fredrick staves

Fredrick James Staves also known the streets as “Baby Gangster” or “Gangsta,” he is one of the original member of the Santana Blocc Compton Crips (2nd generation). Fredrick started gang-bangin in the 1970s. Oak Park Boys and Mid-Town Crips, emerged as one to form the Santana Blocc CripsHe idolize Kenneth “Turtle”  Johnson, who became the leader  of the Santana Blocc Compton Crips. Fredrick was nic named (Baby Gangster) by OG Turtle, who was gunned down in 1989.

In 1985, Fredrick Staves was arrested and charged with first degree murder, later reduced to Voluntary Manslaughter. Baby Gangster did seven and a half years, out of a thirteen years prison sentence. However, Fredrick claim he is an innocence man and refuses to tell (snitch) on his fellow comrades. Which, resulted in him doing seven years prison.

CC Riders

The term CC Riders was founded by Fredrick “Baby Gangster” Staves, along with fellow comrade Big Marcellus, together they formed CC Riders, in the Los Angeles, County Jail in 1986. Which, consisted of an alliance between all Crip gangs, who falls under the Compton Crips brand. The CC Riders brand expanded to the streets, and All crip gangs in Compton, represented Compton Crips feuded with Blood gangs that originated from Piru Street, under the Piru umbrella.

However, Comptn Crips started feuding with each other when crack cocaine hit the streets of Compton. By the late 1980’s, gangs was bringing in thousands from drugs. This led to animosity amongst close allies, gangs started feuding for larger territory to expand their drug operation. As the tension grew, alliances suffered, as well as the CC Riders term.


by the late 1980s, Fredrick Staves was a full-blown Druglord. At one point, he was the presidents of  the Majestics Car Club, which was a popular car club that appeared in several issues of Lowrider magazines. Fredrick Staves also owned a beeper store in the city of Compton, as well as several drug houses. His business ventures allowed him to enter act with high-ranking Mexican-Americans cocaine dealers, with ties to Drug Cartels throughout Mexico. This led to large quantities of cocaine purchases for distribution at wholesale prices.

On September 62001, Fredrick Staves was apprehended on a 34-count indictment for a numerous drug-trafficking associated crimes. Their investigation consisted of surveillance stakeouts and wiretaps. The district court sentenced Fredrick James Staves to 240 months behind bars in a maximum penitentiary, followed  by a ten-year term of closely monitored probation. Fredrick James Staves has since been released from prison.

fredrick staves