circle ciity piru

The Circle City Piru (CCP) are mainly an African-American street gang, located on the East Side in the Watts region of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood around Central Ave, between 103rd Street and 106th Street. The Circle City Pirus share parts of their territory with the Hacienda Village Bloods

The Circle City Pirus are the only blood gang in the Watts district, to represent Piru outside of Compton, California. They known to sport The Circle City Pirus consist of several cliques such as 104th street, 105th street and 106th street. Watts Gangstas (rap group), which consist of D Dope and Felony, they both are from Circle City Piru.

Their main allies are Bounty Hunter Bloods and the Hacienda Village Bloods. They were allies of all Compton Pirus, however, their close alliance with the Bounty Hunters cause strain on some Compton Pirus. The Circle City Pirus main rivals are the Front Street Crips, they have been fueding since the 1980s.

Rivals include: Front Street Crips, Blue Gate Mafia Crips, Avalon Gangster Crips99 Mafia CripsBacc Street Watts CripsEast Coast CripsFudge Town Mafia CripsGrape Street Watts Crips, and all Compton Crips.


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