Garden Blocc Crips

The Garden Blocc Crips (GBC) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located in the Meadowview, neighborhood of Sacramento, California. This region of Sacramento, used to be known as the “Correla Gardens.” The Garden Blocc Crips consist of three sub-sets known as the 21st Street Crips, 24th Street Crips and the 29th Street Crips.

The 29th Street Crips also known as the 29th Street Garden Blocc Crips (Deuce-9), which is located around 29th Street and Florin Rd, with parts of their hood extending to the Parkway neighborhood. They dominated the South portion of the Phoenix Park housing complex, formerly known as the Franklin Villa housing complex. While the G-Mobb, a rival street gang of the 29th Street Crips controlled the North portion of the Franklin Villa housing complex.

The 29th Street Garden Blocc Crips, regulated an alley between Franklin Blvd and El Mango, which was dubbed as “Crip Alley” and “Murder Alley” due to the large number of homicides that took place in the early 2000’s. The 24th Street Crips also known as the 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips (Deuce-4) is located around 24th Street and Florin Road/60th Street. The 21st Street Crips also known Garden Blocc 21st Street Crips (Deuce-1 or 2-One).

The Garden Blocc Crips, are known to congregate around the Florin Gardens Apartments, located on 24th Street and Wah Avenue along with the Florin Meadows Apartments on 29th Street.


The Garden Blocc Crips, are also known for producing successful rappers such as C-Bo (29th Street), who have sold over 3-million records and has collaborated with legendary artist’s such as Kokane and the late 2pac. Other rappers from the Garden Blocc Crips, include Brotha Lynch Hung (24th Street) and T-Nutty (24th Street) as well as X-Raided (24th Street) and many more.

Local rappers from the Garden Blocc Crips, include G-Macc protegé of Brotha Lych Hung. Young Meek, who is the brother of C-Bo and Mac Rell (24th Street). Along with Mr. Doctor (29th Street), Smigg Dirtee (21st Street), Roccett Loc (29th Street) and Big Gunplay (24th Street).

In The News

In 1992, Anerae Brown, better known by his stage name X-Raided and an ex-member of the Garden Blocc Crips (24th Street), was one of the five gang-members on trail for a murder that left a grandmother (Patrica Harris), dead inside her home. In 1992, the Garden Blocc Crips and the Meadowview Bloods, became engaged in a violent feud that resulted in a number of gang-related shootings.

Patricia Harris, a community activist, mother and grandmother of Jamal Harris and Kerry Harris (brothers), both were members of the Meadowview Bloods, who were held responsible for the killing of two reputable members of the Garden Blocc Crips. In March of 1992, allegedly several uninvited gang-members of the Garden Blocc Crips, ransacked the home of Patricia Harris looking for her two grandsons.

On April 16, 1992, X-Raided released “Psycho Active” (2nd album) which was recorded in 1990, and released in 1992. The album cover for Psycho Active, shows X-Raided holding a 38 chrome revolver pressed against his temple, police believe this is the same murder weapon used in the shooting death of Harris, who was fatally shot through the heart. X-Raided was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 31 years in a maximum state prison.

Allies & Rivals

The Garden Blocc Crips have a strong alliance with the Valley Hi Gangster Crips and the North Highland Gangster Crips as well as the 29th Street Tongan Crip Gang. They are rivals of the MeadowView Bloods, Valley High Pirus, G-Mobb and the Oak Park Bloods.



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  1. i was one of the original founding members of the 29th street homeboys (which back the early 80s was NOT the GBC) back in the early 80s, and to my knowledge, the only WHITE BOY member. grew up off flores way and 29th street. back then it wasnt all the shootin and bull you see , we were just tryin to survive and handled shit with our fists. to bad things went the way they did today! we were a force to be reckoned with back then!

    • U are a LIAR nigga u aint an original member of 29st , who are u? Blood u did not live in FLORIN MEADOWS apts, the first gorilla garden crips started in da ROCK u weirdo. back then they had da blazer boys too,u a fraud nigga, bet u claim VGS too. Go sit ur clown azz down before i have 24thst PEP or big maniac check u on da B! How iz it that DIRT never heard of u. Hmmm yeah RIGHT homie

  2. You guys are fucking idiots. This is an intelligence website for law enforcement. Why the fuck would you either snitch or dry snitch on someone you may or may not know. You should all go walk into traffic.

  3. Meadowview iz the deepest blood gang in da south Sacramento,i came to da hood as a youngsta from Inglewood CA. i remember alot of crips pushing a line but 29st always had fightn within itz own hood and low key alot of them had love for da VIEW and some crips turned blood too, i dont wanna put nobody on blasts though. After Cadillac tone died,thus u have the VIEW created in DANGER ISLAND known formally as the ROCK a gbc hangout, when john Hampton died over there it was the uprising and statement of Meadowview Bloodz. i dont care to debate but after we lost Lil CK in 1991 we did damage. GBC has lost major factors to da VIEW and yes the blocc was deep but the VIEW obviously had more kids that was gunners bcuz the 90s were when oak park and 29st saw that Meadowview wasnt to be taken lightly. 6900,CK ave,18oo,23rd,71st, played major roles in what started from twin pines apts. DANGER ISLAND,if u go to the pen and say u from 916 naturally they ask Meadowview -OAK PARK or da HEIGHTS. GBC was hard but a little overrated bcuz i remember da VIEW when we was bout 60 deep on a good day and we still did whatever we wanted. We play a big part in Sacramento gang history if u was really coming out the house at that time.We held our own! Da fact that we didn’t EDUCATE our own iz the problem. We helped FVB-DTB-VHP-gMobb too when da P came growling and thatz a known fact. not bad for a small hood huh?

    • I got a lot of fam from the veiw but when i got put on in 93, anybody could jus walk up to the veiw and they stood with them. Then yall had a lot of shooters but a little bit of hands. Im a blocc boy and got fam in the p and the veiw so iseen a lot but dont ever discount the blocc. I used to go to kennedy, the only blocc nigga and they still would try to jump a nigga. But that was a long time ago. I would rather a lil homie talk to me about a 401k or a new histle or a way to get further. I been on mine 9 years and i want all my folks to win and do more than i am

      • you old ass niggas don’t know shit about shit nowdayz Rosemont and LVpiru run this shit. The view irrelevant nowdayz

      • U are a joke and real PIRUZ don’t need oak parks permission or approval.. ESP better stick to beefin wit wannabe sur13 niggaz. Rosemont iz a nice area where nothing happens. Why claim RU when yall never had any major gang test or landmark or OGz.. MVGP got way more history and RUSPECT!


      • Bro u niggaz just started coming outside lol. How can they be so hard wit all them casualties? C’mon dumb azz boy why they run to g parkway? then to da grainz? How many Meadowview homiez died to them? Hmmm only 3, where all they tough riders? Bro honestly gbc was excellent at selling dope and rap music, thatz it . Meadowview started in 88-89 era and took the gardens by strategy. Alot of them turned bloods too but hey u had to be there to know that. 29st tried but Meadowview had too many ways of attack. crips was hurt when c tone,john hampton, g red, j dogg, q ball died. Da View has never been down to no crip gang in Sacramento history go ask ZEPEDA lol

      • U a mark and obviously u aint even active, so do us both a favor.Shut up bcuz i bet real SAC bloods or crips dont even know u ,ol confused azz NO HISTORY, lil BOY BEGINNER LOL

      • U aint from no hood so shut yo lil weeeenie azz up bcuz most of u kids aint nothing but GIMMICKS ready to SNITCH, most of yall scary anyway, i wouldn’t even want u claimin my turf. Hahahaha anyone can claim now, yall wannabe bay area type bloods & crips . Young suckaz talkin bout bandz but still living wit ya mama, clutchin a gun on the lightrail.

    • Bro u kno your history on the Streets South Sac Salute you said a lot of Real Key player from both sides…We was wild in the 80s lost a lot of good brother’s including mines C-Tone….Hope sactown can get right as a hold stop the dumb shit I’m a G from the 9 and been gone from sactown like 20yrs and bro when I tell u that was the best shit happen to me…because I kno the city will keep u trap if don’t get out are have a Change of Mind….Stay safe out there my Brother

      • If he was a grown ass man with the name of lil ck he probably died being an fucking idiot. These nicknames of adult men just crack me up lmao

      • My dude was only a teenager in da nineties when he was killed, shot in da face on Amherst in front of danger island by the other side. legendary rider of our age group. His murder was the reason we never gave up against 29st. Alot of action taken for this. 29st moved to g parkway to defend themselves too. Coral gables taken from them, 3 gbc dead. Battles erupt!

      • Fuck yo momma honky, u aint got half the heart any of those who gave they life for this lifestyle that ur scary azz watch on da news but u a keyboard mafia warrior. Rip to all those that died, only the lord dictates and judges .Weenie,lol

  4. To be real wit all due respect MVB has put down more GBCz than anyone and iz the only gang in Sacramento that has taken turf from the crips. Da view iz responsible for giving opg and the gbc trouble from day one despite bein outnumbered. Da view fought wit gbc,vgs,tgc plus opg and honestly didn’t take the losses youd expect. When the Detroit blvd kats and vhp kats couldn’t hold it down da view pushed so hard and gave bloods a reason to stand up to them bullies, all facts no fiction. MVB means Marquis Von Bool aid some of the first to put a crip in his place.

  5. Who is bigger (as far as number wise) Garden Blocc Crip and its subsets/allies, or Oak Park Bloods and its subsets/allies? Anyone of these gangs recruit people from other ethnicity; Indian (not Native American).

    • Oak Park is definitely bigger these days but they are broken into a lot of subsets and spin off cliques like ridezilla and FAB. The Gardwn Blocc Crips have been displaced and targeted by police so much that they have not really actively recruited and as a result have shrunk in size. I would say that the remaining GBC’s are more hardcore gang members since they are outnumbered and must put up with trippin all day, but OPB has its share of real bangerz. Bloods in sacramento in general tend to be a lot of succas tho just trying to fit in and do what the crowd does. You can tell a sac crip off top.

      • Does it matter who is bigger and what are they fighting for again besides colors These guys are grown ups correct Adult men they sound like little boys The men in this picture look to old to be playing with their lives to old to be in a gang Garden crips nothing but a group of grown assholes who never grew up Are these men father’s ? If so how sad I feel sorry for their children More wasted lives more grown adult black men lost in this silly meaningless bullshit

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  7. I remember growing up in South Sac during the time Lynch,C-Bo and X-Raided were in the prime of thier rap careers…..Also heard the war stories on the streets that only the sac-town originals know about like when 29th street Crips took over the Seavey circle projects during the time Seavey circle was the worst hood in Sac and 29th basically just took over that territory and set up shop there during the crack epidemic until the cops forced them to leave seavey circle. It’s something that has never been talked about it seems.

  8. Oh yeah almost forgot that dude who was saying that nortenos was around in the gardens before crippin is a dumb ass. Get your shit right VGS was bangin crip up til the mid 90s wasnt no nortes in the garden til VGS flipped to norte because when they got to the pen the nortes got on em for being a mexican crip basically they folded under the pressure and gave up everything they stood for cuz they was scared of gettin smashed on by the nortes. They triple OG FuFu died for the blue rag killed by franklon boys. OG Mondo ballin on that crip shit get ur facts right boy

    • Thats a a fact vgs was cripn until the penitentiary homies got involved. And even though most of my homies have been nortenos for the last 20 years they say cuzz/ cuh second nature. Big wino stayed cripn and to this day is 29th st . But the gardens use to fly green rags too. All early 90s shit . Our biggest rival was franklone vc 36th . Crazy shit seems like a life time ago. I got my education there in tha 9 …spider loc, indio , loco eddy , big pineapple, silent, g dog , benny n heava togan crips, seawind tcg, d train (rip) sandro torres (rip) . All my niggaz gone now cept 1 or 2 . Murdered or sittin down wit an L . Sac aint even the same anymore with everyone gone. Shit jus depressing driving through it . Rip to all florin rd sets who lost brothers in this crazy struggle. Free spider loc, rip dinesh indio singh , rip big magnum

  9. I am a real loc from tha 4 blocc know not! In other word 4 luv or no luv sonce ’92. 1 gunshot wound from a peelin’ nigga, 4 years in y.a. and 4 more in tha pen (tracy, jamestown, and high desert) bout to drop knowledge. G-blocc started in the early 80’s. Big Maniac,Q-Ball, Big C-Tone and some other cats started the 9. B-dub 24 pep junebug started the 4. L.A. Sam from Nutty Blocc clicked up with the the homies and we took on the Blocc name. Gardens comes from back in the day when there werent no houses south of maggotview and the asians used to grow they own food in the field. Nedra court had a corn field on the side for hella years. In the 80s and 90s the blocc was right and we qas the first niggas to put northern crippin on the map in the pen. L.A. niggas who been in there respect the blocc 4 real! We are different grom most other cities crippin cuz we turned it into our own shit wit our own hood no L.A. hood bangin like them succa in Fresno bangin 107 hoova and shit or them handford 83 gangsta cats. Maggot niggas was scared to come outside when we was really in the hood but parole and police shut the blocc down by not allowing parolees to go back to the set. They didnt do that shit to the bloods cuz we was seriously layin shit down and any real blood from sac will keep it real and vouch for that. Then all the bay cats moved to town when rent got too high in the bay and turned these young fucc sac niggas into turf bangers on that hyphy bullshit. These fag boys these days bang 2 or 3 sets ex. GBC slash starz but fuccs wit B.a.y. i dont know bout you but in my day that shit is hood hoppin fucc boy shit. The blocc was specifically targeted by law so now the blocc is all dead or in jail. But I do know that about every 10 years a group of g niggas from the hood all parole about the same time and reorganize and put it down hard for a year but then the onez shut it down and locc em up again and uaually with that 25 to life shit like big G Man, mad ball, terry joe, mad face nsane snake etc. Real shit aint no reason gor real niggas to bang no more cuz this new generation is gay as shit! Bangin 2 or 3 sets high as shit when they shootin but i seen em in the pen scared as shit when they sober and aint got no pistol. Scared to death of an old school ass kiccin. Thats the real and L.A. niggas know. They used to try to push line on us when we first hit the pen but niggas like b dubb poison bread and some more pit it down so righteous them niggad laod off and respected it. Real shit 90% of my fades in the pen wasnt even wit blodds it was always wit an L.A. crip tryna down talk northern crippin and on crip i won every single fight except one with my own homeboy lil smurf from 21st GBC R.I.P. (shot out to his brother lil Evil R.I.P.) i aint tryna diss L.A. niggas just tryna say L.A. aint the only place niggas killin shit.

    • But you SOUND like a typical dumb ignorant street nigger and eventually another nigger will kill you, unless you go to jail. You have what we would call a shitty life. You’re just too dumb too realize it because you were born into it.

      • Im actually mixed and more white than anything. That racist shit on the internet is gay as shit by the way. I am actually a regional manager for a restaurant chain now days and make damn good money. I live 1 mile from the ocean and pay a rent that would make you shit yourself. Dont judge a book by the cover. Like I said its stupid to bang these days cuz mf aint loyal and bangin hella shit just cuz. But that shit I did was worth it cuz it made me who I am today diamonds can only be made when you apply pressure. So succas who aint ever had a rough life sit on they high horse like they shit dont stink but aint got character. If you aint battle proven then you never know how youll react when ahit get rough.

      • I’m glad to see you improved your life. That’s good. However, my comments about Street Niggers who belong to these Neighborhood Sets is not Racist. They are Street Criminals who VICTIMIZE their own people which makes them Dumb Ignorant Asshole Ghetto Niggers. End of Story.

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    • Bro im 40 yrs old and i can tell u for a fact that alot of gbc katz were claiming da fame, while some were getting stripes. Half of da blocc was SNITCHN on da VIEW based on so many attacks with no get back. Think to yourself if u was really bangin back then u would know gbc was too deep for they own good and they fizzled out, when real niggaz stood up to da blocc then yall ran to da G then to da grainz. Meadowview has only 3 casualties to the blocc period. Meadowview has dropped 7 gbcz so please check yo history homie bcuz u puttin too much on it honestly. Think back if u can lol. Crazy thing iz that Meadowview took factors from yall bcuz the blocc was structured and had more known Gz, da view pushed yall out of gardenz not the POLICE otherwise we wouldn’t be there either smh.

    • It sounds like u hold some animosity toward MEADOWVIEW homie ,i was there through all that mess. Only a fake ricket would tell them lies u speak! How in da hell was niggaz hiding from crips and took they turf too u idiot ? Gbc was all over the gardens but the VIEW had UNITY. u so damn ignorant bro i bet u didn’t know that some of yall was busters given info to bloods bout other crips,bro look imma a G from MEADOWVIEW, im sorry what happen to TONY & ALBERT but thats a perfect example of the hood showing yall that u didn’t control nothing,my heart goes out to Dirt son too, MEADOWVIEW aint got no EXCUSES bro. Most of all yall told on each other too. Damn thats sad for yall to be an original Sacramento gang. I guess time showed the truth huh?

    • Gardons/V.G.S. used to claim blue rags before they switched over to red rag….There were no red bandanas in the Gardens in the beginning…..Some of the original members from Garden Blocc Crips were members of Gardons before GBC existed.

  10. Big slimdogg duce four crip. We’re banging in sac town and yes nutty blocc brought it to the four cuzz that’s why we’re killers nothing facc niggas it’s real just go to the gardens and c for yourself then you’ll c if are hood is facc cuzz. Gardens cuzz what…….

    • 24th st dont even have a hangout , in da 90s da view took the gables and the view park from yall , only nedra ct was what we left alone. 6900 blk by itself is way deeper than 21st or 24th. U gbc katz went downhill when tony morgan died, yall had roster but no strategy, Meadowview orchestrated an up rising yall wasnt ready for. History shows that crips started in da gardens but got ran out PERIOD . Respect da VIEW homie lol

  11. Mr. Doctor is originally from Lincoln Village and wanted to bang the Village but Village niggaz wouldn’t put him on because he’s a weak ass military brat….

  12. This note to garden crips sac town dont no shit about u crips but i will say dont ever disc original crip compton or so cal crip gangs cuzz stop it.

  13. No disrespect sac town not saying yall not with the biz just giving some history on the blocc crip meaning. C horse compton nutty blocc crips 165st sur 13killa

      • Born raised and south central to compton their is no east coast block crip just east coast r block crips and l.a. thats a compton altadena signature

    • Peep game lil homie from compton, south sac iz wid dat action loc…..don’t get twitted and don’t disrespect 916 killa cali MACRAMENTO.

  14. I grew up in South Sacramento back in the old days before they tore down the original Florin Mall and at one point the Garden Blocc Crips must of had hundreds of members because in my lifetime of living in Sacramento I’ve met maybe over 50 members that were from Garden Blocc. They were a big gang and I think 29th was the deepest because I knew a lot of crips from 29th.

  15. 24 ways and a 24 sack of that purple kush’ll make me sicker
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  16. I eat sleep shit shop and stay in the hood. Its hella homies out here in the Valley and the Blocc. True enough aint nobody bangin out here like 80s 90s and early 2000s from either side. Niggas is wise’n up and or fallin off

    • True shit things have changed for the better. I grew up off Mack and remember when sac had a murder rate similar to Oak and L.A. Dumb youngsters really want it to go back to those days. SMH

    • Its not called banging.Its Local called Local Sucker Bullshit.with fake ass mark ass rappers.pretending .to b things their not for moneydont b a trick ass sucker.n thing u get respect for doing local sucker shit.If it dont make dollars dont make dangerous jokes.


    • Why don’t u sack up, stop bein’ a cry-baby, get a job and educate yourself!! I grew up with, rolled with, and knew hundreds of Gang Members. Trust me, as a 32 yr old man, I’ve lost almost ALL of my childhood friends due to drugs and violence. That might seem like your only option but it is not and any REAL OG that looks you in the face and tells you otherwise….well he ain’t a REAL OG. Either that or he sees you as a punk, little errand boy to do dirt and then take the rap for it. Not worth it bruh. Smarten the phucc up!!

  18. These guys (GBC) can’t be found anywhere near their original neighborhood. It’s now occupied by all Meadowview Bloods. This gang was a force to be reckoned with back in the 80’s and 90’s, most notoriously the 29th street and 24th street crips. The FBI and other law enforcement definitely had a major role in downsizing this gang and ultimately removing them from the area. It’s now pretty peaceful on that side of Meadowview.

    • Say lil homie stop repeating what u heard! gbc downsized themselves by telling on each other and recruiting alot of dudes that was just lookin for protection, why da heights or da P aint crying or making excuses? they deep still, real street niggaz never complain about the cards they were dealt in da hood ,u just play it out and be strong. Shit i know some snitch from MEADOWVIEW too, but as a whole we aint went nowhere and our lil homies are way more aggressive bcuz WE had to be