The Joe Boys also known as Chung Ching Yee,  was a Chinese-American youth gang established in the 1960s in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The Joe Boys was referred to as  “Joe Fong Boys“, after it’s creator Joe Fong. Fong was a previous member of  The Wah Ching GangBill Lee “Author,”  a former  member of the Joe Boys gang, composed  substantially of his past life’s  participation in the Chinese crime syndicate, and the gang’s  past history in his publication titled Chinese Playground Playing field: A Memoir. The Joe Boys obtained additional notoriety after the Golden Dragon Massacre  which  arised over the sale of fire crackers  in chinatown. Because the Golden Dragon Massacre, the Chung Ching Yee has actually dissolved  as a result of  authorities tension and “Gang Task  Pressure”  in the San Francisco Chinatown area location.

The Golden Massacre

The Golden Dragon Massacre forever changed the image of  the resturant the massacre occurred in San FranciscoCa, on September 4, 1977,  the Golden Dragon Dining establishment located at 816 Washington Street. the Joe Boys attempted to assassinate members of  the Wah Ching Gang, but the assassination attempt backfired. Which  resulted in the deaths of  5 individuals, consisting of  2 innocent tourists, and injuries  to 11 individuals, none was gang related. The motive for the  murder attempt was retaliation for the killing of Joe Boy, Felix Huey that was murdered  in a shootout with Wah Ching members at the Ping Yuen housing projects previously. 5 members of  the Joe Boys Gang were apprehended and pronounced guilty for the incident, with 3 of them still serving jail sentences as of  2013. Bill Lee (Author) and former member of the Joe Boys Gang, covered the event and his past affiation with the Joe Boys Gang in his publication, Chinese PlaygroundA Memoir. The two gangs longstanding conflict started over a disagreement of fire crackers sales. The Golden Dragon bloodbath is responsible for the creation of the San Francisco Police Department’s Asian Gang Task Force, which is also the main cause of  downfall for the Joe Boys Gang. The Golden Dragon closed it’s doors, and later reopened as the Imperial Palace Restaurant.


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  2. 4 corrections; 1st. The picture is not authentic. 2nd. Chung Yee was the original name. 3rd. It started Feb. 1972. 4th. Bill Lee is a fake. He was never a member.

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