compton avenue crips

The Compton Avenue Crips (CAC) are an African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. The Compton Ave Crips originated around Compton Ave and Grandee Blvd, between 92nd Street and 97th Street, in the 1970s. The Compton Avenue Crips main cliques are the Darkside Watts and 95th Street as well as 97th Street. 

The Compton Avenue Crips have a close alliance with the Kitchen Crips (especially with the 95 Kitchen Crips).They also share common enemies such as the Hat Gang Watts Crips and the East Coast Crips, which are considered their main crip enemies. The Compton Ave Crips and the Hat Gang Watts, were once close allies with strong family ties.

Due to Compton, being attached to their name (Compton Avenue Crips), they are often confused with being located in the city of Compton. However, they are named after a popular street (Compton Ave), which runs thru several cities such as Compton as well as Watts and Los Angeles. Rivals include: East Coast CripsHat Gang Watts, Grape Street Crips, Bounty Hunter Bloods, Mad Swan Bloods, Circle City Piru, Hacienda Village BloodsBe Bop Watts Bishops, and all Compton Pirus.


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