any dumb ass,retarded,jobless,broke,poor,vagrant,bum,(Honkey!!!!!!),(bitCh!!!!!!) who is not Computer or teChnology saavy that means your not smart when it Comes to Computers even though you are not smart at anything really,you laCC in Conversation and have very poor soCial skills,you are so boring that you Could literally bore somebody to death,you are so boring that you Could literally bore a wall.You Could never talk CharasmatiC enough to keep any woman interested in you.And like I said earlier my name is publiC information so is the highsChool I went to and any retard like yourself Can get luCCy enough to stumble onto something every 1nCe in a while.You and I Coth know that you were never smart enough to find out my name and old high sChool even though that is publiC information (Honkey!!!!!!).And I find that strange and odd that you try to blast out again my name Cut you Claim that you know all of my personal info. Cut you want me to Celieve that you are above posting that info. too.

      • 1). I do live in a $750,000 Dollar House in Los Angeles.
        2). I do have a net worth of over 1.1 million ON PAPER.
        I never said it was all in cash, Asshole. Some of it is real estate and a few other things.
        3). I am married and have been over 25 years.
        4). I am a 2nd degree Black Belt.
        5). I SAID I WANTED YOU TO THROW THE FIRST PUNCH so then I would be justified to teat out your Nigger throat. I have to fight in SELF DEFENSE or I would get into legal trouble being a Black Belt. Black Belts CAN’T LEGALLY start fights.
        If you don’t understand any of what I said or simply don’t want to believe it, I don’t give a Fuck because you are a Jealous, Insecure Nigger who is not USED TO HAVING SOMEONE TALK TO YOU the way I do. You don’t know how to handle it.

        You’re under investigation and that’s why I cannot post any of your personal information. I have it all. I posted your name BEFORE you were under investigation.
        I got your name from Intelligence. There is NO OTHER WAY I COULD HAVE GUESSED YOUR NAME. LMAO

        You never answered my two questions:
        1). What happened in your Nigger Youth that gave you this MOTHER COMPLEX?
        2). Do the other Niggers in the Rolling 20’s know about your Slave Boys?

        You’re TOO AFRAID to answer my questions.

  6. An yall toast nigga ya ll tuning from the 2nns wat happen to SD when he got that fake chain took shit duck toast we be in yall hood tonight 4s

  7. Fuck toast an they dead homies yall an it Makin noise toast killa ws anaheim sudcidel killa fuck crackers come to he hood bitch

    • Ahahahahahahah you got the roles reversed boy i tell YOU what to do. Come to beach blvd and ball road anaheim ca 92804 rainbiw inn room 12. Were waiting CUZ. Or do you have to uber or take a bus cuz u probly like 15? How long queer bait i got shit to do.

    • So cerritos and 7th now? Which is it we mobbed deep on 8th 24/7 my ass we called you monkeys out and now you was 7th instead of 8th fuck outta here weenie fuck your fake ass crew we rolled 30 deep AND called you out AND waited. Punks.

    • Public announcement, BBC invited some white boys to the hood so they could, and i quote, ” kill us” well you grease balls, me and 27 other pissed off white boys are standing on linden and 8th and tou fags are nowhere to be seen. Fuck you punks scary ass motherfuckers. We came for a fight or a death and there aint nothing but cold air out here. We will wait for 30 more mins. And if you dont show then we will just start burning shit down. You guys fucked up bad CUZ

    • We out here you fucks. And were not leaving until we get you. Linden and 8th. Cmon pussy boys you scared of us white boys or what? Punk ass bitches. Becky motherfuckers ahahahahahahahah

    • Oh ya, bring as many guns money and dope. That way, when were done smashing you grease monkeys, we can show you what its like to get fucking jacked. We gone ride on you, then we gine take your bitches and your money. Like i said, yall dont know what you just did. Suicidal style.

    • Ya aint killing shit sweet heart. Just banged with SUICIDAL punks on linden and 8th all the way to 19th. I told you we were coming. Big bad gangsters. Mmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmm

  8. Fuck all Donkeys wet backs sewer rat’s 13 killa orange County kill fuck all crackers red necks and pecker woods when we in yall city yall be spoked fuck the kkk I got AK for all yall bitch as people fuck Mexico all yall dead homies rest in pis’s yall wanna move something let’s get it I bet u I kill all yall that’s why we have your white women hoing for us come to long Beach bitches or matter fact we come to u YoungBoomLkz KTS Kill To Survive

    • Im waiting CUZ. come kill me im on beach blvd and ball road WS ANAHIEM SUICIDAL we aint hard to find come get some crab ass wannabe magget shit come get some if you so tough ill be here all week CUZ if i dont see you tonight then we will take a stroll through linden ave tomorrow. You fucked up real bad CUZ. See you soon.

      • If you guys don’t see him, He was probably already killed by another Nigger. That’s what Niggers do: Kill each other.
        The Nigger was born to kill another Nigger. That is his worst enemy in Life. What the superior White boys don’t kill, the Nigger will kill for you. LMAO.

      • You already know the deal Rocco. We wont start shit, but we will end it. We will end all of it real quick. Do yo thing Rocco. Preach on brotha

    • LMAO. You must be thinking about what happened to you when you were in jail since almost all Niggers end up going to Jail.
      That’s why you Niggers are SO OBSESSED with homosexual behavior. It has become second nature for you.

  9. Just like them white boys tried to have that rally . Blacks and browns was beating y’all ass y’all hiding behind the police they saving y’all bitch ass . Yea u know what I’m talking about fuck Donaldk Trumpk white boy . Y’all white bitches loves black niggas cuz y’all dicks no longer then a worm . We got a name for y’all bitches Becky lol u kissing all on yo bitch but she out here giving us beckey that all I use to bitch for to suck my dick bitch ass white boy. Y’all gotta rape black bitches white bitches on our dicks yo race is disgusting who want to be with a white boy y’all stank like wet dogs lol y’all hate blacks but yo people want to fuck a black bitch SMH why not just fuck y’all flat booty ass white bitch if y’all don’t like blacks shit don’t make no since. Y’all mad wish u was me y’all insecure u know y’all ugly af

    • You can’t speak on white boyz having small diccs. I’m a white boy from the hood, and my dicc is no where near small cuz. Bacc in the day blacc and hispanic girls used 2 love me. As for racist people in general do the world a favor and put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger. No one needs your racist attitude. As for the gangbanging gor me it’s always going to ce the two fingerz and a thumb gang.

  10. Just like them white boys tried to have a rally . Blacks and browns was beating y’all ass y’all hiding behind the police they saving y’all bitch ass . Yea u know what I’m talking about fuck Donaldk Trumpk white boy . Y’all white bitches loves black niggas cuz y’all dicks no longer then a worm . We got a name for y’all bitches Becky lol u kissing all on yo bitch but she out here giving us beckey that all I use to bitch for to suck my dick bitch ass white boy. Y’all gotta rape black bitches white bitches on our dicks yo race is disgusting who want to be with a white boy y’all stank like wet dogs lol y’all hate blacks but yo people want to fuck a black bitch SMH why not just fuck y’all flat booty ass white bitch if y’all don’t like blacks shit don’t make no since. Y’all mad wish u was me y’all insecure u know y’all ugly af

    • THat was the kkk. And yes they probobly were intimidated.i would be too if i had do deal with wild animals like you and your monkey fag brother. Its best you stay in long beach. Oh ya? Your boys work wit the cops too. They dry snitching you out right now.

      • Correct. Niggers have no loyalty at all. They would sell out their own Crack Whore Nigger Mothers if they were given the chance. Trust me, There are TONS OF NIGGER INFORMANTS.
        They are begging us to become informants. LMAO

  11. I lived in Oreo cookie for like 6 months but I was too long beach for that cracker city . Had the whole apartment scared snitching on me cuz Itoo destructive for y’all walk ass city. Saying the scared to come out the house cuz me and my bro was too intimidating . Yea bitch long beach shit faggot boy. Call y’all self a gang but y’all work with the police lol y’all bitches out their ona set weird ass white boy

  12. niggers are stupid, ugly and look like baboons. They are ALWAYS out to kill each other. niggers are the lowest form of scum in America. They actually hate each other.
    they were better off as slaves when they KNEW THEIR PLACE.
    niggers are one small step above animals, that’s why they look like baboons in the fucking zoo.

    • And u white people are cute LMAO ugly ass cracker with freckles lol yo bitch want a black niggas tho nigga u would go crazy if I fuck yo bitch cuz u know she coming back

      • Don’t flatter yourself too much. The ONLY white women who would go with a Nigger are low class white trash that ARE NOT WANTED by white men. The Nigger ALWAYS wants to chase after a white woman because he knows the Nigger women ARE INFERIOR. The Nigger wants to TRY and ELEVATE himself with a white trash whore. Emphasis on the word “try” because he is still an ignorant ghetto street Nigger who will eventually get killed by another Nigger or a jealous Nigger woman who is mad at him for IGNORING her. LMAO

      • Jokes on you CUZ, i gotta couple black bitches on beach blvd shelling out there pussy for they dope habit. Cmon down and try and save yo blood soul sistaaaaaa. Bring as many guns as you can boy, we have alot.

  13. I am so tired of these tag crews claiming crips.go get a fuccin job or take your stupid asses to School. I used to bang crips and the long run. Shit aint worth it.


  15. The Street Nigger is a jealous animal who was born to kill another Nigger because of his extreme INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Deep down inside, the Street Nigger KNOWS he is an inferior species and is secretly ASHAMED that he was born Black into a fucked up Nigger family living in the middle of some Nigger Shithole Ghetto. LMAO



      • WE GOT THE WESTSIDE AND ALWAYS HAVE HOMIE- I don’t know many OC SUI cause I never go down there at all- hardly leave LA county- and don’t go to shows much anymore. But we handle our biz and don’t do the nigger loudmouf strut… except when I decide to call out baboons on this site for fun. Last show I went to down there was at Alex’s in LB (I used to hang at Fenders, but the Civic and Olympic were my scene) and that was like two years ago. Had two toads standing by their car eyeball me and my girl in the lot; as we got in the ride a tiny-dicked nigger thought he’d show his lack of respect for Y-T by whipping out his dick and pissing in our full view. This kind of silly shit happens to me sometimes with young faggot buck niggers cause I’m white, in my forties… HELL NO OL WHITE DUDE AIN GOAN DO SHIT NIGGA right? WRONG. I jumped out the car, whipped out the 1911a and my fake Sheriff’s badge, got em both on the ground, frisked em, took they “roll” (typical lowrent niggers, had about 180 between the two-) and WHIPPED OUT MY DICK AND PISSED ON THE NIGGERS- especially in their braids- while they lay facedown on the asphalt and my lady videod the whole “thang” with her phone. Then I sliced two tires on their (probably their grandmas) ride and we bailed back up the 405 to home. Let me know if you want to see the vid. YOULL BE ROLLIN HOMES. THATS HOW OGHC KIDS N SUIS DEAL WITH NIGGER TOADS TRYIN TO GET “RESPECK”.

      • Fucking right HOMIE I want to see that video these bangers nowadays don’t know ahit about sui and get it twisted because we ain’t black or brown we won’t do shit ahahahahah what they don’t realize is we the first ones to fight and the last one standing SUUUUUIIIIIIII W\S AHM SUI PUNK drinking 40$ smoking blunts fucking all ya bitches without rubbers and all that ahit don’t let the smile and skin color fool ya I’ll go straight punk and blow ya whole block up!!!!! SUUUUUUUIIIIIII!

    • Y’all funny af why I see many people texting niggers but I never hear nobody say it on the stteets.y’all sound real hard writing but I see no action wTF is mar vista Culver I never even heard of that in my life lol but why would somebody go to somebody else hoodk how many times u went to somebody hood talking this shit that u WRITING and nothing happen sound dumb af

      • I say it all the time right to the Nigger’s face. They can’t do shit about it because they ARE Niggers on their way to Jail. LOL

  17. Just more TNB- typical nigger behavior- and fuxation. I’ll continue to pimp your mothers while your stupid nigger asses get β€œdown low” β€œwich ya homiez” in Quentin and Calipatria. Meanwhike, your stupid jig asses will be paying taxes to and sucking MY β€œhomies” dicks on the yard in front of everyone, while we eat your store that we punk you niggers out of, like usual. Niggers are too stupid to live. All niggers are sissies- says J Smitty, Culver City. SUICIDALS/PEN1/THE BRAND/NLR/SYNDICATO NUEVO MEXICO. WHITES AND BROWNS TURNING OUT NIGGER CLOWNS


      • Right on brother and I got your back. Niggers ain’t never got nothin but your backside- IF THEIR MONKEY ASSES CAN TAKE IT- WHICH THEY CAN’T. I floored a nigger last weekend in Inglewood for calling me “white boy”. White BOY? Nigger B O Y, you don’t even look slanteyed at an OG SOCAL HC KID, BABOON. We should hang. SUI PARTY MAR VISTA PARK

      • You don’t know how bad I would love and appreciate hanging with another sui brother. It would be a good time but I work for a long haul trucking company and unfortunately am home about twice a month. Next time I’m home I’d be SO down to kick it SUICIDAL STYLE there are still a lot of us suis left but they lay low cut we ain’t with that turf/tagging/ posting upshit like the bloods and crips so anytime I can meet another brother is a breath of fresh air. Keep the movement alive doggy dude I’ll be speaking with you for sure! SUUUUUUUUIIIIIII!!!!!

    • There is some definite truth to it. Mexicans generally HATE Niggers and will always side with the Whites. In any Barrio, you will ALWAYS see at least some white people mixed in with the Hispanics but rarely will you EVER see Niggers. Niggers are the most disliked people in America next to Muslims (Sand Niggers).
      I believe they are more hated now than ever thanks to all their whining, crying and protesting over EVERY little fucking thing.

      • Rocco u sound real hard writing this shit LMAO come to the city and talk that shit fuck crackers. AMD Mexican dumb af to side with the crackers cuz they don’t like Mexicans . They know they weak so they need help but the kkk will kill a Mexican fast they call y’all wet backs and tell y’all go back to Mexico SMH but us blacks stand by our damn self we strong enough. We don’t need to click up with other races to feel protected lol gtfoh

      • SUUUUUUUUIIIIII! You outta bounds homie come to west side ahm and see the suicidal gang. Put you on a leash and dog walk your punk ass. Stay with the crips, cuz you aint pressing NO lines against us white boys SUUUUUUUUIIIIIIII

      • It’s my Job to put Niggers like you in Jail and Ii enjoy doing it.
        what I like even better is when a Nigger kills another Nigegr which happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME. No Niggers fuck with me because I’m a 2nd degree black belt. A few that did in the past got their Nigger asses handed to them in the hospital.

  18. Who ever Rocco is need to stop saying nigger how the fuck you going to talk about people like that what are you
    White gang or some thing?and fuck you lone wolf you got no right talking about people like that they need help just like your disrespecfu ass do u going to fuck around and get blasted at

    • Bitch you must be new AF Rocco been here saying this shit for a cool minute and trust and believe you “commanding” he and I to stop is,well, a waste of your time and energy. Fuck up outta here go back to the cubicle and start my taxes fuck boy. Also,Rocco, this PYO aka lone wolf do yo thing HOMIE tell these pathetic cunts about the real deal. West side Anaheim suicidal punks gang we don’t fuck with crips or bloods were a whole different monster and they DEFINITELY don’t want to get at the white boys like you and I. The ONLY THING these dudes are scared of are white faces. ESPECIALLY us pissed off white boys that would crush there skulls at the drop of a hat. Do what you do Rocco. And everyone else can suck a fat baby’s dick. Poo butt punk bitch made motha fuckas. PYO AKA LONE WOLF SOS KILLER’S

      • It’s true enough. The west side Anaheim Boys hate Niggers and from what I’ve seen, the Niggers are AFRAID of them. LOL

    • My Job is to put Street Niggers like you in Jail. MAKE ME stop saying the word “NIGGER” you fucking crybaby.
      The word “Nigger” is equal to a bullet going through the Nigger’s body. They just can’t take it. LMAO

  19. You guys should ride on daughters of samoa. They wont do shit. Except beg to suck one of yall dick cuz they a bunch of pecker pumping methed out smokers. Fuck those lames tell em lone wolf the white boy said it.

  20. The Crip label attached to the name of their Shithole Nigger Ghetto means NOTHING.
    It’s Nigger against Nigger. That’s what IT’S ALL ABOUT, folks. One small group of Niggers from some Shithole Ghetto against all other Niggers. The Crip label means NOTHING at all. These guys fight with OTHER CRIPS more than anybody else. LMAO

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