El Hoyo Marvilla

The Hoyo MaraVilla (HMV), also known as El Hoyo Maravilla are primarily a Mexican-American criminal street gang located in Unincorporated East Los Angeles, California. They originated in 1935, the 1st generation was known as the “Originals” and the second generation was known as the “Cherries”. 

El Hoyo has spawned over fifteen cliques throughout the course of their history such as Ganzos, Locos, Monstros Ganzos, Locos, Monstros and the Stoners. El Hoyo was the first subset of the Maravilla Gangs, to originate in East Los Angeles. This gang has been around long before the Mexican Mafia and the 18th Street Gang and just as long as the White Fence Gang.

Hoyo Maravilla (a small, old community northwest of where the Pomona and Long Beach freeways meet). Maravilla Varrios are considered “Green Light Gangs” along with the Lowell Street Locos. These two gangs are (Tax-Free) meaning they refuse to pay a percentage of their earnings to the La EME Mexican Mafia.

Allies And Rivals

The El Hoyo Marvilla are rivals of the Geraghty Loma, Varrio Nuevo Estrada18th Street Gang, 38th Street Gang, Playboys 13, Florencia 13, and all Sureño Gangs.


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