The Florencia 13 (F-13 or FX-13), also known as the South Side Florencia 13 or Florencia Treca are an infamous Mexican-American Sureno street gang, with cliques throughout the Los Angeles County, California. They originated after World War II, during the late 1940s, in the “Florence-Firestone” district of South Central Los Angeles. Florencia is Spanish for Florence, a major Avenue street in Central and South Los Angeles.

The Florencia 13 neighborhood stretches from Central Avenue to Alameda Street, between Slauson Ave and Florence Avenue. The eastern portion of their neighborhood extends into the city of Huntington Park and the city of Los Angeles. The Florencia 13, also operates in the “Hyde Park” area of South Los Angeles, which is primarily known for being home to the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips.

The Florencia 13 Locos, are a subset of the larger Florencia 13, based on the West Side in the “Harvard Park” neighborhood of South Los Angeles. They are known to congregate at Harvard Park (recreation center), located on Halldale Street between 59th Street and 62nd Street in Harvard Park. They share their neighborhood with the Harvard Park Brims, an African-American street gang. They have peacefully co-existed in this area since the 1980s.

The Florencia 13, consist of multiple cliques operating in different areas of the Los Angeles County. Their oldest cliques are the Jokers (JKS), Malditos (MDS), Locos (LCS), Midgets (MDS), Diablos (DBS), Termites (TMS), Los Animals, and the Assasinos. These in particular cliques gained notoriety after being featured on Gangland (TV series) in 2012.

Other cliques of the F-13, Dream Boys (DBS), Malos (MLS), Locos (LCS), Tokers (TKS), Midnight Street Boys (MNSB), Neighborhood Dukes (NHD), Bagos (BGS) and the Pee Wees (PWS). In 2007, over 100 members of the of F-13 were named in federal indictments after an investigation dubbed “Operation Joker’s Wild,” named after the Jokers (JKS) clique.

Ties To The Mexican-Mafia

The Florencia 13 adapted the number 13, during the 1960s, which corresponds to the alphabet letter “M” signifying their affiliation with the Mexican-Mafia (or La EME). Incarcerated members of the Florencia 13 (first generation), were inferential during the creation period of the Mexican-Mafia. Arthur “Tudy” Picaso who is responsible for ordering hits on nearby black gangs (mostly the East Coast Crips).

Trinidad “Trinny” Inglesias (also known as a Cop Killer), is perhaps Florencia’s most monstrous member to be recruited by the Mexican-Mafia. On May 22, 1971, Deputy Gary Saunders (June 16, 1939 – August 7, 1969), was shot multiple times in the chest near 70th Street between Florence Avenue and Holmes Avenue, by Inglesias.

According to Richard Valdemar, a former Los Angeles Police officer Inglesias was considered the prime suspect in the shooting of a Huntington Park Narcotics Officer shot in the head as he used a urinal in a public bathroom.

Gangland (Shoot To Kill)

The Florencia 13 were featured on VH1’s “Gangland” (TV series), which aired in 2012. They were described as the largest and deadliest criminal street gang in South Los Angeles. Members of the F-13, openly expressed their hatred towards African-Americans, which stems from their rivalry with the East Coast Crips.

Allies & Rivals

The Florencia 13, alliance and loyalty lies with the Mexican-Mafia. Their largest rivalries are with the 18th Street Gang38th Street GangPlayboys 13, and the East Coast Crips. However their earliest enemies were with  Watts Varrios, such as the Watts Varrio Hickory Street, Watts Varrio Grape Street, Watts Varrio Elm Street, and the Watts Jardin (Watts Garden). These rivalries date back to the 1950s.




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