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  • La Baby Smiley (Rapper)

    Rachel Aboytes (September 11, 1993 – March 26, 2015) better known by her stage name La Baby Smiley, was an American Chicana gangster rapper from… Advertisements More

  • The Scarecrow (Rapper)

    Jay Johnson (born July 31, 1974 – February 10, 2016), better known by his stage name The Scarecrow also known as Jay Capone or Jay Loc, was an American rapper/producer from Compton, California. He was born and raised on the East Side in a neighborhood dominated by the Original Poccet Hood Compton Crips (OPHCC). More

  • Green Eyez (Rapper)

    Ricky Gibson (March 3rd, 1973 – May 15, 2015), better known by his stage name Green Eyez was an American rapper from Inglewood, California. He… More

  • Sinister (Rapper)

    Timothy Wayne Johnson (Jan. 14, 1970 – Nov. 25, 2007), better known by his street/stage name Sinister was an American West Coast gangster rapper from… More

  • Kedaru (Rapper)

    Keyandre Brown, better known by his stage name Kedaru (Key-Da-Ru), also known Kedaru 400 as well as Young Kedaru (commonly spelled Keda Ru) is an American… More

  • Suga Buga (Rapper)

    Suga Buga, also known as Suga Buga The Pimp, and formerly known as Dogg is an American rapper born and raised in Inglewood, California. He is best… More

  • Snoopy Blue (Rapper)

    Snoopy Blue, also known as Snoop is an American rapper from South Central Los Angeles, California. Snoopy Blue first appeared in “Blutiful World” a music… More

  • Conejo (Rapper)

    Jose Martin (born September 9, 1974), better known by his stage name Conejo, which means “Rabbit” in Spanish. He is a Mexican-American recording artist from West… More

  • Lil Sodi (Rapper)

    Lil Sodi,  is an American rapper/singer who was born and raised on the West Side of South Los Angeles, (formerly known as South Central Los… More

  • Boskoe 100 (Rapper)

      Boskoe 100, also known as Boskoe1 is an American rapper who hails from Inglewood, California. He became well-known in the music industry after a… More