cabbage patch piru

The Cabbage Patch Pirus (CPG) are a blood gang located on the eastside of Carson, California. Located from the west by the 405 freeway to the east Wilmington Ave, Between e 213rd st and e 220th st or Beach St. Their name come from the cabbage patch fields that once flooded the city of Carson.

Cabbage Patch Piru, were one of the most known and active blood gangs in Carsonduring the 1990s. They feud with all Carson Crips, especially the 190 East Coast Crips and Stevenson Village Crips . Since Carson and Compton, is next door neighbors they tend to get into deadly altercations with the Compton Crips (CC Ridaz).

Cabbage Patch Piru (CPP) is one of the few Piru gangs outside of Compton Ca, that is respected by all Compton Pirus (P-Funk Ridas).  Bob Whitfield aka Head-butt Bob, former  American football offensive tackle for the  Atlanta Falcons 1992–2003, and the New York Giants 2005-2007, grew up in Carson CA, in the “Cabbage Patch Piru” neighborhood. Bloody Mary (RIP) from the rap groupBloods & Crips payed homage to the Cabbage Patch Pirus, in a song called “Piru Love.” 



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