G-Nutt is an African-American West Coast rapper from South Los Angeles (South Central) , California. G-Nutt is often compared to Young Jeezy, due to their similar sound. G-Nutt media attention with tracks such as Hit Yo Brimin (with over 200,000 views on Youtube), Getting Money, 5,6,7,8 Kush remix, and B.I.P. G-Nutt is also affiliated with one of South Los Angeles, well-known blood gang the West Side Fruit Town Brims.


G-Nutt has appeared in several music videos such as Wont Stop Being A Blood (Pt. 2) by Gee2Beez from Bloodstone Villians. Which, is a sequel of the original version music video (Wont Stop Being A Blood) by Mitchy Slick from Lincoln Park Bloods. In 2013, G-Nutt released a single called “Ass In Air (Face Down) featuring Ty Dolla $ign along with a music video.

G-Nutt and Yard Down Muzik artist’s  Nino 2 , DT Da Great, G Telly, and Sweezy, made a tribute song dedicated to “Travon Martin” called “No Justice No Peace.” G-Nutt has collobrated a number of rappers such as Mitchy Slick, Ty Dolla $ignMistah Fab, and G-Len (LA Denver Lane Bloods) former member of Damu Ridas.

 Boskoe1 Fallout

G-Nutt became involved in a bitter feud with fellow blood rapper Boskoe1, who is from Inglewood, Queen Street Bloods. G-Nutt and Boskoe1 became cool after being introduced to each other. However, G-Nutt felt disrespected when Boskoe1 released a mixtape titled “Yard Down” after meeting each other in 2011. Yard Down is also the name of G-Nutt record label (Yard Down Muzik) and have been active since 2008.

In 2012, G-Nutt released a diss track addressing Boskoe1 for using the term Yard Down without permission, over Drake, Lil Wayne, and Tyga Motto” single. In the first verse, G-Nutt started off by comparing Boskoe1 to Rodney King and reginald denny“Rodney King, Reginald Denny, and Boskoe the same. They got fucked up in order to get fame.”