The Compton Varrio Tokers (CVTKS), also known as South Side Compton Varrio Tokers 13, due to their affiliation with the Mexican-Mafia (Sureno 13). The Compton Varrio Tokers are primarily an Mexican-American street gang, located in Compton, California. Knight Owls (Glencoe Street) and 68th Street are two of their largest cliques located around Greenleaf Blvd and Willowbrook Ave.

Allies And Rivals

The Compton Varrio Tokers, mainly feud with other Latino gangs in the city of Compton, such as the Compton Varrio 70s, Compton Varrio 155, Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats, and the Compton Varrio Alondra 13. They also have territory disputes with near-by African-American street gangs such as the Mob Piru Gang, one of the largest Piru gangs located in the city of Compton.

They are also known for their hostile towards authority figures after the death of a member of the Compton Varrio Tokers (Mouse) was killed by police during a taco truck robbery in 2001.


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