Casa Blanca Gangster Crips

The Casa Blanca Gangster Crips (CBGC) also known as Casa Blanca Crips (CBC) and 2800 Blocc Gangster Crips, are primarily an African-American street gang located in the neighborhood of Casa Blanca, on the South Side of Riverside, California.  They share the Casa Blanca Community, with the Casa Blanca Rivas, such as the Casa Blanca Fern Street and the Casa Blanca Evans Street  (Hispanic gangs). 

The casa Blanca Crips, are located in the southern region of Riverside, So they claims South Side (South Side Casa Blanca Crips), and consists of two cliques known as the 2800 block and the 7400 block. In addition, to claiming South Side, they also claim Gangster Crips also known as Trays 3x or Moving Gang. The Casa Blanca Gangster Crips, are known to congregate in the Lincoln Apartments (low-income) located on Lincoln Ave.

The 2800 block, Also known as the 2800 block Crips, which is considered the largest and original clique of the Casa Blanca Gangster Crips. Members of the 7400 clique, are known to sport apparel by the San Francisco 49ers, an American professional football team. Especially, the 49ers baseball caps, with the “SF” (Seven-Four) to represent 7400 block, also known as the 7400 block Crips

Allies & Rivals

Casa Blanca Gangster Crips are allies of the Projects Gangster Crips as well as the Casa Blanca Evans Street, until they turned Sureño 13. They are rivals of the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips and the West Side Rivas as well as the Florencia 13 (Riverside). However, they are bitter rivals of the Hale Street Rivas, which is a sub-clique of the North Side Rivas.




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