Edgemont Locos 13 Gang

The Varrio Edgemont Locos 13 (VEML13), also known as the Edgemont Locos 13 (EML13) or simply Edgemont Locos (EML) are the oldest and largest Mexican-American street gang from the 1980s operating in the Edgemont neighborhood of Moreno Valley, California.

The Edgemont Locos share the Edgemont community with neighboring gangs such as the Dorner Blocc Crips and the Edgemont Criminals, two allied African-American street gangs known as the Dorner Blocc Criminals. By the 1990s, already allied with the Mexican-Mafia, the Edgemont Locos joined the Surenos 13.

By the 2000s, the Edgemont Locos were at odds with most neighboring Latino and African-American street gangs. Their hatred for Bloods and Crips (BK/CK) was inspired by their rivalry with the Dorner Blocc Criminals (Crips), the prominent black gang in this area.

General Info
Full Name: Varrio Edgemont Locos 13;
Founded In: 1980s
Current Location: Moreno Valley, Riverside, California;                                                                     Cliques: Night Owls, Cholilos, Spantos;
Allies: La eMe (Mexican Mafia);
Rivals: Southside Maniacos, Brown Pride Crew (BPC), Edgemont Doner Criminals, Sex Cash Murda Gang, 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips;


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